Mentoring FAQ (frequently asked questions) are provided her to assist all who desire more information about becoming a Mentor.

Career Redo is a business that provides access to people who are experienced in various career fields. Anyone that desires to learn about a specific career field can search by career category to locate mentors that have experience in that area.  The Clients can arrange a time for a phone, Zoom, Skype or in some cases in-person meetings to get their questions answered.

Our goal is to help those that desire to find the career that is meant for them. Learning the details, including the good and the bad about an area can be a great start to their reaching their objective.

As a Mentor, you can use your experience to provide insight and understanding to help others evaluate the possibility of shifting careers. Aiding others in this way is an outstanding way to develop a feeling of satisfaction and achievement yourself.

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Some of the most common question we are asked about becoming a Mentor are:


1.  What are the qualifications to be a Career Redo Mentor? 

The characteristics and items we are looking for are the following:

  • Desire to share with others your knowledge and experience in your career field. This includes how and why some people succeed and others fail. 
  • Have at least three (3) years experience in you career field.
  • Capable of speaking with your Clients via telephone or videoconference hourly mentoring sessions. 
  • On-site mentoring session may be possible upon Mentor’s election.
  • Willing to agree to Career Redo’s Mentor Terms of Service.

2.  What are the reasons to become a Career Redo Mentor?

The primary reasons are:

  • To earn additional income.
  • To help individuals reach their goal of changing careers for a better life.
  • To improve your stature in your chosen career field.

3. What methods are set up to communicate with my Clients?

Three (3) options are available to you and your client.

  • Phone - Use any method that is convenient for your client and you.</li>
  • Set up a videoconference - Use Zoom, Skype, FaceTime (Apple) or any method  you select
  • Meetings on-site in-person at a location that you and your client agree upon - Most likely, it could occur at your place of business. You can elect not to have any on-site meetings. 

4. How does the process work to get a session scheduled with my Client?

The process works in this manner:

  • The Client locates your dedicated page by searching for the career field in which they have an interest.  They view your dedicated page to learn more about you, your background and experience. 
  • The Client clicks the green “Reserve a Mentor” button. This leads to a new page with a form entitled “Mentor Reservation”.
  • They fill in the form and pick your name from the drop-down list.
  • They send it in to Career Redo.
  • Career Redo notifies you by email that you have been selected by a Client.
  • Within 72 hours you should contact your Client by email. You will work together to sei upon a date/time for session.

5. Are my email, phone number or Zoom ID, Skype address shared with anyone?

No! Your email will be used by Career Redo to communicate with you regarding a selection by a Client and the set-up of your dedicated Mentor page. You will determine what contact information that you wish to provide your Client.

6. How is the pricing established for my services?

The pricing for your services  is determined by you.  Career Redo will post on its website the price that you provide.  You may change your pricing at any time by notifying Career Redo by email.  There is no deduction of a payment processing fee by Career Redo, since your Client pays you directly.  Career Redo does charge you a referral fee after your Client has paid you in return for locating, attracting, and referring the Client to you.


7. Who pays me for my services to the Client?

Your Client pays you directly once you invoice them after they schedule a session and prior to the start of your session.

8. What can I earn by being a Career Redo Mentor?

There is no limit set for your earnings.  You may market yourself in any format you choose to increase the chances of someone learning about you and scheduling a mentoring session.  You may use social media or other marketing approaches. Note that we will consider listing you as a Career Redo Mentor even if you elect not to charge for your services.

9.  How does Career Redo make money on this program?

Career Redo charges a referral fee equal to a specified percentage of the total amount which you charge your Client as set forth in the Mentor Terms of Service.  You will received an invoice from Career Redo after you have invoiced your Client for the scheduled session.  The referral fee is charged for locating, attracting, and referring the Client to you.

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10. Can I adjust my biographical and background information on my dedicated page as posed on Career Redo?

Yes.  At any time you desire, you may provide Career Redo with changes or additions to the write-up on you dedicated page.  You may also provide additional photos, images, videos or podcasts that you desire to have placed on your dedicated page.  All additions are subject to approval by Career Redo.

11. Will my Clients be able to provide feedback to Career Redo on my services?

Yes.  In fact, we encourage comments and feedback regarding each Mentor’s performance and experience on Career Redo.

12. Is it required that I agree to some Terms and Conditions?

Yes.  You need to agree to our Mentor Terms of Service upon your application to be a Career Redo Mentor.

13. If I am a business owner and a prospective Client wants to start a business in my hometown, do I have to agree to mentor this Client?

If you have a prospective Client who you feel may become a direct competitor, then you could suggest they search for a Mentor located in another city.  Most everyone will understand that situation.

14 . What happens if my Client or I am late for a session?

Should you expect to be late, notify your Client. We do hope you each side will be accommodating. If you are absent, the Client will not be charged any Cancellation Fees. Such fees are set out on our Career Change Mentor page

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15. Can I continue to use Career Redo to add additional sessions with my Client after my initial session?

Yes, indeed.  Should your Client desire addition time with you, please advise Career Redo via email or our Contact Us page.  We want your relationship with your Client to flourish.

16. Is this mentoring session like life coaching, executive coaching or career coaching?

No way.  As a Career Redo Mentor, you will convey the overview and details of the career field in which your Clients are interested.  You have seen people fail and people succeed.  You have the background and experience in your career field.  You should convey that to the Client.  You are not expected to provide life guidance like a career or life coach.  Those type coaches don’t really know the details of your desired career.  You do.

17. Can life coaches, career coaches or consultants be Career Redo Mentors?

Our approach is to provide information and guidance to a Client on the elements of their desired career.  If you are a life coach or career coach, we will be glad to work with you to locate clients. Should you be seeking a coach, we will also be glad to help in any way we can.  We do offer the opportunity for coaches and consultants to advertise or sponsor on Career Redo.  To get more information on this matter, please email us at info at to begin the conversation.

18. Does Career Redo have any system requirements?

No. You may use your phone or computer system that works. Should you have any problems, please contact us.

19. If I am not a high-tech person, how should I communicate?

Easy. Just use what you are comfortable with. In most cases, a mobile phone will work just great. Zoom is easy to set up if you want to try that direction.

20. What other questions do you have that we may add to the Mentoring FAQ?  

If so, just email us at info at

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