Modern leadership development is essential. Why is that? Ask yourself “Are you a leader or a modern leader?” Seems like an easy question, but it’s a bit more complex when you look a bit closer.

Modern leadership competency is one of the most important elements that can drive an individual and company to succeed in the digital world.

The ever-changing business world has shifted digitally over the past several years, the effective leadership qualities in many instances has not always kept up with such changes. Now is the time to address the issue. This is the place for you and/or your team members to talk with Mel Ross to get started on gaining a competitive edge.

To develop modern leadership competency, we must change who we are. We have to focus our development not on what we do, but on the measure of who we are as a role model others are willing to follow. This is how we can build successful teams at speed and scale transformation across entire organizational systems.

How do you develop modern leadership? By embarking on a journey of mindset shift to evolve your identity from leader to modern leader

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Mel Ross - Modern Leadership Mentor
Mel Ross - Modern Leadership Mentor
Mel Ross - Modern Leadership Mentor

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As passionate about the future as she is about the human condition, Mel Ross mentors, advises and works with leaders, entrepreneurs, boards and practitioners across the entire organizational change agenda to unlock potential and opportunity that technology can bring for the good of humanity, community and environment.  She does this through modern mindset theory. Using her 10 years of experience working with thousands of leaders and transformation leaders all over the world develop modern leadership competency using the incredibly powerful tools and techniques of modern mindset theory.

Following a career in business change, marketing and digital transformation, Mel co-founded Adapt2Digital where she has been CEO and founder since 2013. At Adapt2digital, Mel leads a growing number of certified practitioners in The Dilyn Way™, a dynamic framework focused on the human and social systems area of transformation. Grounded in modern leadership mindset shift, The Dilyn Way™ footprint of qualified practitioners around the world continues to grow, supporting transformation by applying human and social systems shift to leadership, projects and programs.  

Since 2013 Mel and the team have worked with public sector and private sector internationally, connecting transformation agendas with leadership and humanising transformation programs that fall into technology, process or skills focus. Adapt2Digital's modern leadership profiling tool has also been used by thousands of leaders globally helping them become role model modern leaders by embedding the 7 mindsets of modern leadership into their daily practice. In the last 18 months the framework has been introduced to the organisations including the PMI global community to help accelerate human and social systems transformation within project and program management. 

As well mentoring and advising CEO's and board members using mindset shift theory, Mel also works extensively with practitioners across HR, L&D, OD and change design and development of modern leadership interventions. 
Mel is passionate about mentoring women in business and tech. She is an AWE mentor supporting women with vulnerabilities enter the world of business by leveraging digital and uncovering their entrepreneurial strengths. In 2020, Mel was invited to work as a mentor by the United Nations as part of an initiative to grow the entrepreneurial women in business footprint across Europe and the Middle East. In addition, Mel has also worked with Melbourne Business School as a coach and mentor on their modern leadership program across Australia and the wider Asia Pacific area.  

She is currently researching for her book to help on bringing humanity back into business and work. She is passionate about keeping up to date with the latest developments around leadership and mindset, which has resulted in her integrating her ongoing personal development into her work with leaders that includes: Positive Psychology, Flow Practice and Attention Management, Mindfulness and Breathwork, to better support leaders and practitioners role model wellbeing and psychological safety at work.  

Mel is a regular speaker and presenter at conferences having presented at conferences including digital leaders, PMI Global Conference, The PMO Leaders Conference, EU General Assembly, UK government and various international industry/sector specific events. 

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Modern leadership, aka digital age leadership, is an evolution of who we are, that requires a shift in how we think about business and work. That’s modern mindset shift.

We all know the old thinking that got us here, won’t get us where we need to be, and yet, the single biggest frustration for many transformation ambitions is the lack of evidence pointing to leadership shift in thinking. When we fail to shift and evolve our thinking, identity and mindset we can only rely on the past to try to solve our future pain. The result is just doing the same things a bit faster or smarter. We all know this is no longer good enough.

The world we live in continues to change. As we moved from the industrial age to the digital age, our business and communication needs to change also.

It is crucial that as leaders we are able to challenge our beliefs and our more traditional development experiences to enter into the practice of modern leadership.

What is modern leadership? Whether you are a corporate leader, entrepreneur or change agent, being seen as a modern leader means three things:

  1. You are seen as someone who can tangibly bring humanity back into business and work, 
  2. You know how to leverage digital and data for the good of people, customers, community, and planet.
  3. You are recognised as someone who champions ethical and sustainable practices, challenging the status quo to protect our future.

