When you find a career coach will it help you? Most probably, it will. Before you start on that road, it would be good to cover several points regarding career coaching.

It doesn’t take much time to cover some critical areas to help you make the decisions in order to achieve your goals.

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Career coaches are those individuals who provides a non-directive approach to help you understand yourself better and present yourself positively in order for you to accomplish your goal of obtaining a new job.

You may want to advance from your current role to a higher level position. Alternatively, you may want to make a career change to an entirely different field.

Career coaches are career counselors who

  • Work to help you identify your strengths and weakness in relation to your career goals.
  • Ask you questions.
  • Usually have Human Resources experience


You see above how the right coach performs in its role. A career mentor wants to help you reach your career goals, but is utilized in a different manner.

A mentor uses the directive approach by

  • Providing answers and insight to you based on the questions you ask.
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise to you.
  • You driving the sessions.
  • Mentoring looks to the future to provide you a view of what is ahead and what you need to do to get there.
  • Helping you consider true career planning.

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JobStars USA


Life Coach Hub


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Let’s go over some of the areas good coaches would address in a career counseling session:

  • The better ones would be a certified career coach with years of experience.
  • Begin by understanding what you enjoy doing.
  • Work to improve your confidence by removing fear and procrastination.
  • Improve your ability to market yourself.
  • Discuss ways to maximize your potential.
  • Focus on steps for you to take control of your life.
  • Clarify your objectives and determine your career choice.
  • Find a career coach to provide guidance in your job search.
  • Discuss ways to align your professional goals with your personal goals.
  • Provide access to some of their former clients for feedback on their career coaching service.


Some of the reasons why you may be searching for a good career coach would be:

  • Desire assistance in negotiating an entry-level role for a new career.
  • Want a resume review to ensure you have the best resume building process.
  • Improve your cover letter writing.
  • Preparation for a job interview.
  • Need to move from your “stuck in a rut” feeling.
  • Identify transferrable skills for a career transition.
  • Clarify the next step for you.
  • Determine the right fit for you in the current job market.
  • Consider the best way to develop job search strategies to ensure a good fit with your personal life.
  • Decide if you want a career advisor, business coach, executive coach, or life coaches.
  • Cope with biases in the workplace.
  • Adjust to accommodate a new life role like retirement or motherhood.


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JobStars sign for a career change

JobStars USA is a full service company focusing on helping individuals improve or change careers. They hit it from both sides by addressing resume preparation and career coaching service.

Their resume services include:

  1. Resume writing
  2. LinkedIn optimization
  3. Distributing your resume to recruiters

Coaching programs are a big part of their services package including:

  • Mock Interview Prep to get ready for the big interview.
  • Making a Career Change analysis to determine best fit for each client. As part of this program the KeiseyTM Career Temperament report is developed. This helps you align your career choices with your innate strengths. The four temperaments which apply to all of us in varying degrees are Guardian, Idealist, Artisan, and Rational. Understanding yourself within these temperaments can help you find a great career choice for you.

Separate from these programs, they provide A La Carte services for entry level through executive level professionals. These are considered agile and flexible. They can address any career related issues. These individual services can be especially helpful for

  • interview preparation
  • career transition (out of and into new jobs)
  • salary negotiations
  • difficulty with a boss
  • and more

Each A La Carte service consist of:

  1. One intake Session (10 minutes)
  2. 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 A La Carte Sessions (50 minutes each)
  3. In-house Introductory Assessment
  4. Self-Exploration Downloads (guides and exercises)
  5. MP3 Recordings of Each Session
  6. 30 Days of Post Program Correspondence


How does the coaching work? 

Sessions are flexible and set up on a confidential, one-on-one basis to target your specific needs.  Career coaching is a great way to proceed if you are serious about meeting your goals and want back-up to provide guidance and accountability.

How long is each session? 

50 minutes after the fist session of 10 minutes.

How do I communicate during the session?

Sessions are on a recorded, confidential phone line.  MP3 recordings will be provided for your reflection.  Zoom sessions can be requested.

What is the 30 days of post program correspondence?
You can communicate with your career coach for 30 days after your last session so your coach can help with any issues you have.

Are sessions offered on nights and weekends?

Yes, as mutually available.

The best approach is to use one of our links to investigate in more detail all that JobStars USA can offer.


Drawing of a man at his desk with the words "Love My Job".

