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Which fork will you take?Career Junction

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Being at the crossroads of your career can be troublesome.  How to handle it?  It is best to know what is ahead of you. 

You have probably come across a career action plan of some sort before that you can use in this instance.  Each plan may differ slightly, but most probably they have the following elements that I believe are important.

  1. Self Assessment - Who am I and where am I in my career path?  You may have a feeling about yourself, but for most people, a clearly defined session to examine your skills and interest is a very good step to take.  There are many assessment tests available online or through coaches to assist in this evaluation.  It may crystalize your perception of who you are.
  2. Set Career Goals - Where do I think I want to be?  Try to identify, as clearly as you can exactly what you want to do.  You may have more than one occupation that you want to consider.  That’s OK.  Matter of fact, that may be the best approach.  Consider several alternative, but identify the goal.


Your career junction roadmap!A Mentor Can Clarify The Future Of Your New Career
  1. Develop A Roadmap For Each Occupation - Do you know what you need to learn to get there? Research to determine what qualities and skills that you need to be successful in the career you are considering. Figure out if you are a fit or what you need to add or change to succeed.

Here is where Career Redo comes in!  Rather than figuring out later that the career isn’t what you thought it would be, wouldn’t it be better to try it out first?

That is our goal...give you the opportunity to find your dream job and give it a test run with an experienced mentor.

  1. Set Milestones - What targets do you need to reach? Setting these markers can help you stay on track to meet your career change goal.
  2. Review Your Progress And Adjust As Needed - Are you making progress as you should? Keep track to determine if you are on the right trajectory to be happy in your chosen career.

Can the beatles help?

Take their advice and get help to move  you closer to your goal!

Career Junction Success

It takes preparation to get to the top!

Rarely does success just happen!

You may have heard it before…"Success is where opportunity meets preparation”.  To reach the top, you need to know what to expect.  It is the same for finding your vocation.

Planning is essential for many goals, but especially career development planning for the future job market.

Career Redo gives you a quick and effective way for you to decide if your desired new career is the one for you before you commit.  Sign up here.

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