 To achieve this, a modern leader focusses on positioning themselves in two ways:

  • As a role model
  • As a participant

A modern leader involved in digital transformation more specifically evidences maturity across 7 mindsets taken from The Dilyn WayTM Framework. They are:

  1. Digital Native: Using technology to create better outcomes and more meaningful experiences. Digital is a mindset not a switch
  2. Connected-Networked Mindset: The connection between people & people, people & technology, people & things.
  3. Adaptive-Beginners Mindset: Change ready. Knowing the difference between change and transformation. Think big, start small, learn fast.
  4. Open-Authentic Mindset: Openness is about sharing. Collaborating. Being Authentic. Having an inward focused lens.
  5. DataMindfulness: Being empowered and enabled to make decisions based on meaningful data.
  6. Future Focus-Prepared Mindset: Keeping an eye on what’s ahead. An outward & focus.
  7. Audience-Human Centered Mindset: It is the focus on all our audiences that allows us to be truly customer centric.

In our digital world, the organizational leadership should make a fundamental shift in its approach to developing its business leaders and its objectives. The positive consequences of development modern leadership in yourself or others is so vast. Here are just a few things to expect.

  • As you become recognised as a modern leader role model, people begin to follow your example and want to evidence this in their own leadership too.
  • Resilience to change increases, and people are more willing to take risks around change, transformation, and difference they were not willing to do before.
  • Teams are happier, they feel a greater sense of belonging and therefore contribute more, trusting they have the permission to do so
  • The organization starts to move away from changing through improvement to embracing transformation in a supportive and ethical way.

As shifts occur in the era or age in which one lives, the thinking of the new age does not adjust quickly as old thinking seems to stick around. This happens even when it is not relevant for it to remain. It appears to take time for the prior methods to be adjusted and incorporate the new age structure and ideas. Until now. With modern mindset theory Mel is able to take you on a journey that can accelerate your own modern leadership evolution and raise the markers of success all around you.

We can already see the beginning of a such change by the modification of the work style forced upon many companies due to the pandemic. Work hours shifted and remote work appeared at a greater level. We will probably see more adjustments in areas such as:

  • Organizational structures
  • Theories of leadership
  • Team building
  • Adjustments in the use of human capital
  • Goal setting
  • Approach to business decisions
  • Incorporating change management
  • Sustainability

It will take transformational leadership to fully alter the system and generate the impact desired.

We may talk about time running out for the planet in terms of climate change, however, when it comes to business evolution and modern leadership? Time has already run out – that’s why transformation efforts struggle so much to succeed.


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Leadership style and leadership identity must evolve if our future leaders are to successfully move our companies forward in the digital area. Let me help you transition your company into the 21st century by developing modern leadership.

Modern leaders drive the shift of business away from silos and towards a more networked structure that is “people first in principle". They do this without relinquishing ultimate accountability.

When a leader demonstrates modern leadership practices as a role model, change and transformation becomes so much easier - people look up and can see evidence of the future vision in the actions and practice of the leader. They trust it and therefore engage - lack of this causes distrust and resistance to change.

There are also benefits you could see in your projects too:

  • People feel more connected when we take a more human approach to change.
  • People come together on purpose and do more to help the organization achieve it’s purpose
  • Transformation starts to become friction'less'
  • Data and digital literacy increases
  • Sense of community and belonging around transformation is established (connection to the transformation and future vision) 
  • Leadership participation in change and innovation increases
  • Organisational appetite for innovation increases
  • Sense of health and wellbeing increases across change team and wider organisation.


Modern leadership mindset and practices are incredibly important as we continue to move towards a more technology and data enabled work. We are also becoming more consciously aware of the planet. 

Having modern leadership competence and mindset means you are able to structure and grow your business in a conscious and ethical way that will attract more customers. Being purposeful also means you are able to attract the right talent and foster a sense of community and loyalty that is likely to drive more success for your business. 

Adopting a People, Purpose and Profit approach is key. You could see an adjustment in your strategic thinking and an increase in customer satisfaction.

The video below provides an interview with me as I explain more about modern leadership development.

Let’s have a conversation on how this approach prepares you for a better place in your own modern leadership development program.

It will be great talking with you.

Mel Ross


Consider how your leadership role could be impacted with a full awareness of modern mindset leadership . It could include:

  • A better understanding of the modern leadership models to develop better leaders.
  • An adjustment to the best practices to improve company culture.
  • An improvement in your communication skills throughout your leadership positions.
  • Recognition of how your soft skills can be utilized in conflict management.
  • Many others.

Learn more about Mel Ross and her mission through these two PDF documents:

Prepare for the new world and your own modern leadership development by signing up for a session with Mel. Just click this button to get started.

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