Embrace midlife career change for the best approach. Find out here that career change after 50 can be outstanding. Discover your best career choices. It takes attitude and motivation.

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You know the Five W’s that journalism students are taught as the basics in information gathering.  It is also known as the Five W’s and One H.  They are:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why
  • How

If we apply that concept to midlife career change, we can find out a little more about its drivers.

Get on the right track even with career change after 50Wrong Track? Consider Career Change After 50


Who is it about?  It is about you, your neighbor, your friend, your sister, your brother-in-law or anyone else you know.  A change in our life’s work can happen to anyone.  But most of all it is about YOU.

Perhaps, you have noticed it from the sidelines earlier.  You have seen someone in the mid-point of their career and they get laid off or decide to sail to Bermuda.  The impact is different when it is about YOU.

Midlife career change pathWhich Path Will You Take?


What happened?  This is one where it can get complicated.  You could plan to shift from one vocation to another and set up the process to do that in an organized manner.  More likely, you find yourself in an unexpected environment due to the loss of a job.  It was probably caused by circumstances that you could not control.

Possibly, you planned your change to move from a stress-filled job to one more fulfilling.  The new one provided challenges and satisfaction that involved your passion.

This section of Midlife Career Change has more detail at:


When did it happen?  It may occur after age 40. Career change at that age could provide higher status, greater opportunity and a better title. Unexpected situations could mean uncertainty at time when earning power is growing. If so, then it warrants concern.

Obvious age discrimination possibilities could be precarious for a career change after 50.  Our own perception may bring out anxiety that doesn’t need to be there.  If you are over 50, career change can be more of a challenge.  Yet, you can succeed in finding a new rewarding experience.  You just need the right attitude and motivation.

Midlife career change

Retire at MidlifeChange to a New Life

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Where did it happen?  It happened right in your heart!  A movement to your new life’s work is very personal.  The loss of a job strikes deep, but that means you have new opportunities.

But, the desire to strike out on your own to do the things that you have always wanted to do come from deep in your heart too.

Is midlife career change knocking at your door?Which Direction Will You Go?
Worried about your future?Don’t Worry - Take Action!
You can succeed in your midlife career changeYou Can Do It!


Why did it happen?  Your earlier dreams may have been shattered.  You may have received a midlife wake-up call.  You could have gone through a transition.  The children may be gone and now you are an empty nester.  You may have had an epiphany that has shown the light on your inner passion.

Sunrise Growing PassionGrowing Passion


How did it happen?  Your boring job could have been gnawing at you for a while.  Or the buyout of the company forced you to be laid off.

It could have come slowly over time.  You may have been preoccupied with something that really interested you.  You find that you have a yearning for something new and different.  You may have encountered mid life career change.  There are many ways that it may have occurred, but now it has happened and it is time to act.

Build up your attitude and your motivation!  Find ways to do just that by visiting our career change advice section.


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