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Find entrepreneurship opportunities that match your skills and desiresDon’t Let Anything Stop You From Becoming An Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur can be an exciting experience.  Or it can be one of doubt.  Let's talk about some of the areas that would be beneficial for you to examine to ensure your excitement and success:

  • The first step in the process is to find out who you are.  What are your strengths and weakness?  What is your passion?
  • Research, research, research to find the right business for you.  Learn from others to find out what it takes to succeed.  Here is where a mentor can really add value.  They have seen it and done it.  Avoid the mistakes of others and find your mentor.
  • Surround yourself with the people that support you.  Even if you are a sole entrepreneur, get the support of family and friends.
  • Define your own culture and live by it.  This will motivate you and your team.
  • Determine what is the key metric that matters most to you.  Be sure that you measure it.
  • Know how much capital is needed and how you can access it.
  • Have empathy with the people you interact with.  Listen to others, especially your customers.
  • Experiment, learn and adjust to differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  • Focus on your long-term goal. It could even be helpful to write a journal about your process to gain a perspective on how you are progressing.
  • Consider your exit strategy.

You may even want to look at the latest discussions going on at entrepreneur.com.


Be an entrepreneur!  Find your destiny.Customer Contact Is Critical

There has never been a more opportunistic time for you to become an entrepreneur.  The internet and globalization has made us closer than ever before.  

The most challenging part is to decide what is the right direction for you.  Determine what field you want to pursue. Then go through all the steps required to develop your plan to allow you to achieve your goal.

To help you in that process, we want to provide a few ideas for your consideration.  As you read through the list, consider how you feel about each one.  Consider if you have the skills that would be required to perform these jobs.  If not, then can you get those skills. Find your path to success.

A partial list of entrepreneurship opportunities for your consideration follows:

Gift Basket Provider

You love gathering items for presents. Do you have a strong interest in animals? Perhaps you enjoy growing plants. Consider a gift basket business. You provide baskets that contain fantastic items that people would enjoy in certain categories.

Fence Installer

The love of the great outdoors is high on your list. Do you have the physical skills to do the installation? Fences are found everywhere. Besides to the most popular use of wood, other options are available. Wrought iron and vinyl are popular too.

A photographer may be your entrepreneurial goal.Click!


You may have the good eye that goes along with a good camera. Any experience and pieces you can show would be useful. Consider portraits of people and families. You could venture into pets and birthday cards. Once you have established a reputation, then the corporate world could open up to you.

Window and Gutter Cleaning

Do you feel confident on a ladder? Gather some of the tools that you would need and you could be set up. Research the techniques that are used today. Get yourself ready to help home owners with these tasks.

Massage Therapist

You will have to get training and licensing to start this business. Understanding how the body responds is critical to keep satisfied customers.

Bed and Breakfast Owner

With Airbnb, VRBO and other options available, you can start your business in your own home.  Rent out the spare room.  Are you located near a venue for attractions?  If you are in a tourist area or near a sports arena, you could pick up extra cash easily.  Consider using your get away home near nature as a place to rent out.  A few extra dollars every few months could start to add up.


Reservations can be made online for your B&BWelcome to “My B&B”


Pet and House Sitting

Dog and cat lovers fit right in. Expand your own love to those that need your help. It is better if you are “bonded” to give peace of mind to your clients. There is not much involved in set-up costs.  

Wedding Planner

You may love the idea of doing this.  Before you start be sure to do your research. Visit the popular wedding stores to see how they treat their customers.  See what services that they offer. Read up on the latest trends.  Figure out how you are going to position yourself in the marketplace.  This may be just the job for your if you are very good with details.

Website Publisher

Today it is easier than ever to develop a website as a part of your business.  It still takes work to set it up correctly and meet the needs of your customers.  Define your niche and understand all of the steps needed to be successful.  This is one of the key entrepreneurship opportunities available to anyone.  This Career Redo site was developed to help others change careers.  [[Sidebar:  As a SBI Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.]]  Solo Build It!   It gives a step by step process for you to follow with guidance and help along the way.   See the results that people are getting.

Solo Build It!

Small Engine Repair

Great if you already have the experience.  If not, the training or licensing would probably be needed.  Check our your local community colleges for those classes.  You could take on a part-time job at a repair shop.  Then open your own to work on all types of small engines.

Tax Preparer

With the right aptitude, this could be a great fit.  Many courses and information is available online to get you set up with the right training.  Many franchises that cater to tax filings will welcome someone who is interested and has the right skills.

Real Estate Agent

Do you have the motivation and communication skills?  Invest in a bit of training and you could be set.   Use your current network and build others.  People are always buying and selling homes and property.

Do any of those entrepreneurship opportunities work  for you? Then consider the list of online entrepreneurs below and find the one that can best help you learn and succeed.


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Donald R. D’Armond is an online business entrepreneur.  He is Principal and Manager of Blue Impala, L.L.C. located in Houston, Texas.  A native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he holds Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Master of Business Administration from Louisiana State University.  He is an inactive Licensed Professional Engineer in Texas.  In addition to his entrepreneur activities, he has served as a U.S. Army Signal Officer in Vietnam,  ...

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