Interested in learning how to be a writer? If you know you want to earn a living with the written word, or you're looking for a little guidance to see if it's the right fit, you've come to the right place!  I'm here to answer all your questions. So, are you ready to develop a plan to achieve your dreams? Find out how by talking with an experienced writer. Get in touch with April Pettit and get started today!

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Dade City, Florida



  • Hourly:  Phone / Skype
  • On-Site:  Half, Full, or Multiple Days
  • Half = $250
  • Full = $500
  • Multiple - $475/day
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April Pettit studied anthropology at New College of Florida.  She is an out-of-the-box thinker and has acquired experiences in several ares of writing.

Her writing experience includes ghostwriting ebooks, editing fiction and non-fiction works, copy editing, graphic design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content writing, marketing strategy for ebook authors, creating video content to supplement blog content, managing social media campaigns and website design.

She has been
freelancing for over 10 years and has been published on and  She can help you discover how to be a writer by working with you.

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  So You Want to Be a Professional Writer

Have you always counted yourself as a word nerd? Does the idea of earning good money with good writing make you do a little happy dance? Then you just might have what it takes to be a professional writer. Don't get me wrong, you're going to need more than a love for writing and a need for money.

That's where I come in!

How to Go from Writer to Paid Professional

There are many different ways to earn money as a writer. Your route to paid writing will be unique to you. It may include a combination of ghostwriting, content writing, creative writing, or entail a single focus. You might want to become a full-time writer, or maybe you're just looking to see your name next to an article or your story in a magazine.

Whether you want to join the world of freelance writers or gain fame as a published author, I can help you along the way. I offer mentoring and advice to help you improve your skills no matter what style of writing you choose to pursue.

Additionally, I offer support and guidance when it comes to finding clients or selling your original work. I've been freelancing for ten years and have worked with dozens of clients from all around the world. I've also been published on and   Working together you can understand how to be a writer, a successful one.

Are you in college? I'm also available to help you improve your academic writing and, subsequently, your grades!

It is time to learn how to become a writer with AprilYour Future Starts Now

Why Should You Work with Me?

I've worked as a teacher far longer than I've worked as a freelancer. I know how to be a writer and how to structure a curriculum, and anyone who works with me will receive an individualized lesson plan. This will take into account your time constraints, overall goals, and specific needs.

Together we will craft a plan of action that will result in better writing, better confidence, and the know-how to go from dreaming to earning! All it takes is a love for the written word and a commitment to self-improvement.

The first hour is always free. During that time, we'll discuss exactly what you want to accomplish and how I believe I can help you get there. If I feel you would be better served by another mentor, I will let you know during our free hour.

Don't put your future off for another day, get started now and let's see just how far you can go!

How to become a freelance editorReach Your Goal


How to become a writer with April PettitApril Pettit Wants To Help You

Now it is time to learn more about your desired career field.  Being a writer, a freelance writer, can be so satisfying. I want to help you not only to learn more but to succeed.

I would love to work with you and transfer my understanding and knowledge to you can be prepared for success.  We can do it together!

To get us started you just need to fill in the Reservation Form and I will help you learn how to be a writer.  Click on the button below to reserve time with me.

Looking forward to it,

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