Want work from home careers? Learn the mistakes that you can avoid to become a success in your self employment opportunities.  Embrace these for work at home careers.

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You want to succeed, certainly you do.  It doesn’t matter if you want to be an online entrepreneur or are searching for traditional self employment opportunities.  The most direct way to reach your goals is to NOT make mistakes.  They just take you on detours.

We have come up with our list of the top 10 mistakes that people tend to make in becoming self employed.  Most can be applied to any type of business, while a few are more applicable to online businesses.


Work from home careers can bring successAvoid Mistakes - Be Successful - Catch Your Dream

  1. Not researching before deciding to send in money. - Don’t send in money until you are sure.  Research is the key.  It is best to talk to a Mentor in this business.  You can discuss with people that are using this product or service and even better to talk with those that are using it as their business.

  2. Not being familiar with the product or service that is the foundation of your business. - Starting a business in something you are not familiar with in the wrong approach. Most work from home careers opportunities assume that you have some skill level and experience.  It doesn’t matter if you are considering medical transcription, freelance photography, paralegal work, technical writer or others.  Most companies that want your service need to know and trust your work first hand.

  3. Not realizing that it will take work, hard work. - If you think it is quick and easy to make money because you are at home on your computer, then you are incorrect.

  4. Not taking advantage of forums before your purchase. - So products and services online have forums for its members and workers can gain insight into company issues. A great deal of information can be learned through these forums.  [[As a SBI Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.]]  Here is the forums page for Solo Built It.  Take a look to get a feel for it.

  5. Not using a reputable provider for online work. - For instance, if you are starting your own website, find out which are the ones that provide the best value and that customer return to.

Don’t hide your mistakes.  Learn from them.Don’t Sweep These Mistakes Under The Rug - Avoid Them!

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  1. Not offering what others want. - You may really enjoy making those fire plug covers, but if no one buys them, you will not succeed. Find out what people are searching for.

  2. Not considering incorporation, such as a Limited Liability Company. - A number of people assume they can just start a business in their own name without risk. Work from home careers do involve risk, no matter how you look at it. Talk to a knowledgeable individual on the best legal approach to use to build your business and protect your personal assets, as well. It may mean forming a company.

  3. Not realizing you still need an investment to start. - Even if you have a computer and the tools to get online, you will encounter costs to start-up. Evaluate what they are, especially those you will continue to see each year.

  4. Not tracking income and expenses. - You still are running a business, so you need to track and report your income and the appropriate business expenses. Otherwise, you are just asking for trouble and missing out on a great job opportunity.

  5. Not setting aside money for taxes. - Did someone say trouble. Yes, taxes are always there. No one is taking money out for you to hold for Uncle Sam, so you need to be sure to do that yourself. Keep it in a separate account, if you have to, but do it.


Stay on your path to reach successFollow In The Footsteps Of Others

Work from home careers can be successful, if you focus.

First, you do need a skill that will benefit others.

Then, to ensure that you by-pass the common mistakes, you can see that gaining knowledge from others is essential.  One of the best ways to do that is to spend time with someone who has been there.  I am talking about a mentor.

From your mentor you can learn more about the product or service you are interested in:

  • Learn what customers/clients want,

  • Learn that it takes real work to succeed,

  • Learn that you can gain knowledge from others, like forums,

  • Learn to use quality products and providers, which ones are best,

  • Learn whether you should formalize your work in a corporation, such as an LLC or other form,

  • Learn how much capital it takes to start and run your business,

  • Learn how to account for your income and expenses,

  • Learn that you need to set aside money for taxes, especially for the sole entrepreneur,

  • Learn how to succeed.


This article from the Solo Build It! Blog gives "The Ultimate List Of Work From Home Tips".

Hope they help you.


It all comes down to this:  Research first and learn.  A mentor is one of the best ways to understand what is in front of you.  Then take action.

Remember to avoid the top 10 mistakes in your work from home careers.  Especially, consider the mistake of “not doing your research before sending in your money”.  Of course, don’t jump into a new career without learning as much as you can about it. 

You can consider several careers by spending a brief amount of time with Mentors to help you understand transferable skills.  You could get a fairly accurate picture of what a day looks like in that new career.

Another element in the top 10 list that you should be careful with is “not being familiar with the product or service in your new career”.  Learn what you can on every aspect of your product or service process.  It will help you obtain the perspective you need to fully understand.  You can then make an intelligent decision to determine if that career is one you will embrace. Consider these elements from this work from home careers page2.

Find knowledge through your mentor and succeed.Find The Calm Waters Of Success

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