Your freelance writer resume should display the skills and qualifications that your client desires. Match their needs so they do not have to look any further. Here are some items to consider.

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Start your resume the right way for the best successPlan for the right approach

As a freelancer, you are self-employed and have many clients with a variety of needs.  Even though you may focus on a certain industry or subject matter, each of your clients are different. 

That means your resume should be set up to appeal to a variety of clients’ needs to give you the best chance of capturing a job.  Having said that, you could focus your skills on the specific requirements of the role you are seeking with each particular client.

It may require a significant amount of work when you are starting out.  But that hasn’t stopped you before, has it?  Even if you have some freelance experience, your resume is not going to fully represent you and all of your skills.


Begin by determining what is the best resume style for you.  In recent years there has been quite a number of computer aided creative formats to catch the eye of the reader.  Even with that, most clients prefer the simple, traditional formats.

You do have to decide to use a chronological or a skill/function with some chronology format. For freelance writers, the skill/function with some chronology format usually works best.


Research who you are addressing in your resume for freelance writingFind the right keywords to fill the need of your target group.

The audience is this case is company or association that is looking for a great freelance writer.  So…

  • Who is the company? 
  • What are their objectives? 
  • What material have they presented previously? 
  • Where is their focus?  A Google search may be able to get you the latest trends.
  • Who are their reporters and writers? 
  • How are they presenting the material?
  • What is the size of their publications?
  • Have you read their social media feeds and understand their culture?
  • Do you see any subject areas that are missing?

It may be easier to gain visibility with smaller publications. This is especially true if you are changing careers without a significant portfolio.  Do your research.

Better yet, who is the hiring manager?  Can you identify the person that will be reading your resume?  This may not be possible to obtain at first, but dig into LinkedIn, company websites and other sources to see if you can identify her/him.  Read through her LinkedIn profile searching for keywords that she used.  Consider how you can use similar keywords in your freelance writer resume.

Pick up the tone of their culture and include it in your cover letter and resume.


Consider putting your best and most relevant work first.  Summarize into one sentence descriptions.  Include in that list any big name clients (yes, to impress the reader). 

To begin your descriptions, use verbs.  This helps demonstrate your activity and performance.

Include any financial data that demonstrates the impact you had.

Add short testimonials or a quote from a satisfied client.

Keep it all to ONE PAGE.  The only way to go to two pages is to provide supporting material.

Include links to your website which should have accessible examples of your work. Show your LinkedIn account.  It should provides great keywords and examples of your services. Other social media accounts should not be shown unless they intensify the prospective client’s view of you.

Consider using a color border on your freelance writer resume page to make your resume stand out. It could even be a simplistic reference to you primary subject matte.  For instance, place music notes in the border for that particular field.

For those new to freelance writing, consider adding a link on your website that contains a 3-5 page PowerPoint slideshow.  That would show how you would change a particular part of their business.  Get their attention!

Have something unusual about yourself or your experiences.  Highlight it to make your resume different from all others.

Yes, your education and training should be included, but show it at the bottom of the page.


Get freelance writer resume ideas to help you succeedTips to Improve Your Resume


The goals of a freelance writer are usually to compose original content for various websites and publications.  So, various skills are required to successfully accomplish your mission.  You have the skills, but as a business you are providing services. Some of the key points for your freelance writer resume should be to:

  • Sell your services
  • Demonstrate that you can accumulate relevant facts
  • Show your excellent writing skills and you can provide your client with great work.
  • Provide your networking and communication abilities
  • Exhibit your computer competencies
  • Present your time management and deadline success.
  • Key: Explain how what you have or do is different from what others have provided.  This gets the attention of the hiring manager.

If you prefer to have an experienced resume writer assist in the process, then I have a suggestion for you. Check out Professional Resume Services. They can also help with graphic resumes, resume distribution and even LinkedIn Profile Development. I suggest that you take a look.


You can perform all of the freelance writer requirementsConvince They You Are Unique And Substantial

Main Points:

  1. Consider your resume style
  2. Address your audience
  3. Incorporate keywords and culture
  4. Find ways to stand out
  5. Provide links to your website and LinkedIn profile
  6. Sell your services to satisfy their needs.
  7. Convince  them you are different and can provide more!

If you are ready to begin your new career, then check out the Freelance Writing Gigs site that contains a freelance writing job board.  See if this is the starting place for you.

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