Side hustles for working professionals seems to be in more demand these days. Of course, most all of us would like additional income. The good news is that there are more opportunities to earn extra money than ever before.

Take the time to examine several alternatives.  We will talk about five great ones here. Then determine which one would give you the greatest joy.

It is not always about making money. It truly comes down to finding the role in which you are the happiest.

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You have your reasons.  We all do.  So, let’s get after it!

There are so many reasons why you might be looking for additional income. You may be just getting by based on your income from your job. Prices seem to keep rising all of the time. The pandemic may have affected you job or income level.

Others may have a sufficient income to cover all of the bases, but never enough to build that savings level that you desire.  Or to reach your goal of starting your own business you just need to build that savings pot to a higher level.  It could be that it is time to treat the family to that fantastic vacation.

Here they are!



A woman virtual assistant using her computer to earn income.Start As A Virtual Assistant

Since it is “virtual” you can certainly work from home  or any remote location. In most cases, you can determine the specific time you perform the tasks set forth for that job. In many cases, we are talking about bookkeeping, administration, social media posting or development, etc. Based on your own background, you can specialize. The demand for virtual assistants seems to keep rising.

To start in this role, you can look toward popular websites that focus on accumulating such talent, such as, Fiverr and Upwork.  You could also work to develop your own business independently by using social media such as Facebook to publicize your business.


A woman mentor working with another woman on a computer to reveal items about her career field.You Can Be A Mentor

As a working professional, you have probably already acquired a good deal of experience in the industry or career field in which you are currently.  With at least three (3) years experience a a specific field you could apply to become a mentor with Career Redo. Such a mentor helps those who are looking to change to a different field to learn more about one in which you are so familiar.

You get to guide others as they try to determine which field best fits them or help them learn what really happens on any day in the field they have already decided to enter.  You are sharing your knowledge to help others succeed in reaching their goal. Answer their questions to give them a good perspective of how an individual can succeed in this role.

You get to charge them an hourly rate (determined by you) for your time that you arrange directly with your clients.  Help others and earn income at the same time.  Now that is a good deal. This is one of the easiest side hustles for working professionals to start. Learn more at this Mentoring FAQ page.


Discover Side Hustles For Working Professionals With Picture of Woman WorkingJoin Us

You can build a brand as a blogger working from home or anywhere in the world. Use your time out of your normal business environment to focus on a subject or area that really interests you.  If you already have a side interest whether it is fashion, cooking, cars, or home improvement, you can develop it to make money for you.

Many bloggers use affiliate links, sponsored posts or Google Adsense ads to begin monetizing their site.  There are opportunities to build and market your own products as well. This is one of the side hustles for working professionals that could develop into a true income generator over time. It may even allow you to quit your job and do it full time.

Solo Build It! is a great all encompassing tool that helps you not only set up a website, but helps develop a profitable business in a subject that you choose.  To learn more and get assistance in evaluating all that it provides, you can talk with someone experienced with the tool.

Solo Build It!



A woman earning extra income as an online English teacher.You Can Too

So many people are wanting to or need to learn English. There is such a demand to learn English that the opportunities to begin as a teacher are good and it can all happen online.  A couple of the established sites for this are GoGoKid and VIPKid. There is a strong demand for Chinese students to learn and most are set up for 25-minute segments of classes. As a teacher you can pick your time slots.

With an established program like this you should be able to enter and get set up to begin your own teaching schedule without a significant delay.  Start earning now.


You like using your camera to capture shots that you enjoy. Now, how do you make money out of that?  The best way is to enjoy what you do and know that you will have to prepare to set up a business.

Photography is so broad that you might consider a few different approaches to see which fits you best.

  • WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY - Photos of animals in their original habitat are so appealing. It takes one back to the open spaces when you see such shots.
  • MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY - Closeups of bees, dragonfly, etc. are quite fascinating. You can use this technique in so many other areas too.
  • FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY - Restaurants are looking for ways to bring in customers or entice them to stay for dessert. You could help them out.
  • PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY - Should one want the opportunity to turn into a professional photographer, the portraits are well worth considering.
  • STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY - Many online sites offer the opportunity for one to submit photos for use by the site’s visitors for a fee. You could receive compensation for your photo efforts.

Read more about to expanding the photo business ideas.

To set up your own business with your photography you could start by building your website as described above. It is one of the easy side hustles for working professionals to establish. If you want to you can discuss it with someone who has built his own business online  or:

Start A Business

 Or you can take a video tour at Solo Build It!

Solo Build It!


Should you have any questions at all, please just contact us and I will be happy to help.  Good luck on starting side hustles for working professionals.

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