CareerFitter provides an online method to help you figure out a career field that is best for you. They offer a FREE ONLINE CAREER ASSESSMENT TEST. Their “coaching” is not a telephone conversation with an HR coach. It is an online method to provide you with coaching feedback quickly on your own work style. In my view, it is the beginning to understanding where you best fit.

Let me start off by stating that CareerFitter has provided this testing to career advisors, universities and other people for over 20 years. The purpose of the test is to bring forth your work personality strengths.

The CareerFitter career test was designed by leading psychologists to identify the strengths in your personality in a work environment. The questions and answers have an adjusting guidance by an algorithm to ensure accurate results. CareerFitter offers a satisfaction guarantee.

Three easy steps in the best career assessment test are involved.

  1. Answer 60 quick questions online.
  2. See your full work personality online at the completion of the test. It provides your work personality strengths and a list of careers which are compatible.
  3. Each of the careers listed are linked to career research, videos, and job listings near you.

The results of the free CareerFitter Career Test will include:

  • Identification of your core strengths that are applied in a work environment.
  • Career fields that you should consider.
  • Your work personality energy.
  • Your group performance style.
  • Potential weaknesses in your work personality.
  • The number of careers that fit you.
  • Your management and leadership style.
  • The answer to “what drives your actions”.

They also have a Premium 10-Page Career Report that provides additional information that could be very beneficial in your decision making process.


A book binding with the words “Life Coaching”

Moving from one job or career field to another can be quite an event. It usually moves better with the assistance of someone who can assist you in your thought process and plans.

A career mentor could help you gain a deeper understanding of all of the elements of the career field in which you are interested. They can answer your questions and provide inside insight.

A career coach can assist by providing resume writing ideas, tips for LinkedIn profile review, and investigation into your own skills and qualities to determine what role may be best for you.

A life coach provides a method of directed conversation that is geared toward developing an action plan to reach your goals outside of or included in your career goals.

Life Coach Hub can provide a better understanding of life coaching and all that it entails.

Life coaching focuses on two areas:

  1. Conversations - These are focused discussions that are prepared for by the clients submitting a coaching plan before the conversation. This helps identify what they want to achieve.
  2. Questions - Coaches ask the questions to force you to think about what is being asked. This helps develop self-awareness. They help the coach understand more about how you view things. A good bit of time is spent on the questions and answers.

There are difference types of coaches that you may want to investigate. It could be a life coach, business coach, career coach, writing coach, and many others. At Life Coach Hub you can examine the listing of coaches by category to determine which is the best for you. A good idea would be to look at the coach directory that provides the list and overview for your review.

When you are ready to set up your session, there is a convenient form to fill in to find your coach.

Review the coaches and applications at Life Coach Hub to see if any are right for you.


FlexJobs logo

FlexJobs is a great place to find remote or flexible work hour jobs in many fields including Accounting, Marketing, IT, and Writing. In addition, it also provides services in career coaching and resume development at a discount to what you may find at other service companies.

Here is an overview of the areas they can help you in your evaluation and steps to find a career coach.

Job Search and Career Advice
The Career Coaches at FlexJobs help answer question and provide advice on exploring different paths and finding jobs as a remote or flexible worker.

Career Coaching
Connect with one of our career experts who can answer your questions, offer guidance, and help you get your job search on the right track. This includes

  • A 30-minute phone or video session with you coach
  • A high-level screening of your existing resume
  • A customized post-call recap report.

Resume Review
You get a unique resume tailored for you. The review consists of:

  • A full revision on your resume
  • Email communication with your coach
  • A customized recap report.

Career Coaching and Resume Bundle
Get the best of both processes by using this method.

  • Start with a 30-minute phone or video session
  • Get an updated resume for your use in your job search
  • After each you will receive a customized report for your use.

Mock Interviews
Prepare yourself to capture the job you want by practicing your interview using:

  • One 30-minutes Mock interview session via your choice of phone or video.
  • Direct feedback and advice to fine tune your delivery
  • Your own customized post-recap report

Career Change Coaching
Complete this section by going through these three steps.

  • Begin with a 4-Step Career Change ComprehensiveSelf-Assessment prepared by FlexJobs to clarify your career options
  • Then move to a one-on-one30-minute phone or video session with your coach.
  • Completing the sessions you will receive a post-call recap.

Check each of these to see if they are the approach that you want to take to accomplish the next step.


Career coaches work to help you achieve your goals. They ask open-ended questions to learn about your interests and desires. They give advice and insights to help you overcome obstacles.

Should you have any questions, please let me know.

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