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What Are Good Careers For Writers? Take the time to learn all you can about your desired career before you take the leap. Ask your questions and find the truth. Investigate to find why some fail and others succeed.

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Possible careers for writers

In case you are wondering, good jobs for writers do exist. With the expansion of technology, we find many opportunities opening up. 

I am talking about advertising, marketing, entertainment, publishing and public relations areas that have expanded due to the internet and globalization.  The careers for writers is better than it has ever been.

The career fields for writers can have different requirements, attitude and applications. It depends on the location, format, timeliness and many other factors.  Let’s go over just a few of them.

  Novelist / Author

This is one of the most desired careers for writers in the minds of a great deal of people.  It certainly takes time, dedication and skill to succeed here.


In somewhat the same vein, but different is a ghostwriter.  This person may work with another individual to transform the basic research or ideas into content.  Perhaps, it may be for a blog or website, publication or even a book.

Grant Writer

Non-profits and other organizations need quality individuals to develop proposals for grant money. Other duties could include identifying the sources of funding and detailing all the requirements for a proposal. Here are a few ideas for a grant writer resume.

Corporate Communications Director

This position would be responsible for placing the corporate views out to the public. One’s writing skills must be strong along with the ability to market the message correctly.  Different media would be involved in this.  Some examples would be email campaigns, press releases, and advertisements.

Do your careers in writing include time as a novelist?Want To Be A Novelist?

  Content Writer/Strategist

Marketing and writing skills go hand-in-hand to do this task. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has a significant role.  Analytical thinking is also key in this environment.


Locating the appropriate information that can be translated into a news story would be key here. The end result could be a TV report, print article, podcast or radio story.  You may be likely to have a varied schedule in order to find the story that could break at anytime.

Video Game Writer

The popularity of video games has developed a strong need for talented individuals that could fit into this environment.  In this case, one would want to develop stories in various situations for the characters.  Different possibilities would exist. The ability to work with the other artists involved in the development of the game is critical.

Copy Editor

If you skills lean toward being the technician, then this may be for you.  We are talking about examining articles to ensure correct grammar, locate spelling errors, and construction to fit the format desired.

Freelance Writer

In this role, you could be one of the freelance content writers that organizations hire. If you do not focus on a specific functional role, you may have a wide range of opportunities, including as a speech writer, editor, proofreader and ghostwriter among others. Some ideas for a freelance writer resume are here.

These are just a few of the possibilities of careers for writers.

Writing careers included freelance work. They are in demand.You Can Be A Freelance Content Writer

Where Can A Writer Find Work?

Search for careers in writing that matches your skillsWhat Writing Career Are You Looking For?

Remember that your skill set should match the environment that you are in. In come cases, you will find a structured office job. Other situations would call for out-of-the-office research and investigation to develop the story. You may also work from home as a freelancer.

Before we begin finding you work, we suggest that you talk with individuals that have been writing in their career. You gain insight into many elements of the career field. Your mentor understands what it takes to be successful as a writer in your chosen field.  They can help identify all of the careers for writers.

The more you know about your chosen career, the better your chance of success.

We suggest that you find a mentor from the list below to help you.  Just review their background and fill in the Reserve a Mentor form by clicking this button.

Want a Different Career? Consider:

Creative writing careers can start early or lateNever Too Early Or Late To Consider Writing

There are many resources that could help you find the position you want.  Here are a few:

Where does your future lie?  Learn more and decide after talking with your own Career Redo Mentor





Nompilo Shava has been writing for the past 5 years. Her writing has included academic writing, blogging, articles, and more recently web copywriting. One of the things that motivated Nompilo to start her own business as a copywriter was the fact that she wanted freedom and flexibility to work from home and raise a family.

Nompilo has a background in Social Work. She holds a Bachelor of Social Work Honors degree from the University of Zimbabwe. Social Work has played an important role in her professional development. The experience she gained in frontline child protection practice has formed her unique outlook on human behavior and motivation. In addition to frontline social work, Nompilo also has experience in academia and has worked as a freelancer for Upwork.

As a web copywriter and site audit specialist, Nompilo helps businesses increase their profits by ensuring that they are providing an amazing user experience through SEO content creation, email marketing strategy and website audit. She runs her business barefoot in the comfort of her home and loves that.… Read more

see full description here >

Nompilo ShavaNompilo Shava

Orlando, Florida

Mentor sessions:

  • Hourly: Phone / Skype: 

$50/hour [First 30 minutes free]

  • On-Site: Half, Full, Multiple Day

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Karen M. Black is a freelance B2B copywriter, plain language consultant and the author of two self-published books. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, and a Master of Business Administration from Rotman School of Management in Toronto and has worked at home since 2006. She’s also created a SEO optimized website that creates a steady flow of targeted traffic.

Before she went freelance, Karen experienced downsizing, and even lived through the bankruptcy of her employer (an insurance company). She shares this only to say that she’s been there herself and empathizes with people in career transition. Click on the full description below to read Karen’s own words of welcome… Read more

see full description here >

Karen M. BlackKaren M. Black

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mentor sessions:

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  • On-Site: Half, Full, Multiple Day

see mentor page >



April Pettit studied anthropology at New College of Florida.  She is an out-of-the-box thinker and has acquired experiences in several ares of writing.

Her writing experience includes ghostwriting ebooks, editing fiction and non-fiction works, copy editing, graphic design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content writing, marketing strategy for ebook authors, creating video content to supplement blog content, managing social media campaigns and website design.

She has been freelancing for over 10 years and has been published on Patch.com and examiner.com.  She can help you discover how to be a writer by.… Read more

see full description here >

April PettitApril Pettit

Dade City, Florida

Mentor sessions:

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  • On-Site: Half, Full, Multiple Day

$250 half
$500 Full

david cenicola 


David Cenicola holds a bachelor’s degree in social sciences at New York University’s Gallatin Division in the early 1980’s.  He earned his master’s degree in education from Penn State University.

For the past 20 years, he has been a successful ghostwriter, freelance writer and editor.  In addition, he has worked as a writing coach and virtual assistant.
He has written an award-winning memoir as a ghostwriter; and altogether, he has written five memoirs, six crime-dramas, six romances, two science fiction, three academic, four self-help and five historical fictions. These represent just a few of the projects he ....  Read more

see full description here >

David CenicolaDavid Cenicola

Palisades, NY

Mentor sessions:

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[Free Initial  Consultation!]

  • On-Site: Half, Full, Multiple Day

$190 half
$360 Full
$700 :2 Days

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