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Earn income and satisfaction with side gigs as a Career Redo Mentor. Help others learn more about your career field as they transition to a new job.

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So many people today feel that they want to change careers for one reason or another.  They know they want out of what they are doing, but may not know enough about the career they are dreaming of.

Here is where you come in!

You have great skills and experience in your career field that you can share with others. And you can earn income by telling your Clients what is involved in that career! This is one of the easy side gigs.

To learn more about starting your side gigs by becoming a Career Redo Mentor, read these sections below:


Women and men giving Many Benefits Of A Career Redo Mentor
  1. Gain extra income for your mentoring services in easy side gigs..
  2. Share your passion about your career.
  3. Achieve satisfaction of guiding an enthusiastic person to a new career.
  4. Enhance your reputation with knowledge of your career field.
  5. Pay NO upfront costs to become a Mentor. Note that Career Redo will charge you a referral fee for locating and attracting your Clients, as well as providing a platform for your services.
  6. Set your rate for your services.
  7. Decide on hourly (telephone/Zoom/Skype) or half/ full day (on-site) sessions or both.
  8. Set your own schedule for sessions with your Client.
  9. Career Redo lists numerous careers for the Client to view. The list could include most any type of trade, craft, professional role, or entrepreneurial position.  We may have dance instructors, voice over artists, welders, speech pathologists, accountants, stock traders, attorneys, contract analysts, natural gas schedulers, online entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, bed and breakfast owners, or vineyard owners, etc.  We would exclude medical doctors and government careers.  ————>> Add your own career category to our list by signing up!
  10. Have a dedicated sales page on Career Redo to describe your experience in your career.
  11. Act as your own boss. Career Redo just refers Clients to you for a fee.
  12. Make NO payments to Career Redo until after receipt of payment by your Client.
  13. Receive additional business exposure through your listing on Career Redo.
  14. 50% Discount on the referral fee for your first client - Limited Time Offer. The referral fee is fully described in the Mentor Terms of Service.
  15. May receive affiliate revenue from the sale of Sitesell’s Solo Build It! (“SBI”) memberships derived from your page on Career Redo’s website, if your are a SBI member.

If you are ready to become a Career Redo Mentor, click on this button:


A speech pathologist working with a young girl prior to her side gigs sessions.Speech Pathologists
A natural gas plant technician adjusting a value.Natural Gas Plant Tech

The following individuals could qualify to become a Career Redo Mentor:

  • Anyone working full-time - You can schedule sessions on week-ends or after hours.
  • Anyone working part-time - You can schedule sessions anytime you are not at work.
  • Anyone not currently working -  You can schedule sessions anytime.
  • Anyone who is retired -  You can use that great experience at anytime you are not otherwise occupied.
  • Anyone who wants to retire early - You can schedule sessions during your free time and make money to help you retire early.
  • Anyone who meets the following requirements:
  1. Wants to share tips and lessons-learned with Clients who have a similar passion.
  2. Agrees to convey passion for your career.
  3. Wishes to impact a life mentoring Clients through the transfer of knowledge.
  4. Has worked in your career for a minimum of three (3) years.
  5. Complies with the Mentor Terms of Service.

Don’t forget that you can contact me here should you have any questions.

Apply to Be a Mentor by clicking this button:


Stairway to bright light as you help others as a Career Redo Mentor.Help Others Change Career By Understanding Your Career Field
  1. We will make a dedicated sales page for you - We will work with you in developing your dedicated page. It will present your background experience and skills.  It will include your photos, videos, podcasts or other media that describes your career field that you can review with your Client.  An example of a dedicated Mentor page can be found here.

  2. You decide what hourly rate you charge - This rate will be posted on your dedicated sales page. Yes, side gigs should earn you income.

  3. Career Redo attracts to its website individuals who are looking to change careers -  They want to know more about your career field in which they have an interest. 

  4. The visitor requests a reservation for a session with you -  The visitor fills out a form on Career Redo website requesting a session with you.

  5. Career Redo notifies you of the visitor’s request - By email.

  6. You contact the visitor to schedule the mentoring session at a convenient time for you -  The session is usually held by phone, Zoom, SkypeTM , etc.  In some cases such as a Bed & Breakfast owner, a half or full day on-site visit may be appropriate. It is your side gigs, so you decide.

  7. You invoice the Client directly prior to your mentoring session -  You will be paid by the Client without having to go through Career Redo. Career Redo can assist you in setting up your PayPal payment system.  You have the option to set up any payment method you desire.

  8. Career Redo charges you a referral fee AFTER you get paid by your Client - The fee is equal to a specified percentage of the amount you collect in return for locating, attracting, and referring the Client to you.

  9. Hold your sessions with your Clients - They may have specific questions regarding the career field.  Or they may want to start off with a general overview of what a typical day looks like. They may want to know the secrets to success and the mistakes they should avoid. You provide them great insight in your career field.

  10. Career Redo is a referral site - It is somewhat similar to how Home AdvisorTM operates.  You are an independent operator and are solely responsible for the services you provide to your Client. You are not an employee, agent, representative or contractor of Career Redo.

We will help all along the way to set up your side gigs as a Career Redo Mentor.  If you have any questions at all, please contact me here.

Speech pathologist helping others learn.Speech Pathologists Make Great Mentors
Natural gas technician wanting to help others learn about his field.Clients Love Natural Gas Plant Techs As Mentors

Be a Career Redo Mentor and earn additional income by sending in the “Be A Mentor” form below:


  1. Send in the "Be A Mentor" form below.
  2. Send in the "Exhibit A" form to identify your pricing to your client.

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Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Be advised that some career fields may not be able to be offered to our Clients, due to the nature of that career. Certain restrictions may prevent the inclusion in a mentoring program. Some such careers would be:

  1. Those interacting with minors,
  2. Those with certain physical liability,
  3. Those not in the private sector, such as public or government roles,
  4. Those as a medical doctor and
  5. Others, as determined upon evaluation.

Applicant must agree to the Mentor Terms of Service to be accepted as a Career Redo Mentor. An applicant may be approved to become a Mentor in our program only at the discretion of Career Redo. Please feel free to contact me, if you have any questions.

Focus your passion and help others succeed.  You can help change their lives by mentoring Clients. You too can be a great Mentor impacting lives. We look forward to working with you.

Celebrate with hi-fives as a Mentor and 15 benefits.Celebrate Helping Other As A Mentor


Fill in the Exhibit A Form to set the rates to charge your Clients.  Click on the link here or in the next sentence.

Mentors that have signed up with Career Redo can access the Exhibit A to the Terms of Service here (password protected) to fill-in the pricing details to charge their Clients.  We will send you an email with the password and more information immediately after you send in the "Be A Mentor" form.

We are looking forward to working with you!  Your side gigs await.

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