Yes, hire a business mentor and learn exactly what you need to do to succeed in the career field in which you have an interest. Get answers and gain insight.

Acquiring additional information in a career field can only be helpful to achieve your goals. You may be considering moving into a new role completely or just learning more about a new area in an industry in which you are already involved.

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Determining what you want to accomplish is the key to completing that task and reaching your goal. Find someone experienced to help succeed.


A mentor can help you learn more of the details of the field you desire to enter, if you want to change careers. The mentor can provide guidance on advancing in your current field by providing insight into business growth.


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Continuing with our identification of the reasons why you should hire a business mentor here are several more.

  • Everyone makes mistakes. Utilizing a mentor who has experience in your desired field helps to avoid or at least reduce your mistakes.
  • They know things that you don’t. This is a chance to gain knowledge.
  • They can give you an idea of what to expect.
  • They can guide you when you need to be careful.
  • You can leverage the mentor’s knowledge to give you an edge on the most critical aspects of that subject.
  • You can broaden yourself by learning from others.
  • In those areas where you need to be vigilant, your mentor can guide you.
  • They can give you unbiased views on the topic.
  • Mistakes that the mentor has seen (or experienced) can aid your own progress.

In essence, you gain from their experience.



The best times to hire someone to help you in your career shift or approach to gain more insight in the intricacies of you existing industry is at the beginning.

You may have done some basic research online to investigate a career field. But let’s face it, you can only go so far. We know that some of the questions you have will not be answered by Google (or you may now get the real, true answer).

It is best not to start with inaccurate information. So, it is to your advantage to talk with a person who is experience in your field of interest. Gain a greater understanding to ensure that is the right direction you want to pursue.


The next best time for a business mentor to assist you is when you are ready for the next plateau.  Getting guidance from someone who has been there at a time when you need it to allow you to make the next big leap to another level.

That extra bit of knowledge can make all of the difference. Continue to evaluate your position and determine when you should act with the aid of your business mentor.


“When To Hire a Business Mentor” on a blue background.


  • Look for someone with the knowledge that you are searching for.
  • You want someone who has been there.
    They should be a match for the solution you desire.
  • Have your questions ready.
  • Are they willing to share the knowledge that will allow you to succeed.
  • If you want a general overview, then they do not need to have the specific background you desire.
  • Find someone who is ready, willing, and able to work with you.
  • Are they going to push you to help expand your understanding and reach.

A woman mentor helping her mentee


Payment is not required in all instances. One good example is SCORE. It can provide business mentors in various disciplines with out charging it clients. It may not cover all areas, so be sure to investigate.

You have had experiences with paying for goods and services. For a situation like this, as in life, where you are looking to hire a business mentor to help you, you get what you pay for.

It is well worth it.


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Important elements are:

  1. Be sure to set clear expectations of what you want.
  2. Identify the individual that can meet those expectations.
  3. Hiring a mentor is an investment.
  4. Investing in insight and information from experienced individuals helps you grow, not only now but in the future.

Areas for your evaluation on using a business mentor:

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A female mentor preparing for her client.

Let’s face it. Anyone would want a good mentor to help them understand what a new career entails. That covers a great deal including:

  • Being a sounding board about your interests and desires.
  • Willing to share their insight in their area of expertise and perhaps even become role models. The could assist in your own professional development, at least to some degree.
  • Identifying business ideas that can be transferred into an action plan. These may even be use to reach your attainable goals.
  • Defining the best ways of reaching the next level of your development.
  • Achieving your long term goal of confidence in your new environment and a clear vision of how to move past your first step.

It is good to remember that a business coach can help in some ways to help you absorb business concepts. However, the right mentor for you is one that has the experience in that role to help you capture the essence and feeling of being there.

They could even introduce you to the right people to advance your professional network.

The role of a mentor is to listen, learn about you, and transfer their insight to allow you to understand many different aspects of your desired career field so you can make an intelligent decision.


Yes, that question does come up. You can think of it this way - most times in life, you get what you pay for.

So, one important aspect of this mentor relationship is for you to determine whether the efficiency of working with a paid mentor who wants to help others is worth the cost. Finding a knowledgeable person who wants to share his/her personal experiences is a good thing. Certainly, examining the different types of mentor and hiring one could put you on the fast track. Your initial meeting or conversation is one of the best ways to evaluate them.

It may be your first time to try to develop a mentor-mentee relationship. However, it won’t take long to determine it this is the right person for you. If could be good fit and you may just find the perfect mentor. Then payment becomes a non-issue.


I have a great answer for you — it depends!

All career fields are different. Levels of experience of mentors are different. There are no set fees for mentors.
You may find a potential mentor who is practically giving away their time by barely charging anything. Others may feel their level of expertise is significant and charges accordingly. There could be a huge difference in the rates you see, even for the same career field.

So examine their success stories they present and make your choice as to your full potential in working with them.

Remember, it all comes down to what the mentor can do for you. They may well be worth their charge as they save you time and resources by pointing you in the right direction. Of course, you need to determine your main reason for your need for a mentor.

Let me leave you with one important thing to consider as you work on your personal development. That is a mentorship quote from someone special.

“Our chief want in life is somebody who will make us do what we can.”
 ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yes, you should hire a business mentor.

See our Client FAQ page for more information. Please ask me anything at my contact page.

Good luck.

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