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A career coach business is one approach to help others with their careers. They can help you understand yourself and your desires. But such coaches usually don’t know many details about specific careers. Someone who has worked in a career field for a number of years is best qualified to share knowledge about that field.

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You may want a career coach business as your full-time job. That is a great field to be in. However, if you are looking for part-time work  as a side gig, you do have options.

Due to many conditions in our world today, we find that people want to change careers for various reasons. In such cases, the person desiring the change may want to learn more about their desired career to determine if that is what they truly want.  As a result, there is a need for experienced individuals to share their knowledge and insight about their career field.

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People are wanting to find more joy in their work.Know Someone Thinking Of Changing Careers?

When you think about it, some individuals look for jobs they can do on the side to gain extra income and to learn more about that particular career field.  Doing a side hustle can end up creating an alternative career path.  Some are even setting up new businesses to see if they can make it.

Why would one set up a side hustle?  Some people don’t want to go through a career coach business to find joy and a meaningful career.  Some of the most popular reasons for working on the side are:

  • Pursue your passion
  • Become more independent
  • Have a better work/life balance
  • Do your own thing

Many people in today’s environment have some element of an entrepreneurial spirit.  They look for underserved markets and want to find ways to capitalize on that.

They may not be driven by making more money, but for the:

  • Opportunity to find another career
  • Desire for a greater challenge
  • Need to develop new abilities and skills.

In my view, a career coach business does not have the information and knowledge needed to help to this type of person.


A career coach business is different from mentoring others about specific careersSelect Your Mentor

What can help this person who is looking for a new career?  They may know have a full understanding of all the elements, joys and heartaches of their desired career field.  


A career coach business is different from a Career Redo MentorEach Of Us Can Help Others

That is exactly what Career Redo has set up. It is a connection point for its visitors to find a Mentor. They can search through our listing of Mentors to select someone with experience in their desired new career field. Our list could include most any type of trade, craft, professional role, or entrepreneurial position. We may have dance instructors, voice over artists, welders, speech pathologists, accountants, stock traders, attorneys, contract analysts, natural gas schedulers, online entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, bed and breakfast owners, or vineyard owners, etc. We would exclude medical doctors and government careers.

Career Redo provides a page on our site that is dedicated to each Mentor. Their page describes the experience and background of the Mentor. It includes photos, videos, podcasts or other marketing material the Mentor may want to display.

  • Our Mentors set their own charge rate

  • Mentoring sessions are set up for hourly telephone / Skype ™ calls, in most cases.  On-site in-person session may be offered by some Mentors.

  • The visitor selects a Mentor and sends in a form to begin the process.

  • The Mentor contacts the visitor to set up the session date and time.

  • The visitor pays the Mentor directly.

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It would be great if you would consider joining us as a Career Redo Mentor.  To find out all of the benefits to being a Mentor and how it works, see our side gigs page.

We will help all along the way to set you up for business as a Career Redo Mentor.  If you have any questions at all, please contact me here.

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