The best mentee quotes can provide insight to help you make the leap to your successful career change. Can you find one that resonates? What action will you take as a result?

It is truly amazing how saying from others can have an impact on our thought process. To help smooth the way for your consideration of a career change, we have gathered some outstanding mentee quotes for you.

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Mentee quotes by Ralph Waldo EmersonRalph Understands

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Examine these motivational quotes for mentees to find the ones that you feel can apply to you. Transitioning to a new career is not an easy process. It does take hard work and the right attitude.

I wanted to provide you with a number of mentee quotes to help you match your feelings with the language presented in the quotes. That matching can help you find the right attitude to continue your quest to change careers.

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Quotes on benefits of a mentor to mentee by Don D’ArmondMajor Benefit Of A Mentor

"My favorite mentor  unleashed my passions, channeled my energy, guided my growth and encouraged my success.”
~ Anna Letitia Cook

“Your Mentors in life are important, so choose them wisely. “    
~ Robert Kiyosaki

“My mentor said, ‘Let’s go do it,’ not ‘You go do it.’ How powerful when someone says, ‘Let’s!’”
Jim Rohn

"It is important for us to see that our mentors are human and therefore fallible; it makes our own shortcomings more tenable."
~ John Wooden

“Our chief want in life is somebody who will make us do what we can.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

"I encourage all of you to seek out teachers and mentors that challenge you to think for yourself and guide you to find your own voice. "
~ Renee Olstead

"Without a mentor in life, one can easily succumb to folly. Without a mentor in life, one can easily become self-centered, capricious and arrogant."
~ Anonymous

"What you want in a mentor is someone who truly cares for you and who will look after your interests and not just their own. When you do come across the right person to mentor you, start by showing them that the time they spend with you is worthwhile."
~ Vivek Wadhwa

"Mentors are available at all stages of your leadership life - early, middle and late. Seek them out and listen; absorb their knowledge and use it."
~ John Wooden

"The mentor-mentee relationship is ideally like that of the guru and disciple: motivated by the desire of the guru to impart knowledge to the disciple."
— Vivek Wadhwa


Mentee quotes by Rene Olstead can help you succeed.Think And Grow!

"Mentors, by far, are the most important aspects of businesses."
~ Daymond John

“God puts mentors in your path. They may not look like you, sound like you, or be what you expect. But they always know more that you.“
~ Maria Shriver

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.“
~ John C. Crosby

“Mentors have a way of seeing more of our faults that we would like. It’s the only way we grow.“
~ George Lucas

“You can't dig a different hole by digging the same one deeper.“
~ Edward de Bono

“Mentors should be patient, passionate and should not rest until they see a great development on their mentees.“
~ Euginia Herlihy

“Mentoring is an indispensable requirement for an artist's growth. Not only are skills and experience shared, but there is value in the essential re-examination of one's own work and techniques.“
~ Jim Norman

“One who refuses to seek the advice of others will eventually be led to a path of ruin. A mentor helps you to perceive your own weaknesses and confront them with courage. The bond between mentor and protege enables us to stay true to our chosen path until the very end.“
~ Anonymous

"Leaders should influence others. In such a way that it builds people up, encourages and educates them so they can duplicate this attitude in others."
~ Bob Goshen

“God did not create you to be alone. He deposited skills, knowledge, and talents in someone out there who is expected to mentor you, teach you and encourage you to go high. Go, get a mentor!“
~ Israelmore Ayivor

“Mentorship is key to unlocking each of our entrepreneurial spirits.“
~ Richard Branson


John Crosby has unique motivational quotes for menteesThree Great Steps

Unfortunately, each of us do not have all of the answers. It would be so much easier if we did, wouldn’t it?  To me, the next best approach is to talk with someone who has more answers that I have. In the business world, that generally means a mentor.

I wanted to make it easier for anyone, especially you, to find the right person to be your mentor as you work to transition to a new career field.  These mentee quotes are just one way of adding to your research and knowledge so you can make the best decisions for your future. You can find more mentoring quotes here on Career Redo.

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