Side gigs come in many different forms. At times it can become confusing to determine which approach is the best for you. There are many factors to consider.

Let’s examine a couple of such gigs that utilize the experience you have already gained in your career field.

We are talking about doing freelance work for others and mentoring others to help them change careers.  Here we go!

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Rather than having to learn a new product or service that you can promote on the side, your current knowledge gained in your career can be a great avenue to additional income.

The two side gigs I will discuss today are:

  1. Freelance work for others involving your field within a structured site online.
  2. Helping others understand all about your career field as a Mentor with Career Redo.


Let’s say your work experience has been involved in writing. It could have been for media, such as newspapers, magazines, television, corporate work, your own books, or other such areas.

There are sites such as Upwork and Fiverr that welcome people who have skills that can be used to performs services for others. These freelancers are selling their services.

Clients search their sites for individuals who are knowledgeable and skilled at their field of experience.  Using our example above, someone may need to have an article on a particular subject. The clients can find writers who are knowledgeable and skilled at writing.

Another example is that the client may have drafted an article themself about their topic and needs to have a writer edit that article.  This is a quick and easy approach to solve the problem.

A freelancer working his side gigsWork Through Established Connective Sites


This role is searched out by its clients for a different reason than the Upwork freelancer.

Here the clients are looking for individuals who have experience in their career field because the client is considering a career change possibly to the career field of the Career Redo Mentor. The Mentors are selling their knowledge of their working environment.

Before I get too deep into the aspects and benefits of being a Career Redo Mentor, let’s review a definition.

A mentoring definition as set forth in Wikipedia says:

Mentoring is a process for the informal transmission of knowledge, social capital, and the physchosocial support perceived by the recipient as relevant to work, career, or professional development.”

That tells me that it is about the transfer of knowledge, but also about how the recipient perceives the information.  That last part is critical to what we are trying to do here at Career Redo.  We want the Client to capture the information she/he wants that you provide. 

In order for you to learn how to become a mentor with Career Redo, it is important that you truly want your Client to learn.


How are Career Redo Mentors the same as those that people might consider as regular mentors.

Normal Qualifications:

  • Have sufficient experience in your career field (at least 3 years).
  • Have the desire to help others.
  • Willing to spend the time working with others to gain a better understanding of your career field.
  • Seek to understand your Client’s goals
  • Provide a general overview of you career field.
  • Will answer questions.
  • Work within the available schedule of both parties.
  • Be able to help your Client understand the common pitfalls and mistakes of others.
  • Guide your Client to an increased knowledge level of the requirements of this career category.
  • Mentor and Client are accountable to each other.
How to find a side hustle is easy. Start with us and earn income part-time.Mentor Qualifications


How are Career Redo Mentors different from those that people might consider as regular mentors.

  • The Client is provided to the Mentor though Career Redo.
  • Not only will the Mentor provide a general overview of the career field, but be willing to go in the direction that your Client desires.  You provide the major boundaries, but can delve into the specifics of your Client’s interest.
  • Most likely, the mentorship is a shorter term arrangement from a typical one as most are based on an hourly structure.
  • Our Mentors receive compensation directly from their Clients for the information and guidance provided.
  • Since Career Redo focuses on career change, its Mentors may be younger or a different gender than the Client.
  • Communication will probably be via telephone or Skype ™ rather than face to face.
  • Rather that the Mentor being a professional counselor with partial knowledge of the career field, our Career Redo Mentors have spent a significant amount of time working in their field and now are imparting their knowledge to those who want to learn.  In many cases, the Mentor is still fully engaged in that career.
Not all mentors are made alike. See how Career Redo Mentors are different.How Is It Different Being a Career Redo Mentor


Bright figure of a man walking up lighted steps with the words above “1st Step: Become A Career Redo Mentor”Your Steps To A New Future Begins Here

We talked about qualifications, now here are the steps for you to discover how to become a mentor here at Career Redo.


  1. Determine if you meet the experience qualifications… 3 years.
  2. You agree to the elements above in Part II that identify how Career Redo Mentors are different from other mentors.
  3. You submit an request to become a Mentor with Career Redo here .
  4. You provide background information on yourself and your career so that a dedicated page can be developed to attract Clients.
  5. After sending in your request to be a Mentor and agreement to the Mentor Terms of Service, you will be set up for participation.
  6. You set your own rate to charge your Clients.
  7. You invoice your Clients directly.
  8. You pay Career Redo a referral fee after your Client makes payment to you.

Of course, I will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to just send me a note through our contact page.


Check out all of the benefits of mentoring. You may find some surprises.

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