Is how to become a project manager your goal? Outstanding! This is the place. Melinda can answer you questions and provide you with her insight on how to succeed in transitioning from a different career field.

If you enjoy the field you are in but want to advance to a project management role, she can provide you with guidance and an understanding of the requirements for such a shift. As an experienced mentor in her field, she know how to assist others in acquiring the big picture view. Read her background and schedule a session to get started.

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Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia



  • Hourly:  Phone / Skype/Zoom
  • $50/ Hour
  • Additional: $200 Half Day, $400 Full Day, TBD Multiple Days
  • On-Site:
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Melinda Yeow - Project Manager
Melinda Yeow - Project Manager
Melinda Yeow - Project Manager

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Melinda Yeow is currently a Director of the Centre of Excellence Unit in an MNC financial services company. Wikipedia definition: “A center of excellence (COE or CoE), also called excellence center, is a team, a shared facility or an entity that provides leadership, best practices, research, support and/or training for a focus area.”

She graduated from a local university with a Bachelor Degree in Information Technology.  She has tremendous experience expanding her roles from a highly technical professional to the senior management role that she is in today.

Melinda has a project management certification (PMP) as a Project Management Professional. Incorporating her knowledge in the PMP certification, she has experienced acquisition, re-organisation and restructuring above normal work responsibilities. 

She has a proven history of leading and creating capable delivery team by focusing on identifying, fostering and utilising each team member's strengths and knowledge to the best interest of delivering quality work.  

Melinda is skilled in building cross-functional teams, demonstrating exceptional approaches to enhance and improve team capabilities, and making critical decisions during challenging times through tactical thinking and strategising. She can help you learn how to become a project manager.

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Indeed! I am here to help you get the information you need and provide guidance to assist in your transition and advancement to a project manager position or other related role.

Let me give you a bit more information about me.

As a Senior Manager, I have encounter many situations in my career in the project management role. Based on those years of experience, I want to relate how you can address your entrance and/or upgrade in the role of a project manager.

My work experience includes being a:

  • Programmer,
  • Senior Software Engineer,
  • Project Manager,
  • Program Manager,
  • Business Unit Head,
  • Delivery Head,
  • Director of Consulting Services
  • CoE Director for EMEA and APAC region.  

With more than 18 years experience working in the IT, consulting & servicing industries, I have valuable exposure in start ups, MNC companies and government linked companies in the past.

I enjoy mentoring!

At work itself, I am mentoring two other mentees who are Senior Project Manager and a Department Lead. I enjoy this process very much.  Seeing people successful from my guidance and mentoring is my passion.  

People benefit from me as I am a "dynamic and motivating" people leader with proven records of building and nurturing effective teams. My goal is to deliver quality work through building relationships, managing projects stakeholders, designing operations strategies, and coaching individuals to success. I want you to understand how to become a project manager.


A project manager at her desk preparing for the day


In addition to answering the specific questions you have, I could provide insight on other areas such as:

  • Soft skills required
  • Leadership skills
  • Technical skills
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Impact of a bachelor’s degree
  • Your previous experience
  • Your view of your project management skills
  • Project manager career path
  • Qualities of successful project managers
  • Project management software involved
  • Difference between a good project manager and a great project manager
  • Importance of obtaining project management professional certification


You have your reasons for wanting a career change. It could be that you lost your love of the subject matter or just never had it. Your everyday tasks and your every once-in-a-while tasks should be something that you enjoy or even be passionate about.

It would be beneficial if the basis of project management held some attraction to you. That is what this mentoring session is all about. Find out if there is an attraction and what you need to do to qualify yourself to capture your goal.

One of the key elements to review is to identify what parts of your professional experience fit in and are transferable to become an effective project manager.

Do you have a bachelor’s degree? This could be the starting point for many who want to know how to become a project manager. You could get a business management degree or one more specialized that could lead to an energy, engineering, construction, or IT project manager role.

Stand out from other applicants by becoming a certified project manager. The certification may even be required in some situations. Such certifications could be offered through the Project Management Professional (PMP) Institute and the Certified Associate Project Management (CAPM).

Build your skills to fit the needs of your target industry.

As your mentor, I want to help you increase your understanding and gain guidance on steps you can take to reach your goal. You can determine how to become a project manager.


A project manager and part of her team examined the planning board.


Let’s recap as I identify a few of the reasons you should select me as your mentor.

  1. Your career change to one of the project manager jobs is important to me.
  2. My 18 years of experience in various roles, including project management, in the Information Technology sector, consulting, and service industries has provided me exposure to many issues and how to succeed.
  3. We can identify the different ways to utilize your many skills in your current role to your desired one.
  4. As a current mentor to individuals in my company, I understand many of the issues and approaches to take to produce successful results.

Since I am a dynamic motivator, I look for ways to nurture effective individuals. Tell me what you want! We are going to get there!





Mentoring is a great way to get access to information and guidance for your career change quickly and efficiently. An experienced individual, like Melinda, can be a great assist in your transition or advancement. It is a good idea!

She can provide insight on how to become a project manager.

Here is what to do next. Send in the Mentor Reservation Form by clicking the green button below. Melinda will contact you shortly to arrange a date and time for the session.




You may have heard the term “preparation is the key to success”. That holds true as you arrange to talk with your mentor.

In our view, the first thing to do is fill in the Mentor Reservation Form to begin the process of setting up your mentoring session. The best way to prepare for the session is to start making your list of subjects you want to cover with Melinda.

Some of the areas to cover could be:

  • How would you characterize your people skills
  • What are your organizational skills
  • Are you good with time management
  • Have you had any leadership roles
  • Do you have an undergraduate degree or advanced degree
  • What formal training have you had
  • Think about the different tasks that may be involved in project management jobs and identify what you need to know about each.
  • What questions do you have on the basics of project management
  • Have you previously hand any project management experience
  • Crystalize your questions to help clarify if project management is the right path for you

Taking these steps would help prepare for your session.

Our best for your future.

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