Career counseling services are the right things at the right time. You get information, resources, and strategies focusing on your main goal. Crystalize your best career options.

  • YOU develop a career path in which you can thrive.   (most important, in my view)
  • YOU evaluate your best job options, primarily using assessment tools.
  • YOU maneuver through career transition, job stress and employment elements.
  • YOU use LinkedIn effectively.
  • YOU learn resume writing for career change.
  • YOU find answers to questions in career transition.
  • YOU get assistance in the basic aspects of job search.
  • YOU find a work-life balance.

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You can even be a camel driverDo you want to be a Camel Driver?

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What career path are you best suited for?  That is the question that should to be answered.  There are several things you should do to provide that answer:

  1. Evaluate your skills and experience, in detail and with feedback. 

  2. Then determine the characteristics, elements and requirements of your desired career.  Do your due diligence.  Understand what situations you would encounter every day in your new career.  [This point is critical.  Use a source like Career Redo to find a Mentor to give you information about the every day life of that career.]

  3. Examine the skills and knowledge required in that career.  Test how your own skills and knowledge match those required.

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Assessment tests - great career counseling servicesTake a chance and DIVE IN for an assessment!

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A career assessment test could be very valuable in identifying the unique you.  Finding your special attributes and how they blend to your desired career is helpful.  You may find that your traits and characteristics do not blend.  That information could be key to your future.

The assessment tools can provide needed information for self-understanding.  They can increase the probability that you can and will locate a good career fit.  It would be one that could bring joy and satisfaction.

Some sources for these tools could be found online.  Or you can arrange them through specific career counseling services.  Just think, finally getting your detailed report that gives results and career alignments.  A counselor would most likely provide detailed explanation of the results.  They would integrate it with your skills and experience to plan a career decision.

Career Change Resume

A resume to get you that role in your new career is different from your earlier resume.  Yes, it is.  It can start with the design or format and move all the way down to specific terminology that you use.

Since your resume is the typically the first thing your hiring manager sees, it needs to be just right. You should ensure that you research it in detail.  Pick up all the elements needed to present yourself in the best light for the job. After all, you want the hiring manager to feel you already understand what he is looking for.  Mostly, you are the one to deliver it.

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Expectations of career counseling services

Prepare for changeChange takes preparation and courage - Prepare

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Let’s end up with our suggestions on how to be successful using career counseling services.

  • Be honest.
  • Have realistic expectations.
  • Find a counselor that works good for you.
  • Prepare for a challenge.
  • Define what you want to accomplish.
  • Take part. Do not just sit back.
  • Evaluate and act on it.

Finally, enjoy the process.  You are on your way.  May your future become your present.

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