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Lawyer career change advice may be just the item for your evaluation. The world keeps changing around us and we change too. Our work environment, our perception of challenge, our goals, our personal life and our family are just some of the things that could put us on the path to view a career change.

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My objective here is to give you some items to evaluate in your process and perhaps help bring up ideas or topics which you may feel beneficial to delve into deeper.

If you found your way here, then you probable would want to at least read some lawyer career change advice that may sway your thinking or help guide you to another resource.


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There are some questions that are beneficial to wade through to start your examination of changing careers.

1. What is not working for you in your career as a lawyer?

Let’s face it! You have spent a great deal of time and effort to become a lawyer and find you current job. But yet, you are considering a change.  So, examine it to evaluate why!

     Why do you want to leave?

  • Are you feeling micromanaged?
  • Is there no flexibility?
  • Are there too many after-hours requirements that threaten your life-work balance?
  • Have you gotten board?
  • Do you need a shift from the people with which you work?
  • Has COVID changed the world too much to meet your needs?

Spending time coming up with questions on your own could add a great deal to your evaluation. You never know what you will come up with during this process.

2. How did you get to where you are?

Reflect a bit.  Look at your past to insert a perspective into your current situation.

3. Is you desire to change a recent idea or has it been percolating a while?

If it has been years, then you are more likely to take the next stop. If has been more recent and perhaps caused by the pandemic, the your solution may take another course.

4. What would you want to do if you could do anything?

This could be an extremely hard question to answer. What really drive us is perhaps not so much the career field, but how you want to live. Are your values being fulfilled? Certainly, you should examine in some detail other career fields that you feel may interest you. Be sure to evaluate what it is that

5. What would your perfect day be like?

See if you could describe the environment, the personnel and the feelings you would have on a day in your new tomorrow.  Do it again a few days later to pick up other items or remove current ones.

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6. How would your family and friends react?

The support of those closest to us can have an amazing impact on our dedication and drive to succeed. Evaluate if you could take the next step if you don’t have that support. Are you willing to proceed without it?

7. What would be different if you quit your current role for another?

The impact of a change may be clear or it may be blurry. Determine if you will see a shift in benefits, location, friends or other elements that may give you stability in your current role. It is best to be aware of all elements affected by the change.

8. What do you expect to gain in your lawyer career change?

Coming up with those things we want and expect to lose by shifting careers is usually easier than identifying those we can gain. Be careful not to be too rosy and positive on your possible new role. It is worth your time to evaluate the difficult and potential negative elements too.

9. How much of your desire to change is caused by stress?

Consider whether the office culture, the personnel, the uncertain after-hours work or other elements are the primary or secondary one to impact your decision.

10. Can I afford to leave?

A normal point of view on the amount of funds that one should have when looking for a new job is about six (6) months of living expenses when wanting to move to a similar job. However, when considering a new career field, it is better to have at at least twelve (12) months expenses  to cover perhaps your own startup costs or other unforeseen items.

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11. Where can I find mentors to help me understand more about career fields in which I am interested?

Talking with someone who has experienced all of the elements and situations that exist in a career field can help significantly. You could take advantage of the insight of your mentor. You get to have your questions answered. What is a typical day like? What about a non-typical day? What skill sets are required and which are beneficial?

Find various career categories that lead to mentors to assist in your career search by selecting this link: SEARCH MENTORS BY CAREERS

You can meet all of our mentors and review each of the career roles for which they can offer guidance. You may come across a career that you had not considered before.

12. Is now the right time to act?

Yes, now is the right time to take it step by step. Determine where you are in the process. Decide if you need to determine what you want or if you need to fill in the gaps to complete your plan. Understand if you need more lawyer career change advice.

13. If you quit, what is the worst thing that could happen?

Examine your answer and prepare for it. Use your skills as a lawyer to find the answers to lessen the blow and move your forward.

14. Is there another field of law in which you would rather work?

There may be fields that are developing which didn’t exist years ago. It could be because of technological, political, or environmental change.

15. Can you become more of an expert in the field that brings you joy?

You usually hear the term to “Follow your passion!”. That can be good, but for a career change, you may consider to find the joy. You may find an area of work that feels good, is satisfying, but not euphoric. It doesn’t have to be a passion, but something that makes you happy. If you can find a way to gain additional knowledge in that area to be considered an expert, then your shift to your new role would be so much easier.


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Our lawyer career change advice is to work your way through each of the questions we posed above to provide some focus in your quest. Then take a look at this article on a number of possible new careers for lawyers.

Since it addresses over 30 possible career categories, you may come across something that you had not considered before.

Should you want to test your hand in a few areas while still working, check out these possibilities.

You may even want to consider becoming a mentor to help those who want to know what it is like to be a lawyer. Fit it in to meet your schedule.

I wish you the best of luck. Please ask me anything at my contact page.

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