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One of the first things one would want to do when considering a career change is to evaluate yourself. Determine your skills, personality and what makes you happy.

Think about those careers that may fit your passion and personality.

Once you developed a few career options for you to consider that match your desires, then it is time to learn more about each of those careers. The more you know, the better off you will be in making decisions about your future.

You may have an idea of what a typical day is like for your desired career. But do you? Is it accurate? Your mentor has been there. She/he can tell you what to expect.

You could ask questions to learn more detail. There are mistakes that people in that career generally make. Find out about them so you can find a way to avoid those mistakes. Fewer mistakes generally mean faster advancement and greater success.

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Direction - How to change careersFeel like a deer looking into the headlights? What direction will you go?

 What is our career change tip? Ask questions to someone who has lived and worked in that career. Take your new vocation for a test drive.

No matter where you are in life, you may be searching for your career change reason. Have you found your life’s work? Is your occupation your purpose for joy and fulfillment? Study how to change careers. Consider ways to reduce stress about your career change.

The career counselor at gives some great thoughts on reducing stress for a career change.  The counselor points out that homework is very important in this process.  In order to know if a job or new career would suit you, you should understand what it would be like to work in that environment every day.  That is where a mentor comes in.

An easy way to do that is to gain insight from a mentor here at Career Redo.  She/he can help you to understand all about your calling.  Pick the length of session that you want.

You may ask “Do I really need a mentor”?  A number of experts think so.  Andrew LaCivita from definitely believes it is essential to your career change process.  Watch his video on the right “How to Change Careers Successfully: The First 7 Steps”Especially listen to steps #4, Reconnaissance, and #5, Franken-Mentor.  He talks about the importance of having a Mentor.  You can get your own Mentor using the form found by clicking on this button below.

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Preparation is critical to be successful in your career change. It seems that there are three main main areas you should consider to take in this process:

  1. You have got to know yourself.

  2. You have to know where you are going.

  3. You have to know what you will find when you get there.

Your own evaluation plays a key role in the first two. You may even be able to make a small dent in accessing knowledge of the third step of knowing what you will find when you get there.  That is, do you know what it is like to be in that role in your new career field.

Here is where you may need help. You can get that from talking with your own Mentor who has experience in your desired career field.

Don’t stop now! Learn more! Get the information that will make you happy and successful in your new career. 

Find out:

  1. The benefits of a session with a Mentor
  2. Who can talk with a Mentor
  3. How it works

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