Find this career launcher message embodied in a Father’s Day sermon. Two truths you need to understand to succeed and grow our humanity.  Great thoughts.

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I want to share with you a great Father’s Day message I heard that applies to all of us, including those that want to change careers.  If you don’t mind, I want to tell you a short story.

But first, a quick video...


My wife and I were at Mass for Father’s Day and heard a wonderful sermon by our priest.  He talked about a father loving his wife and his children.  The points he brought out were very appropriate.  He said that a father should:

  • Love his wife.
  • Show her that he loves her.  Hold her hand.  Give her flowers for no reason.
  • Tell his children that he loves them… yes, actually say the words “I love you”.
  • Hug his children.  Give each one a great, big bear hug.  Even though some of the children may be of the age where they would not want to be seen being hugged by her/his father, do it anyway.

The father will not be remembered by his children by how big his house was.  And not by how many toys they had.  He will be remembered by the fun times he and the children had at the baseball game.  His daughter would remember seeing him cheer her on at the dance recital.  It is the time spent building relationships and showing love that matter.

What is my point? 

The essence of the sermon was twofold.  They apply to the father and to everyone, male and female, especially those looking for a career change:

1. Actions have consequences

2. Small things matter


Consequences can be positive or negativeTake the Right Action

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For the father, his actions determine what kind of life his children experience. The right development does not occur, if he is seldom there.  If he does not provide guidance, love, and understanding to his children, they lose so much and will not experience fulfillment.  Actions truly do have consequences.

For the person wanting to change careers, preparation for this life changing event is crucial. How you prepare will certainly have an impact on the impression you make.  It will determine whether the hiring manager feels you are a fit for the role and the organization.  Actions have consequences.

Understanding and utilizing these two truths could be a career launcher for you.  Consider them.

Small things matter

Part of your career launcher - remember small things matterTake Care of the Small Things

For the father, the unexpected flowers will always be remembered by his wife.  The sons and daughters will continue to feel the hugs that they received as they grow.  Their emotional well will be filled, so they can draw upon it as struggles appear in their lives.  Small things matter.

For the person wanting to change careers, paying attention to the wording in your resume is critical.  You can demonstrate how your skills from your previous career apply to the needs of your desired career.  If you don’t get feedback on your wording, you may overlook a small point that makes a big difference in the resume and interview process.  Small things matter.

Career Launcher Summary

We could go through other examples, but you get the point.  These two major truths apply in life to us all.  And they certainly apply to someone who wants a career change.  They matter.

So it comes down to this… Prepare!  Do your research. Learn as much as you can about your desired career.   Talk with your friends, relatives, people you know in that field, and anyone else you can find. Get into the detail.

Secondly, …Take the Right Action!

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