Find the best writer resume sample for you by reviewing these tips.  Be sure to consider your format and wording as you make your career change successful.

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You are ready to make a change, finally, to become the writer that you have always dreamed of.  Where in the world do you start now?

Start at the beginning.  Your Resume Objective tells anyone reading your resume just what you are wanting to accomplish.  Shake them up!

How do you do that? Well, you tell them the skills that you have mastered.  You also describe the qualities that you have that match their needs. By this you can display what a valuable person you are to help their team succeed.

If you already have some writing experience, describe specifically what you have written.  How has it affected your readers and publishers. Put in some numbers if that adds to your story.

How to write it?

  • Don’t be generic or simplistic.  Don’t just write:  x years experience in developing marketing department material.  Familiar with xxxxxx.

  • Be specific and fill in numbers and data for accomplishments.  Sales and copyrighter with x years of xxxxxx experience.  Skilled in xxxxxx and xxxxx that resulted in x% growth in sales over x years.


Find your career change resumeWhat Should Your Resume Look Like?


Find your career change resumeIs This The Right Format For You?

Consider the format you will use.  Usually, most companies want you to start with your most recent work experience.  Then go back in time to the beginning.  The format for this writer resume sample shown above is one of those that I prefer. You may like it also or find one that fits you best.

But, if you are now in a career change you probably want to have a more functional or a combination functional and chronological format. We described these in my discussion on career change resume.

The functional format is especially useful. This is the case if you can show how your current skills can help the target company succeed in meeting its objectives. Perhaps you worked with several clients and utilized similar skills. This could be a content writer, grant writer or freelance writer resume also.

You want your resume to be neat and easy to follow.  Be sure to include a lot of white space with legible typeface with big headings.

Save your resume in PDF and Word (.docx) files in case your target company prefers one or the other. provides several samples of individuals that want writing careers. It is also a great place to post your resume and search for those writing jobs.  Put your writer resume sample to good use.


Tips to improve your resume:

  1. Use bullet points or numbered list.  Demonstrate your ability to format.
  2. Use specific facts and figures in your objective, experience, and skills.
  3. Provide power words for action.  Verbs work best.
  4. Target use of accomplishments that are relevant to the position for which you are applying.
  5. The job listing always has keywords.  Be sure to use those in your resume. Filter them in your experience and skills sections.
  6. Key Point:  Be sure to make yourself shine through your skills, your talent, your ways to help the company succeed.
  7. Add any key achievements and awards separately.


The right resume can really helpCongratulations On Your New Job
  • Your resume objective is the starting point.  Carefully craft it to shake up the reader to want more.

  • Structure your format and design to attract the reader.  Add a bit of color, if you are comfortable with it.  Stay away from the older traditional format.

  • If you are changing careers, identify your skills that are transferable to your new writing career. Within the body of your resume, blend in how those skills made an impact in your performance. If is great if you can drop in a few numbers to highlight the achievements.

  • Use positive action words when relating your accomplishments in your experience section.

  • Be sure to provide insight to other achievements, such as, awards, volunteer efforts, and conferences.

That about wraps it up!  You should be off to a good start with this writer resume sample.

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