It is easier today to learn how to become a solopreneur (single entrepreneur) than it used to be. There are many tools and opportunities to explore especially online. If that is the direction you want to go, then you are at the right spot. I can help mentor you to build your online business, not just a website.

Let’s get started.

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Donald R. D’Armond is an online business entrepreneur.  He is Principal and Manager of Blue Impala, L.L.C. located in Houston, Texas.  A native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he holds Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Master of Business Administration from Louisiana State University.  He is an inactive Licensed Professional Engineer In Texas.  In addition to his entrepreneur activities, he has served as a U.S. Army Signal Officer in Vietnam, held various management positions in natural gas marketing and gas contracts, is a horse and dog lover, and classic car restorer.

Since his initial website business in 2009, he has developed an understanding of the structure and process needed to develop and grow an online business.

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Being an online solopreneur is both profitable and rewarding.  As an owner of your website business, you are in control of the content and the direction you want to go.  I want to help you accomplish your goal.


  • Ask questions on issues to which you want answers.
  • Determine what a typical day is like.
  • Learn how to build your own business, not just a website.
  • Receive an outline of the 10 Day Action Guide.
  • Discover what tools are available.
  • Investigate how these tools can be useful in building the business you want.
  • Acquire feedback from Don on how people have monetized using different topics.
  • Learn a great deal about what it takes to succeed as an online entrepreneur without wasting months.


  • Earn extra income through monetizing methods on your site.
  • Work anywhere you want.
  • Achieve satisfaction of building your business.
  • Work with a topic that you select that has the potential to make money.
  • Use a 10-Day Action Guide that leads you through the business building process.
  • Incorporate the steps of Content, Traffic, Pre-selling and Monetization .
  • Gain access to all tools without additional purchases.
  • Read and participate in fantastic forums on numerous business building subjects.
  • Reach a 24/7 Support team to answer questions and get you moving in the right direction.
  • Implement updates as internet requirements change, especially by Google.
  • Receive guidance for all aspects of the business building process to learn how to become a solopreneur.
  • May hire Pros, at your option, to consult on issues or perform tasks for you.
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My name is Don and I’m the Principal and Manager of Career Redo.  Our goal is to provide great insight about a new career from experienced individuals who understand that career. 

I like to build and to repair.  Making something out of nothing is pure joy.  Fixing and improving things so that they work better, more efficiently gives me great pleasure and satisfaction.  It could be restoring a classic car or finding a way to improve a computer program.

I have learned the steps on how to become a solopreneur in an online business.  And it does take a plan for those steps.  Some of these include:

  • Formulate the main subject or niche to match your interests
  • Identify the keywords to optimize each page to drive traffic to your site.
  • Find and protect the best name for your web business
  • Define the design and best structure of your website.
  • Utilize a blogging / messaging tool to engage your visitors.
  • Use social media to help you grow.
  • Evaluate ways to monetize your business.

Don’t forget that you need to enjoy the process!

"The biggest mistake people make in life is not making a living at doing what they most enjoy."

~ Malcolm S. Forbes (1919-1990)


Learn what you will cover in a mentoring session with DonSee What We Can Cover

Do you want to work online as an entrepreneur or solopreneur?  Work where you want and when you want.  Even though you aren’t able to devote full time to your project, you can do it.  Broaden your perspective and consider as a resource.

A critical tip to consider in learning how to become a solopreneur is to focus on building a business, not just a website. Strive for a business that is successful year after year.  Longevity is your goal.  It is not automatic, as it does take the right knowledge, the right attitude and the right motivation.

Here  are some of the items Included in my outline for our discussion:

  1. Consider this as a business, not website building.  Be an entrepreneur.
  2. Find your niche that will work to make you a winner.
  3. Understand your market.  Use available tools.
  4. Evaluate numerous monetization possibilities.
  5. Outline your site to ensure you capture all elements.
  6. Evaluate it to determine if your business plan is feasible.
  7. Ensure it is brandable and register domain name.
  8. Understand site building techniques.
  9. Utilize several sources to develop free traffic.
  10. Incorporate tools to develop relationships and engage visitors.
  11. Learn to understand visitor analysis.
  12. Implement your monetization.

