Learn our free career advice to develop questions to ask your Mentor during your session. Great mentor questions directed to the person with experience can really make an impact on your progress.

One key point is to learn what NOT to ask a mentor. Find it here.

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Our free career advice is to be open and receptiveKeep An Open Attitude

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Let’s start with you own attitude.  You need to be open!

Of course, your Mentor needs to have these traits to pass along ideas and information to you. They have to have the skills to communicate.  But you should be open as well, especially to ways of thinking and ways of operating.

Remember that you are open to new things, so listen and absorb what your Mentor can provide.


What to ask your Mentor?What are the Best Questions?

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You probably have some basic questions in mind already. Perhaps, one is “What is it really like to be a __(fill in your career)____?” Should you want more ideas for questions to ask, our free career advice is to consider these. Before you being your session with your Mentor ... think.  It would be very beneficial for you to think strongly about what you want to find out from your Mentor.  Our free career advice to you… Write down your questions.


Conquer your fear.  Keep trying to find the best career for you.Move Past Your Fear

We have all had experiences in life that we did not want to go through.  In many cases we did it anyway.  Why did we find it hard to do?  We did not want to fail. 

But you should open up and recognize that failure is a learning experience.  No one succeeds on the first try.  Very few do so on the second try.  Keep at it.   Most of all…show Grit.

Your Mentor session is a great place to expand your mind.  You get to ask questions that you might never had the opportunity to before.  Even if you don’t get the answers you wanted, that is success.  Because you learn more and can evaluate if that career is the one for you, even with its pitfalls. 

Dig deep.  Try several Mentors if you are focused on one career.  Or you could even talk with Mentors in different careers.  The more you know, the better decision you can make.


Dan Martell, an entrepreneur, investor, and speaker has started companies and failed.  He started companies and succeeded.  He has utilized mentors along the way to help him succeed.

He has released a video on what questions not to ask a mentor.  Good points, as we can all learn on what NOT to do.

For instance, his first question that a person should not ask her/his mentor is “How did you get started?”  Sure, you want to learn by doing what the mentor had done to be successful.  But, circumstances have changed since the mentor started. 

The question should really be “How would you do it today, if you were starting over?”

Take a look at the video and see if you can apply these points as you consider your discussions with your very own mentor.

Prepare and go for it!

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