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What does online mean to you?Do You Have An Interest Online?

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It seems to me that phrase could be understood to mean several things.

  • It could mean that you can learn about careers in internet jobs on the web with products or services.

  • It could also mean that you could get an education about certain careers through material and courses available online.

  • It could mean learning more about yourself through self-assessment tests that are available online .

You may even have other ideas about the meaning of that phase. For the purposes of our discussion here, let’s focus on meaning #2...getting an education on careers through the use of the internet.

The Career or the Subject

Looking for an entrepreneur magazine online?Not Quite Your Online Magazine

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Choices Galore... If you go to your favorite search engine and enter “careers online” or “courses online” or "online career education", you will find a really long list. That is the good news. There are so many options available.

But, you should narrow it down somewhat.  Determine if you want to find out more about a subject for which you have a strong interest.

For instance, the Kahn Academy is a great website to go to learn about anything math related. Spending time there may be just the ticket for you if you want to clarify some concepts. Then you can focus on investigating a teaching career.

Her is one thought for those that want to build something of their own.  Check out an entrepreneur magazine online, such as You can find some great ideas and tips about anything entrepreneurial.

For online degrees, you can find any number of options open to you. Many universities do have online programs that allow a person to get a degree in just about any field. One can work to get degrees from a high school diploma to a Doctoral degree online.

There is no need to enter a program for a university just because it is in your hometown. Of course, you can do just that if you find it beneficial for interaction with other students and staff.

That brings me to a main point for our discussion.

Do You Need Interaction With A Teacher?

Each of the online career courses taught by colleges and universities are designed to allow you to work independently. There is some minimal teacher or other student interaction.

A teacher or profession in an online course can provide good information and guidance as you work through the curriculum. Matter of fact, I’ll bet that you already have an experience where the direct interaction of a teacher had a great deal to do with your understanding of a teaching point.

The ability to ask questions and get pointed, direct responses from a knowledgeable person on the subject matter or career is an very  beneficial method in the learning process.


Your online career education improves with a mentor.Need A Mentor For This Career?

Taking it a step further, what if you had your own mentor?  This person has knowledge about the career.  She/he also has the passion and desire to succeed in that field and to help others, like you, succeed.

You can get guidance online about your career. But, the human touch means so much in driving home critical points.  It aids in gaining insight that can only be conveyed through personal contact. That is why a mentor is so important, even when leaning online.

That is the best of both worlds...learning online and through direct contact with a mentor.  I contend that learning and researching online, in combination with quality time with a mentor, is the optimal approach to quickly determining if the career is right for you. That combination will get you off in the right direction for the beginning of your life adventures.

In your search for your own online career education, you should not research the career itself.  But you should include a mentor to give you the insight you should have for your decision in choosing your next career.


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