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As you understand how to become a solopreneur, let me help you discover ways to locate your best approach to your new business.  I can give you entrepreneur tips to improve your chances of success.  You may use the technique that I used, but you do not have to.  You may search for another method, but the key ingredients are still needed no matter which vehicle you choose.  [[Sidebar:  As a SBI affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.]]  You can learn more about the technique that I used to see if it you have an interest.


Solo Build It!

One of my BONUS tips for you as you learn how to become a solopreneur - - Don’t sign up for a domain name yet!  First, learn about keywords, especially in the current environment. 

Keywords have been very important in the development of pages that can be easily found in web search.  Things have changed over the past few years, however, KEYWORDS are still important and should be used correctly.

Each keyword or keyword phrase has a value represented by its demand and its supply.  This needs to be taken into consideration as you try to define who you are and what your brand is.  You should take your time to brainstorm your possible topics and keywords that you could use in your domain name and throughout your business site.

Let me explain in detail the best approach to use in order to find or verify your niche.  Contact me before you sign up for a mentoring session, if you want.  I will be glad to help.


This 10-day action guide is top of our entrepreneur tipsThis Guide Really Helps
  • Intro:  The 10-Day Big Picture
  • DAY 1:  Master the ALL-Important Basics
  • DAY 2:  Develop Your Best Site Concept
  • DAY 3:  Brainstorm More Profitable Page Topics
  • DAY 4:  Investigate and Plan Monetization Options
  • DAY 5:  Refine Your Site Concept and Register Your Domain Name
  • DAY 6:  Build a SITE That Gets the Click!
  • DAY 7:  Build Free Traffic From a Variety of Sources
  • DAY 8:  Develop Relationships
  • DAY 9:  Know Your Visitors
  • DAY 10:  Monetize - It’s Time!

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The world is changing every day.  You can find your way be part of it.


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UPDATED: June 2022


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As a result of questions from my clients on the basic elements of becoming a successful solopreneur, I decided to add this section to help provide more insight on running a profitable business.


This combination of two words (solo entrepreneur) is being used more frequently over the past several years. It is indeed a one-person business arrangement.

As stated in Merriam-Webster

"one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise without the help of a partner”

It comes down to the fact that as a solo business owner, you are responsible for all aspects of your small business. This goes from concept, to development, to marketing, to accounting, to growth. You are your own boss and set your own hours.


Whether you are looking to develop a brick and mortar store or a pure online business, the use of an online platform is critical today. Everyone is searching by phone, laptop, and tablet to find whatever they want.

You can use existing websites that companies have set up to allow you to market your own products in one way or another. However, the best way is as a sole proprietorship, so you can present your goods and services and have full control. Set up your own company. No one can make you change because you own it. It is yours!

The best career path of a solopreneur is to start with an outstanding online platform and steadily work their way. This will mean that you should examine your skill set and develop new skills with hard work. It means you will become more acquainted with new areas such as:

  • Social media management
  • Product development
  • Digital marketing
  • Business operations
  • Landing pages
  • Graphic designers
  • Other areas


As a small business owner, you would want to fully evaluate your niche to ensure that it is one for which there is a demand but is not overly crowded with supply. You are one of many business owners who want to market their products and services. Fighting against the big guys in a market in which there are too many competitors is not a winning strategy for small businesses.

It is worth spending the time to find the right niche that provides you the opportunity to win! 

You will go through the process of determining the type of business that is best for you. A great way to begin is to define your target audience and your potential clients. This leads to evaluating business models that fit your ideas.


 In my view, the best approach to being a successful business owner is to learn from those that have accomplished that feat (a Mentor). I have tried to present a few ideas for you to consider on how to become a solopreneur. I will be happy to have a conversation to understand your goals. Feel free to contact me so we can get your started on your new venture.

I hope to hear from you soon.


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