The impact of RankIQ can be substantial for a blogger or online business. I want to take a few minutes to help explain just how in this review of RankIQ.

As an online business owner myself. I was fortunate to find a great platform to build my business. It is SBI which is the acronym for Solo Build It! 

SBI provides so many great free tools and access to information with specific steps to help guide you through the process. Those of us who are not coders find that very helpful. It does have its own keyword search tool know as Brainstorm It! which helps to provide me with the best chance for finding the right keywords to include in my posts.

By: Donald D'Armond

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How to improve your blog ranking

Having said that, I am always looking out for ways to improve and make my life simpler. Through the help of the SBI forums, I found RankIQ

Since the use of a target keyword and keyword phrases are essential for search engines to identify what your post is all about, my pages will have a better chance of being found and ranked higher with the help of RankIQ.

One impressive element of this artificial intelligence (AI) SEO toolset is how easy it is to learn how to use and begin applying what you learn into action. It doesn’t take much time at all. That makes it a great tool. I will tell you exactly how it is made so easy a bit later on this page.


As I mentioned earlier, I was looking through the SBI Forum to gain insight on additional ways to get more traffic and put my business in front of potential visitors. In doing so, I found a discussion on ways to improve my Google rankings. Since Google is the main driver, any improvement there would help in other search engine optimization.

The discussion covered the impact that others have seen after using this AI SEO report. So I dug into it. Here is what I found — Brandon Gaille is the creator of RankIQ. He is also the host of the Blogging Millionaire podcast and a top blogger. He developed seamless content creation processes to identify keywords that are beneficial to the specific post you want to develop.  Great! Just what I need!

One key element in this tool is the access you get to a keyword library that Brandon has developed to aid you in finding the best keywords to use in your posts related to your target keyword. RankIQ comes with its own list of keywords set out in the library. Then you get to develop your own keyword research library as I will explain shortly.

So, a great deal of the work has already been done for you and you can easily add to the keyword list.

He makes it easy to obtain too!   He has set the regular pricing at $99/month, however, the introductory price is $49/month on a monthly basis.  What - no long term contract?  Right!


RankIQ is a service tool. It provides SEO optimizations to move your content rank higher in Google searches. It provides guidance on the best topic keywords for your niche, ideas for your page title, and even the suggested word count. All of this helps you get your site to the first page of Google.

I can show you how I used RankIQ. It is simple and easy. Brandon even provides a video on his home page that describes the whole process with examples. More about that a little later.


We can use one of my pages, how to become a solopreneur,  as an example. Brandon has set up a page that provides a ranking tool that lists your posts which can be retrieved when someone inserts a keyword phrase into the search bar.

The ranking for this old post shows it to be in position 18.9 for an average over the last 28 days.  Pretty good! However, this one could do better. I want to move it to the 1st page of Google.  That would mean more people would see it and I would receive more traffic and more revenue for my business.

There is a chance that you may benefit from adjusting your current keyword phrase. So, look at the Keyword Library that has been set up in RankIQ. The Library shows the best current keywords phrases to advance your position in Google rankings.  The list also shows the Competition, Visits/Yr, and Time to Rank.

I felt that my keyword phrase, how to become a solopreneur, was extremely close to the low competition keyword suggested.  It did not need to be adjusted.

How to improve your blog ranking


In reviewing that list you can find great low-competition keywords. That is just what you want because you have a better chance of moving up in Google ranking when not competing with the sites with high domain authority. The less competition you have, the better your chance for great rankings.


Now the fun really begins! You have selected the keyword phrase that you want for your old posts or new posts. For that keyword, you will have a green button with “Run Report”. Click on that and before you know it you have a report that shows several interesting areas including quite a number topics that you could include in your post.

My report showed 87 high scoring topics to use in my post.

The report includes Suggested Content Grade, Suggested Work Count, Content Analysis, Title Analysis, and Competition Analysis.

Let’s look for new content for a page I wanted to develop, mentoring goals and objectives.

My content report for mentoring goals and objectives

Data is obtained from the top 30 competitors for this keyword and sorted by an internal scoring algorithm. You end up with topics for you to use in your post.  It includes primary and secondary topic, as well as LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) that are conceptually related terms. They fit in with the search engines as they work to understand the content of your post.

Examine each of the high-scoring topics and create your outline using these topics as a basis. Then write your comprehensive post to include naturally written content. Move toward the recommended word count for your old or new blog posts.

