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Midlife career changes do occur.  In fact, they are more frequent than ever before.  The question is "Is it right for you?"  We have seen people in their 40s, 50s, 60s and even 70s move on taking a chance on something new and different.

How do you go about finding out what career is best for you?  Here are some tips to assist you in determining how to check your choices.



  • To determine which new career will be the best for you, a good place to start would be to look through the classified ads and job boards.  You may have always had something in the back of your mind that is a passion of yours, but was never sure how to make a living off of it.  Research!
Do your research and learn from a MentorValuable Tool In Your Search
  • Perform internet searches for online discussion boards.  Look for topics or professions you would like to investigate.  Many discussion board participants are enthusiastic and will provide fantastic insight and ideas for you to consider.

  • Look at the universities or community colleges in your area.  They may have programs that are relevant to your interests.  You don't have to take classes. You may find a wealth of information on their web site about the courses and associated information.


  • Reflect on what you may want to do. You don’t have to go all in right away. You may want to consider what you enjoy, like you hobby. Investigate ways to build on your hobby to make it a business. You may even start your own website to discuss and sell items about your hobby.
  • Find a mentor to provide guidance and insight to the career in which you have an interest.  Don' t think of it as asking for help, but for using the resources that are available in an intelligent manner.  After all, a mentor who has been successful in your career of interest can be as valuable as gold in your search for your career treasure.

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Step into the water to gain confidenceSmall Steps Lead To Success
  • Don't try to do everything at once.  It is usually better to just do a little at a time to see if you enjoy it and get the satisfaction you want.

  • If the area you have an interest in scares you somewhat, do it anyway.  Experience the feeling of accomplishment.   Then you can take bigger steps as you success more.

  • Most of us are terrified of change of any sort.  The important thing to remember is, that it is usually better to move than to stay still.  Since the rest of the world is changing, even it we don't want it to, we should change with it.  After all, you are reinventing yourself.

  • Crandell suggests that if you are intending to move forward, then there are no wrong moves.  In fact, that is a great motivational tool.

  • Succeed and grow, succeed and grow.


Working with others to reach your goalWork With Others

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  • You may know of someone who already has a career in your area of interest.  Use them as a source of information.  Contact your acquaintances that are considering their own career changes.  Get with them to share ideas, contacts and approaches to learn more about your interests.

  • Keep in mind that another that can provide you with support is your mentor.   Mentors truly want to help others in their journey.  So, take the time to find yours and use them to help you in your process of reinventing yourself.


  • Consider spending time with someone that works in the field for which you have an interest. It could be an hour, a day, or even a week.  You may even be able to go with that person as they perform their job duties. That way you can gain insight from your guide and get a good perspective on what that career involves.

  • Sign up for short-term courses to get instruction and guidance from knowledgeable individuals. It could be a welding course, cooking class, novel writing course or anything in which you have an interest.. Many such training sessions are online.

  • You would try on a jacket before buying one, so try on your new career.


Be confident reinventing yourselfBe Confident! Take The Leap
  • The final tip to reinventing yourself deals with that inner drive you have to follow your passion.   Always keep in mind why you are doing this. What satisfaction you will feel when you accomplish your goal.  After all, you would not have started if you did not have the confidence to complete your objective.

  • Trust yourself.  It is time for a new life and new successes.   Attitude, brain and motivation are the keys to reaching you goal in your career change.  Move for the right choice for your family and for yourself.

  • Complete these six tips and you will be on a great start to reinventing yourself.

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