You declared “I want a business mentor”.  Great! Fantastic start! Now you need to move on and find the best mentor for you.

We are here to help you do just that. We will discuss what a business mentor can do, why use one, the impact a mentor can have on an entrepreneur, where to find one, additional tips, questions to ask a career mentor, and even how to hire a business mentor.

Let’s go!

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A business mentor is someone you can turn to for help and advise you on the elements and issues in a career field in which you are in or wish to enter. They serve as a trusted confidante providing input to you on their experiences in business.

They contribute their insight and feedback on your desires and plans based on their own experiences in an effort to help you succeed.

They can be a sounding board.

They can help you understand the fundamentals.

They can provide objective input especially in areas in which you are not as familiar.

Entrepreneurs can find substantial benefit from the experience and guidance of a business mentor during startup or for growth potential.

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A business mentor has experience, that is, has been there and done that! They know what it is truly like to work in that field.

They can:

  • Give you a perspective of a career field in which you may have limited knowledge.
  • Evaluate your transferable skills.
  • Guide you to understand why some people are successful in this arena.
  • Help prevent you from making the mistakes of others.
  • Listen to your ideas and concepts for entering this career category and provide feedback.
  • Give you a better chance of success as those utilizing mentors have better statistics in achievement that others.
  • Provide motivation and support which is extremely valuable.
  • Broaden your network by gaining potential access to your mentor’s network.
  • Transfer your understanding of the career more quickly that other methods.
  • Be open to hear about you and your plans as a business mentor likes to give back.
  • Advise individuals so that they can improve their own skills as a strategist, consultant or manager.
  • Have a positive impact on the development and growth of your career.
  • Be more specific than more general business advice that you can locate in online publications.
  • Be invaluable speaking one-on-one.

A good approach is to target for someone who is a good listener and is willing to share.


Yes, is the answer to that question. As pointed out above, one is more likely to succeed in developing a business by working with a business mentor. So, your chances improve as you discuss and implement the insight provided by your mentor.

After you get a business mentor they can share wisdom on an ongoing basis or you can set up specific limited sessions for focus. This one-on-one communication helps direct you to the answers you desire more quickly that other methods.

An entrepreneur developing a new enterprise can benefit significantly from the knowledge of a mentor. Each time you learn from the mistakes of other, you advance your own business plan.

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That is a good question! The answer could vary depending on what you are looking for. Do you want to find a mentor for free? If so, you are going to have to work for it. But you can do it. Some possible ways to find a mentor:

  1. Look for group events in your field of interest.
  2. Check out your alumni network.
  3. Evaluate your own network.
  4. Search for meetup groups.
  5. Join and evaluate any professional organizations in your area of interest.
  6. See if you can locate online resources such as SCORE, Women’s Business Center and Minority Business Development Agency .
  7. Discover tools on LInkedIn to help find a mentor.

A quicker and more efficient approach is to hire a business mentor.  There are several sources on the internet. You may ask why should you pay for a mentor when you can (possibly) find one for free. The answer is that it is efficient, quick and results oriented. You can locate and secure a mentor that meets your needs within the timeline you desire.

A paid mentor is willing to work with you and, in fact, wants to work with you because that is why they are there. One great source for mentors in various career fields is here. Meet a group of mentors here to determine if the one you want is in the list. If it is not, then send a note so we can find you a mentor that fits the career field you desire.

Examine all of the career fields available and select your mentor.


“I want a business mentor” is still your refrain. To ensure you reach your goal there are several tips for you.

  1. Consider carefully if you need a mentor or a coach. [LINK : career-coach-business]
  2. Evaluate whether your mentor will be a good match to accomplish your goal.
  3. Particularly ensure that your mentor has the knowledge or skills that you need either in your desired new career or in your current field.
  4. Confirm that they have the experience required for you to gain insight from their role.
  5. Be specific about what you wish to achieve with your mentor.
  6. Select an individual who does not have strong attachment or involvement with you current organization.
  7. Search for someone who can provide guidance and support in your quest.
  8. Identify a mentor who can provide assistance in navigating entrance into a new field or career.
  9. Be genuine with your mentor.
  10. Present your best self forward.
  11. Keep in mind that you can have more than one mentor as you feel it is appropriate to reach your goal. Determine what it is that you wish to accomplish with each mentor.

A main point to remember is to take responsibility for the relationship.

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As you prepare for your session with your new business mentor, it is beneficial to ask questions.


  • What do you want out of this?
  • What are the qualities you desire for your mentor to have?
  • What will time me that I have found the right mentor?


  1. What is your own career journey?
  2. In order for an individual to succeed in this career field, who attribute is most critical?
  3. What causes some people to fail in this career?
  4. What should I adjust or magnify to be attractive to a potential employer?
  5. As there are many challenges in this area, what it the biggest?
  6. What is it that you wish you would have know if you were at this point in my career?
  7. What is the best approach to use my strengths to reach my goal?
  8. What elements or situations have caused you to achieve success?
  9. Do you have any daily habits that have helped you advance in your career?


A mature woman responds to those saying I want a business mentor.

Prepare, prepare, prepare!

No matter how frequently you say “I want a business mentor”, it will take work to find one. However, you will find it is worth the effort. The long-term cost of not finding a good mentor far outweighs any short-term costs.

How much does it cost to hire a business mentor?
The price of a professional business mentor varies. You always have the choice of researching and finding a mentor on your own. Today, social media provides one way in which one might establish contact. But the cost there is in your time and effort.

Another possibility is for you to locate one online through a membership program or a one time charge on an hourly basis. It is possible that you might be charged anywhere from $30 to $500 per month depending on the frequency of your mentoring sessions.

Fortunately, using a good mentor that provides you with exactly what you need is invaluable and well worth the cost.  In fact, you may find yourself saving time and resources in their process of pointing you in the right direction.

Evaluate the Career Redo Mentor list here  to find one that meets your needs.

Absorb the external guidance from your business mentor. Then give yourself time to reflect. Retain what you need to move forward and disregard the rest. With your new found insight and knowledge, take the next step to your goal.

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