Does information acquired in career mentoring flow easily like water does in a Roman aqueduct?

That is an interesting question.  First, we should understand more about the aqueduct that the Romans built.

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                  Definition of aqueduct

                  1.  conduit for water especially : one for carrying a large quantity of flowing water

                  2.  a structure for conveying a canal over a river or hollow

As defined by Merriam-Webster

It further states:
               Based party on the Latin ducere, meaning "lead" or "conduct", the word aqueduct named an ancient civil-engineering marvel. You may have seen photos of the great arches of ancient aqueducts spanning valleys in countries throughout the old Roman Empire, practical pipelines that are also regarded as works of timeless beauty.

A Roman aqueduct


The aqueducts were built by the Romans primarily to provide a constant flow of water to cities and towns.  The greater the empire spread, the more aqueducts that were constructed.  Rome wanted to supply its citizens with a plentiful supply of water keep them more comfortable and content.

The aqueduct system allowed the building of public baths, fountains, latrines.  It allowed for the removal of waste water, keeping the towns clean and free from waste.

Without the aqueduct, the Roman Empire could never have succeeded to the extent that it did for over 500 years.  Without your own mentor, you may find it difficult to succeed to fully understand what lies ahead in your career.


Career mentoring transfers knowledge like water in an aqueductCareer Mentoring Carries Knowledge To You Like Water In An Aqueduct

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Just like an aqueduct transfers a large amount of water from one location to another, your mentor can carry and transfer a large quantity of information about their career field directly to you in a short period of time.  The more time you spend, then the greater the flow of information.

All of this information can be used by you to better understand what lies ahead in the career in which you are interested.

Think of the use of a mentor as a way to bridge the gap in knowledge that you currently have.  The aqueduct was used to convey water over difficult terrain features, such as a river or a hollow.

Others feel that a mentoring process is beneficial also.  Finding the right mentor is important as stated in this article.

Our client mentoring process is easy and also allows for the building of new ideas and offshoots from the original questions and career points that are discussed.

The more you look at it and study the aqueduct, you will find that it is so much a metaphor for the use of a mentor to transfer knowledge.


The major benefits to you for using a mentor are:

  •  YOU get a fun way to quickly learn about your dream career with successful Mentors.
  •  YOU get an approach to save money through this concentrated learning process.
  •  YOU get guidance on the methods used by successful mentors and learn how to succeed in    your chosen vocation.
  •  YOU get to leap-frog your understanding of your new vocation over other methods.
  •  YOU get to avoid the mistakes made by others, and
  •  YOU get a sense of achievement to earn income and achieve success in a field that you love.

Knowledge flows like waterYour Own Mentor Can Transfer Knowledge


Gain knowledge from your mentorKnowledge From Your Mentor Is Key

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