Recommended topics to cover


 The title of your post is an important element to Google. RankIQ helps with that also by providing the top keywords to use in the Title Analysis section.

The research done by RankIQ shows up here as well. They examined the top 30 Google search results to provide a list of the top keywords and the number of times they were used. It shows the actual titles of the highest ranked sites.

For my keyword phrase of mentoring goals and objectives, it provided 25 keywords and 15 titles. Now I need to build my title to include many high traffic keywords and compete with these sites.

I decided on the title for my blog post to be “Mentoring Goals And Objectives For Success (A Guide)”

My title analysis for mentoring goals and objectives


Another part of the SEO reports provided by RankIQ is the Competition Analysis. You get to see what the top sites are posting. What is their title, word count, and content grade. A link is provided to allow you to jump directly to their site for a full evaluation. As a content creator, how does my work compare whether it is a revision to old underperforming posts or new posts.

I should check how my proposed page will compare to these top performers. Do I need to do more?  How can I over deliver to my visitors? Can I provide more than my competitors?

Titles of your highest competitors


Now it is time to get to work. Using my outline developed from the Highest Scoring Topics list. I begin drafting my post using the Content Optimizer. I can type or paste into the blank optimizer page.

As soon as I place words on that page, it begins to compare my input to the list of topics for my keyword. It recognizes which are included by the listing at the right side of the page. A green dot will be placed in front of a topic that was included. This is one of the unique features of RankIQ. You can see which topics can still be included by a quick check on the right side of he page.

When I add more content including the suggested topics to my page, the grade changes as it is compared to the recommended grade needed to match your competition. Of course, the word count also appears as well as the suggested count.  So you know where you stand even during the page development. This is one of the easiest ways to develop high-quality content for your visitors.

What a content optimization tool!

The grade and word count in black show the recommended level to match your competition. I was able to develop the content to include the right keywords (topics) that were suggested to a level and score an A++. My word count was slightly less, but I was satisfied with my presentation for this keyword.  The count does not have to be exact.

This is how mine turned out.  Place it into my site and publish to complete the process.

Titles of your highest competitors


After your post has been published for a while (will probably take several months) you can check your ranking. Do that by looking at your Average Position in the Check Rankings tab of RankIQ. You will certainly smile when it moves to 10.0 or less.

I feel the keyword tools in RankIQ do a great job in helping to improve my posts for my visitors and to keep up with and surpass my competition. Like everything else, it is not perfect. But it is a significant tool to help me improve my site.

Google is always changing. So the world around it will have to change too. RankIQ is evolving and will continue. You can even participate in that by providing recommendations for niches that you want to have covered in RankIQ. They accept suggestions for additions. It takes several weeks for them to complete their process, but their hard work results in better data for you to use.

Brandon put out a video that gives a good overview of the features of RankIQ.  Check it out.


Here are a few points to consider.

To work on a new post pick you niche and keyword. Run your Content Report. Then use the Content Optimizer to develop a competitive post.

To revise an old post the first thing to do is don’t touch any page that is already ranking in position 1 - 3. They are doing great, so leave them be.

For posts that are in positions 4 or greater, you can make adjustments. However, it is usually better to keep the existing content in place but add to the bottom of the post. This doesn’t interrupt Google’s view of the original portion. It just sees that you have more content that compares favorably to your competition.


RankIQ is evolving. Its features can and do help content creators to build posts that can match or surpass their competition.

The concept behind this product is working. It produces results! I have started seeing improvements in mine every day. This is especially helpful as I work to improve my previous post. I can even adjust keywords to reflect those that are more likely to be searched. This helps my page rank higher for those new keywords.

Brandon has a Facebook group that provides valuable information and insight from its users. Whether you are a new blogger, experienced blogger or content creators, it provides value at a reasonable price.

Check it out for yourself. It has been set up on a monthly basis.  Right, no long term contact. At this point in time you can still join at its introductory price of $49/month. Try it for one month. I’ll bet that once you see the impact it can have on your business, you will not let go.

This is one great tool that I am very satisfied with. Go for it!  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Don D'Armond
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P.S. Earlier I told you about the great platform I use for my website. Yes, it is Solo Build It! (SBI). Talk about another great tool. It is an all encompassing product to build an online business. I recommend you consider it. See what it is all about. Here is proof on how to build a profitable business!

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