Novel writers want to grow. Read tips from Maria Pease, a mystery novelist on how she got her start as she answers our interview questions. See why her three successful novels have spawned a fourth.

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Hear from Maria Pease about novel writingMaria Pease (Photo courtesy of Maria)

Maria Pease is a successful author of three mystery novels, the Sam Parker Mystery series.  They include Malicious Intent, Malicious Secrets, and Malicious Desires.  Her fourth in the series is due out at the end of 2020.  She is also a freelance content writer and has produced numerous paperback and e-books, such as, Writing E-Books for Fun & Profit, Bite-Sized Book Marketing For Authors, and others.

Maria Pease grew up one of seven children.  She used her imagination a great deal as a child pretending.  She made up activities with her pretend animal friends.  Her writing has an interesting start as we will get into during the interview. I am sure you will enjoy our discussion about novel writers.

Novel Writers Thoughts

“I think it’s an excellent idea for a new author to speak with experienced authors. I actually started teaching my, "Yes, You Can Write Workshops" so I could help other authors learn about both writing and publishing and everything that comes with life as an author.”

~ Maria Pease


We appreciate Maria for agreeing to this interview.  Here are our questions:

Q1:  Hi Maria, thanks for taking the time for this interview. In your “About” page on your website, you said you always love stories and pretending. As you read to your 10-year old son, it led him to say he would like to write a story. That sparked you to begin your novel. What caused you to actually take the step? Why a mystery novel?

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Maria:  I’ve been writing stories for as long as I can remember but never thought much beyond the fact that I felt at home writing. That evening when Steven declared he was going to write a story, I felt drawn to write as well. I opened my laptop, and the story practically fell on the page. Honestly, I didn’t consider that my story would become a book. I had no expectations for it and, therefore, no pressure. I continued to write well after my son went to bed, and it became my secret life. No one knew I was writing except Steven. When I realized I had written more than 200 pages, I was forced to acknowledge that it was more than a simple story and began to wrap my head around the fact that I had written a book.
Why a mystery? I have always love mysteries. I read Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys as a kid and never really ventured from the genre. It felt natural for me to choose mysteries.

Maria talks about novel writers and her career changeCareer Change Can Happen

Q2:  A number of people feel they want to make a career change or do something different, like writing. What steps should a person take to become a writer - novelist, freelance writer, or otherwise?

Maria:  I was a paralegal and ran a judgment recovery business and was a substitute teacher. I was writing on the side when I decided that I wanted to transition into writing full time. The reality is that it’s tough to make a living writing novels but in my research on writing careers I was introduced to copywriting, which is also known as content writing. I discovered you could actually make a living doing it, so I began studying and reading books to learn the craft. I transitioned over a few years and now write & teach creative writing full time.

Good novel writing has to start somewhere.Learn From Others

Q3:  Did you have someone that you were emulating? How beneficial do you feel it is for someone who is interested in writing to speak with a knowledgeable, experienced writer/author?

Maria:  I wouldn’t say emulating, but I do write in the first person so my readers can experience things as Sam Parker experiences them. In a few reviews of my books, I have been compared to both Sue Grafton and Janet Evanovich, which is a such on honor as I absolutely love them both and have read so many of their books.
I think it’s an excellent idea for a new author to speak with experienced authors. I actually started teaching my, "Yes, You Can Write" Workshops so I could help other authors learn about both writing and publishing and everything that comes with life as an author. It’s my way of paying it forward.

Q4:  At this time, you have written three Sam Parker mystery novels (Malicious Intent, Malicious Secrets, and Malicious Desires). I understand you are working on your 4th novel in this series. When is it due to be released? Could you share a brief view of what it is about?

Maria: Yes, I have just started writing Malicious Affliction a Sam Parker Mystery, which is book 4 in the series. It is due out in November or December of 2020. All I can divulge at this time is that it’s about revenge, and it’s going to be a wild ride.

Q5:  Since you are also a health and wellness content writer, you have a good perspective of the writing world. What would you say to our visitors who may want to become any type of writer?

Maria:  I’d say go for it. I transitioned over time to copywriting. I read books, took courses, studied, and practiced before I started marketing myself. I found one book that helped me the most when it came to getting over some of those mental hurdles in transitioning. The book is called The Well-Fed Writer by Peter Bowerman. I still refer to the book and find it to be a great resource. Peter has trainings and several great resources for beginning content writers. I highly recommend him. There are some others I respect as well. Bob Bly is the master. He has books available, and so does Ed Gandia.



I would like to thank Maria for her insights and time with us on this subject of novel writers.  You can find out more about Maria Pease at and her Facebook page .

End Of Novel Writers Interview With Maria Pease

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