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You really want to become an entrepreneur?  Ok, let’s come up with a subject as an example... cooking.  For the sake of our example, that is your passion.

What can you do with "cooking"?  Here are a few entrepreneur ideas:

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  1. Write about it. You can start a blog and put your views about cooking, perhaps even recipes online. There are several easy ways to get this started, like using Wordpress.com or similar site platforms. You won’t make much money, if any, but you sure can put it out for others to see.

  2. Develop a website using tools to structure it and promote it to gain a greater audience. Attract visitors, provide outstanding content on cooking (your passion), and engage your readers. You provide value to them through your content and other items of interest. For more detailed information, check out our home based entrepreneur page.

  3. Sell affiliate products through your website. The internet has made it so easy for anyone to use it as a vehicle to investigate entrepreneur ideas. First, search for hard goods or software products and services that interest you. Then sell them under an affiliate relationship with the supplier. Some examples are unique cooking utensils. You may include items that you have found to be very beneficial to succeed in the kitchen. You could provide access to specialty e-books that provide solutions to common or unique problems.

    • You do the marketing and the supplier provides the inventory, shipping and collection. The supplier provides you a percentage of the price of the item sold.
    • This provides you the opportunity to offer products and services from many affiliates, rather than just one.

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Experienced entrepreneurs can help guide you on your journey.Your Mentor can give great insight
  1. Develop your own ebooks. Think about problems you have solved. Or provide directions to make cooking easier and simpler. Then draft a 10 - 20 page document. Spend time editing and getting feedback from friends. Fine-tune it and then finalize it. Develop a description cover graphic and you are ready to present it for sales on you own website. This could develop into one of your profitable entrepreneur ideas.

  2. Create audio recordings of special recipes or your approach to preparing for a special outdoor event. Describe that on a page on your site and give your visitor directions on how to listen directly or download your audio.

  3. Record a video. It is so easy today to pick up your camera or cell phone and take a video. Plan your own video on that same preparation of a special outdoor cooking event and create it. What to do next... Yes! Put it on your site too.

  4. For those that don’t want to deal with the web, then take another tact. Stay with something that you love, but search for a way to be involved with that business. You could offer to market an item for a company on a commission-only basis. This could get your foot in the door.

  5. Consider buying an existing business. One more item in our entrepreneur guide is to go offline. Search online for a business in the geographic area you want. Most importantly, it should encompass your passion and be in a field that you love. Check out entrepreneur.com for ideas.

  6. Search for the right franchise. There are many more franchises available now, so do your research to be sure you find the right one for you.

  7. Find a mentor. One of the best approaches that I have seen is that of working with a mentor. Look for someone who has been successful in your field of interest and communicate with them. Tell them about your passion and your desire to learn more. Ask for their insight on ways to reach your goals.

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We hope this entrepreneur guide will help to get the wheels turning.  Keep thinking and striving for a passion rich career.  You never know where your next job opportunity might come from.

We will present more thoughts on entrepreneur ideas throughout this site.  We strive to help you find your dream job.

What else should you consider…    More entrepreneur ideas coming soon...


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