Genuine work from home jobs are the good news if you’re one of the millions of Americans impacted by unemployment or layoffs during the coronavirus pandemic.  Needless to say such a layoff puts you are in a challenging situation. In fact, you might feel like you are in the middle of impossible circumstances.

If you have previous experience working from home, you might have a leg up on those who have never done it. Below you will find some tips and information on how to get started with rebuilding your career in genuine work from home jobs.

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When it comes to job loss, one factor that is often overlooked is the emotional impact it can have. Here is some advice on how to navigate these difficult times:

  • Genuine work from home jobs can be very isolating. Add on the stress and disappointment of losing your job, and it becomes even more critical to take steps toward minimizing those feelings of isolation.
  • Writing can help you to process your feelings—positive and negative. Consider getting a journal so that you can work through your emotions, reduce stress, and gain perspective. 
  • It’s important to allow yourself to grieve after a job loss. Move through the stages of grief so that you can start brainstorming ideas for your next opportunities and get back on your feet.


There are a plethora of jobs out there that can be done remotely. Here are some ideas for getting started on your hunt:

  • Some of the top remote jobs these days include being a developer, designer, customer service rep, and virtual assistant.
  • Signing up for a job board like Upwork will expose you to an array of job opportunities, from accounting to YouTube marketing, from content writing to data entry.
  • There are a lot of companies that are hiring individual looking for genuine work from home jobs in response to the coronavirus pandemic, such as Philips, Dell, and Williams-Sonoma.
  • Finally, whether you use a job board or other type of job search site, you will need to be able to craft a great resume.
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You can land the best remote job in the world, but if you don’t consistently produce quality work (on time), then you will have trouble maintaining steady work. 

  • Remote jobs require you to have certain equipment; learn what items you need so that you can acquire them as soon as possible.
  • Along with equipment, you will need to get some collaboration tools, such as software and apps.
  • You will also want to employ strategies for staying focused and productive.
  • Establishing a routine is key to being successful at genuine work from home jobs.

Those who have made a career out of working from home have a significant advantage when it comes to finding new work right now. Take hold of that advantage, learn to navigate the emotional fallout of losing your job, and use whatever sites and strategies necessary to find new genuine work from home jobs. Lastly, look for ways that you can improve your productivity while working from home.

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P.S. One other additional thought that one may consider especially as it relates to handling the emotional fallout.  How to handle the stress? Consider taking these steps to stay motivated during this time.

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