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If you want to make interior spaces safe, functional and eye-catching, then you may enjoy an interior design career.  The designers usually determine the space requirements and consider such things as lighting, colors and materials.  One must know the inspection requirements and building codes.  See if your ideas of interior design matches those of Wikipedia.

Some of the normal duties of interior designers could include:

  • Development of bids for new projects.
  • Evaluating how people move through the space.
  • Sketching the design plans with all required utility requirements.
  • Understand the client’s budget constraints.
  • Identifying the furnishings and materials involved.
  • Development of estimated project costs and time requirements for completion.
  • Ensuring materials are ordered timely.
  • Coordinating with the building contractor on construction.
  • Verifying accurate completion of project and customer satisfaction.
Be successful in interior designYou Could Be An Interior Designer

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There are possibilities to specialize in certain areas.

One may want to be a bath and kitchen designer.  Your expert knowledge of appliances, plumbing, electrical ideas, as well as cabinets and fixtures would be needed.

Your heart may lie in merging with the healthcare field to develop and renovate healthcare centers, doctors’ offices, residential care facilities and hospitals.

A corporate designer would help small office arrangements to high-rise buildings for large corporations.

Working to improve water and energy efficiencies benefiting indoor air quality and environmental solutions would be the patter for sustainable designers.

Universal designers would help structure physical arrangements to benefit anyone.  This could assist elderly individuals and those with special needs.

License Requirements and Education

Each state may have it own license requirements.  Be sure to check all elements.  In most all states, the title of interior designer can only be used by a licensed designer.  Take care to follow all state laws.

The most common exam used to qualify as an interior designer is the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ).

To meet the education requirements a bachelor’s degree is normally required.  This would include classes covering drawing, computer aided design and interior design usually. 

There are a number of universities and colleges that have programs in design.  A large number would be accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation and the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.


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