To improve your chances to thrive in retirement, consider some of these suggestions in order to prosper and leave a special joy to your family.

Now is the time to take advantage of the opportunity to prepare yourself and your family for a joyous and secure future.  We will talk about who you are, how to transition, and then use technology to allow you to thrive in retirement.

Let me tell you how.

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Retirement can be exciting or terrifying or both. When I took that step, I thought I was ready for a relaxed time to do what I wanted to do when I decided to do it.

Well, I found out that I could not just sit back with my feet up.  I had to do something. The chores around the house did not take long, so I needed to move on to something else.  How would I thrive in retirement?

I am a hands-on guy. I like repairing, fixing, and building things.  Even during my working career, I took eight years to restore a 1960 Chevy Impala 2-door hardtop. It was one that my dad bought new for his three boys as we each used in high school, college and beyond.

Don standing by his Chevy Impala he restored

As it turned out, I finished the restoration before I retired. From that point on, it was just maintenance and ensuring it ran well.

My next step was to try consulting in my career field. That worked and I actually spend three  years doing work similar to my previous working career. The pressure was bit more relaxed, but I was still working and not retired.


One item I had to get used to early on was telling people that I was retired. Introductions were really strange. What do you do? “Well, I’m retired and going crazy was not always the best answer.

Our job title has always defined us. So, we need to figure out where we belong now and how to express it.  As a retired person, the sense of belonging is gone. We feel less important, disinterested, and bored.

We can say we are retired and free to do whatever we want, but what does that mean?


Some phases in life are easy and others are difficult. In most cases, you develop new connections and most likely, lose others. Developing relationships change so you have the opportunity to develop new ones.

Your family and love ones are there for you and you can now be there for them more frequently than before your retirement years. You can have the opportunity to spend more time with the grandkids and increase your relationships. The result is a great, happy time of their lives.


The demands on your life change in retirement. As a kid, you got direction and instructions from your parents and teachers. Later on in the work force, your boss provided the supervision.  However, things have changed in retirement. You can do what you want. You can decide. You are in charge.

If you don’t want to do something, then most probably you don’t have to.

You can change your plans as it pleases you. You can include the things you want in your plans.

You can change course as you desire.

Remember, that it is still important to do the right thing.

Overhead shot of a laptop on a desk for work in retirement


To make sure things move in the right direction, it is always good to develop a plan. It should include a plan for action and non-action (downtime). You don’t want boredom in retirement, so you get to arrange your free time to do what you want when you want.

It could include:

  •     time with the grandkids
  •     learn a new skill
  •     take a course
  •     golf or sports with friends
  •     volunteering at your favorite charity

Another important area is to take care of yourself physically.  Eat right, get the appropriate exercise, and stay active.

Determine what your day should look like.

Contribute by helping others in various ways. Feel the satisfaction of your contribution.


One truly gratifying thing about retirement is the chance to help others. It may be by giving joy or guidance that provides pleasure to you and others.

You may be like me where you enjoy fixing items or helping family members and others complete their tasks. If you are not physically able to do such things, you still have your memories and acquired knowledge that you can share.  Have you ever thought about writing of your experiences to help guild others?

Surely, you have gained a great understanding of several subjects that you could share with others. How about dispensing your skills and proficiencies to those that need it?

Would the development of a blog or website be the best way for you to consider sharing your knowledge?


Learning something new and improving your situation is a great way to enjoy your retirement.

With the advancement of computers, tablets, and phones, it is becoming easier for anyone to use the technology to their advantage. It is great to share photos and videos with friends and family. Frankly, it is just as easy to find a way to use the internet to earn extra income in a retirement business.

Here are a couple of thoughts you might consider:

  1. Become a Career Mentor - During your working years, you have gained great skills and qualifications to fully understand the elements needed to be successful. Help people become entrepreneurs like starting their own food truck, learn the daily activities of a data scientist, or many others. You already have the knowledge, now just share it as a Mentor and earn income.
  2. Develop your Retirement Business Online - Most of us would not know where to begin to do such a thing. But it can be done as there is a free Retirement Business Mini-Course available. It is designed to help the beginner enter the online business world. Its demonstrated approach helps you build your business. It starts with aiding you in the selection of a topic to developing content and trusts in order to make money online in the subject of your choice.
A view of a world driven by technology represented by glowing electronic particles.
Solo Build It!

