Is a teacher career change in your future? Have things gotten you down?

Here are suggestions to find a new role in life after teaching. See if your skills match the job requirements and fulfill your dream.

Examine these 20 possible career changes that are suitable for teachers.

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Are you feeling frustrated with you teaching career?Have You Had Enough?

Let’s start by talking about why you want to leave the teaching profession.  It is true that not everyone has the same reasons.  However, it is probable that many teacher feel they want to leave for most of the same reasons.

Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Low pay
  • Poor retirement benefits
  • Having to buy material and books for student out of our own pocket
  • Cuts in teaching budgets
  • Lack of respect
  • Lower sense of fulfillment
  • Unrealistic government targets
  • Forced to use poorly developed curriculum
  • Feeling pressure “to teach to the test”
  • Dealing with poor building conditions
  • Education system fails too many students
  • Workload extends beyond teaching hours into weekends and holidays
  • Minimal quality time with family

Most likely one would not be able to find a role to erase all of those reasons.  But, you can certainly make quite a dent if you evaluate your situation and needs.  Then take the steps needed to meet your desires.


Figure out what your want in your new roleYou Are Already Qualified In So Many Areas

After evaluating your own reasons for wanting to make a career change from teaching, consider your major goals.  What is it that you “have to” have?  What is it that you “want to have, but don’t really need”?

Here are some of the areas you may consider in this process:

  • Define your salary target.  This is a main driver for a lot of people.  Consider a minimum    level and what other factors may be a factor to accepting at that level.
  • What expertise and skills do you want to use in your new role.
  • Is there a specific kind of organization that would work best for you.
  • What are the working hours that you would expect and accept.
  • How much of a commute time would you accept.
  • Would you work overtime
  • Be aware of possible commercial pressure rather than institutional pressure


Your teacher career change begins with a session with your mentorYour Existing Skills May Fit Right In

Your skill set may match those of the majority of professional teachers:

  • Good planners and organizers
  • Skilled communicators
  • Great time-management skills
  • Work in collaborative teams with other teachers and administrators
  • Manages relationships with learners of different needs
  • Possible expert in their field
  • Adaptability
  • Creativity
  • Ability to manage and lead others
  • Great public-speaking skills
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Patience


Evaluate your skills and speak with a mentor to help you on your wayPrepare And Succeed

We have gone over why teachers leave, some of the goals they may seek, and what skills are transferrable.  Now you can focus on the tips to make such a career change.

Tips to make a career change from teaching (in no particular order):

  1. Evaluate your skills.
  2. Talk to people who work in the roles you desire .
  3. Chose the right role .
  4. Use your educational background as a springboard to highlight your skills.
  5. Consider sideways moves to education policy, tutoring or teacher training.
  6. Define what best fits your needs.
  7. Use a career coach or our career change mentor
  8. Keep an open mind.
  9. Multitasking is your strength.
  10. Choose a path or two and get education, if necessary.
  11. Gain experience in other areas to attract recruiters to you.
  12. Gather reference to highlight needed skills.
  13. Refine your resume to emphasize transferable skills.
  14. Interview like a pro.
  15. Embrace your passion.
  16. Show GRIT - Stay persistent!


Consider these 20 careers as possibilities.


Former math teachers may find their niche here.  You may need some recent courses in statistics, economics and finance.  Go for certification and you can move toward a high-paying career.  Help businesses control their risk.

Company Trainer

Your teaching skills can really stand out here. Many companies need training instructors for their staff. Help the company reach its goals by transferring knowledge to certain individuals.

Dental Hygienist

For your teacher career change, you have the skills to make people feel comfortable.  You know how to help them understand what is best for them. Add to that your attention to details and you could really fit right in as a dental hygienist. You would be a perfect fit with a maximum of two-years training under an associate degree program.

Education Consultant

A direct teaching career change is to move into this role.  Many retired teachers love it.  You can offer insight about administrative procedure, curriculum

Event Planner

You probably have already had to set up programs and events in your teacher role.  Take it to the next level to help others enjoy their events.  Consider business conferences and weddings.  You can be the go-to person for many events.

Executive Assistant

For your planning and organizational skills, apply them to the business world. You could be the perfect candidate with extra training in business administration. Help top corporate executive succeed.

Freelance Writer

Talk about opportunities.  Fiverr and Upwork are just two companies that offer freelance work in several arenas.  You could develop content for website owners, bloggers or authors.  It could be anything from a ghost writer to an attributed article.  Click here to see more opportunities to become an online entrepreneur.

Human Resources Specialist

Use your skills to match people to the right training opportunities and positions.  You are used to helping people develop their talents and knowledge.  Additional business training may be required to make your teacher career change.


You can help students succeed without the confrontation of the classroom. Use your organizational skills to organize books and other materials.  It could be a great fit.

Licensed Vocational Nurse or Practical Nurse (LPN or LVN)

Your start in the nursing field could beging right here.  You have the attention to detail along with compassion and patience.  Just add in an additional year of education to basic nursing training (about 2 years) and you are all set. Demand in healthcare is strong.


Marketing Specialist

There is a demand for professionals that can empathize with others.  If you are creative and understand human behavior, you may want to look into marketing.  There is quite a need in internet marketing as well for those creative skills.  Additional training may be useful.

Motivational Speaker

You are used to being in front of others and transferring information.  Now you can do so and earn quite an income.  Fine tune your existing talent and you could become a motivational speaker.  Write your own books.

Museum Curator, Archivist or Educator

Since museums are educational, your skills match well with their needs.  You can start by volunteering  or apply for outreach work.  There is such a variety of museums available that your background could surely fit with one of them.  You may the curator for their next exhibit or program.

Online Tutoring

A number of online tutoring companies are looking for tutors for school children.  Stay in your own home or possible home visits to help teach in a new environment.  See what online business entrepreneur opportunities there are for teachers here.  This could be an easy teacher career change.

Operations Research Analyst

This is a math-related occupation to help grow companies.  You can become the problem solver using your qualitative analytical techniques.  An understanding of computer science would greatly help advancement in the area.


Training may take one or two years, but you can interact with the public everyday. You could use your educational skills to help people find the best glasses to fit their needs.

Personal Trainer

Physical exercise has become quite an industry. If you are a physical education teacher, your skills could fit right in.  You know how the body works and its responses to different techniques.  Opportunities exist in a gym or with private clients.

Real Estate Agent

You are well on your way to become an agent due to your listening and filtering skills.  With your ability to solve problems to you are almost there.  Add a bit of training and you are well on your way to helping others buy, sell or rent property.

Textbook Sales Representative

Every course requires a textbook, either physical or digital.  Your assistance as a sales representative may be just right for your.  Help the department chairs and other teachers find the right books for their needs.

Translator or Interpreter

This last teacher career change idea allows your foreign language skills to be put to good use.  If you are fluent, you could have a career translating recorded or live conversations.  Talk about travel opportunities!  

-- End of this teacher career change list --

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