There is plenty of help available after you finish the course. If you are even considering this approach of an online business, you have plenty of help available as you evaluate your options.

  • Before you decide to start an online business after retirement and after, you have many ways to receive help and guidance. There are many areas such as a detailed Action Guide, a great Support Team, and dedicated forums.

This is a great Action Guide Overview:


What is an area that you know really well? Do you enjoy it? Can you say you are passionate about it?  Would you enjoyed writing about it to help others learn?

Great! That one may be for you. The next step is to make it more narrow.

For instance:

  • If you are a guy with a strong interest in cars, you may like General Motors vehicles, especially Chevrolet. Sport cars are your main joy, especially Corvette.  You may determine that you want to focus on the Sting Ray Corvettes as you niche.

  • You may be a person that enjoys gardening. That interest to take you growing succulents and you want to share specific information to help others.  That may be your topic.

  • There is no doubt that you are an animal lover, especially dogs. Your interest moves toward small dogs, like dachshunds.  It could be that long hair dachshunds are going to be your focus.


A senior female craftswoman working to thrive in retirement

It may seem difficult for most of us to tell people how to accomplish a task or to find a way to earn additional income. But as they say down under “No Worries!”. Eat that elephant one bite at a time. Help is there to have you become an entrepreneur in retirement.

Today, there is a great tool designed for anyone, especially for those who do NOT know how to code. It involves a step-by-step approach starting with how do evaluate the best way to select a topic that you enjoy and that can make you money.

I’m talking about Solo Build It!.

Some of the topics you could consider…

  • Tell about the best areas located in your favorite vacation spot.
  • Describe how to be successful in growing rabbits.
  • Give the ins-and-outs of your favorite car or motorcycle.
  • Explain all about merlot wines.
  • Elaborate on the varieties of succulent plants.

The great part is that you get to select your topic (your niche) and it can be something that you are truly interested in. As it grows and become more successful, it develops to become a great legacy for your family. One fantastic part is that it can still generate income even if they do not actively work it.

As you develop tutorials and help others by guiding them on their quest for information, you do more than just help your family. Your visitors grow and increase their level of happiness by understanding. 

Then you will thrive in retirement and your visitors will too!

Don’t you think it is time to start your online business?

One Last Thought:  When you are working on your business for retirement, be sure to check out Depositphotos for a great selection of images, photos, videos and more.  They really do a great job.



Retirees on the road.

For many people retirement is the goal. As we become older adults, it get even more exciting. Considering all of human history, we have reached a period where the average life expectancy is high and getting higher.

This means that we have more time on our hands to do more things in our later years of life. What we do and how we do it becomes a topic of great discussion. We will cover a few areas to consider in preparation.


It may be easy or it may be hard, but retirement planning requires a strong look to ensure you have enough money for a secure retirement. It is the wrong time to think it is easy. So that is why it is beneficial to have an investment advisor assist in reviewing and providing input toward your financial health. They can provide a wealth of information. Unfortunately, most of us need more than social security in our latter years to help us have a meaningful life.


Our health care needs seem to rise as we get closer to our new path in retirement. The aging process seems to do that to us. There appears to be a wealth of information that comes our way for Medicare or alternative plans. Usually, it is more than we like to see. However, it is prudent to evaluate the plans in relation to your needs and pick which one is best for you. This may be the best years of our lives and we want to be able to enjoy them.


As you start retirement you reached a later life, not old age. Hey, it is just the start of something new. So, you want a real life and a productive future. Don’t dwell on your social isolation. Find an new way to become involved by joining a club or doing volunteer work. Dig into any area that helps you identify and fulfill your personal passion. Think not about the Lone Ranger, but of Wonder Woman and Captain America!

Develop your own great road map to a fantastic retirement. It can be the best years of our lives.

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