Career change resume writing services are many, but the best is the one that fits your needs at the right price. Let’s face it. Over the past few years, a greater number of people began evaluating more deeply whether they were in the best job for them.

As those numbers increased and the demand for quality resumes escalated, so did the number of professional resume writing services. With a surge in quantity of writers, an individual should be more careful to ensure the quality of the resume writers and their services expanded also.

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Finding a quality professional resume writer to ensure your resume is taken seriously and exceeds the criteria expected by many hiring companies and individuals is usually the objective of most people.

After all, you do want a chance to get an interview for a new job to show the hiring manager who you truly are. Can you do this on your own? That is a question that you should ask yourself. If you are a competent writer, then you may feel that you may not need professional writers to aid you in your job search efforts.

Most of us would probably feel that there are situations where it would be advantageous to hire experienced writers who are part of a resume services group. This is one area where you may feel it is worth the cost to pay for professional resume writers. That is why this article was developed. Consider these elements and tips in your own evaluation to find the best resume writing service for you.

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The world and our environment keep changing. Perhaps we start out with a plan or maybe not. In either case, we usually have in mind the steps we should take in our work life to reach our career goals. Even if we have a well laid-out plan with critical check points early in our career, things change!

Some of the areas that could impact your desire to find a new job are:

  • Your personal life shifts due to some incident. It could be a family member or someone close to you. A happy event may impact you in some way. Or the loss of a loved one may have recently occurred.
  • A change in the economy may have impacted the corporate world in some way. It could have been negative and caused lay-offs. In the opposite manner, it could have been positive where the company felt it needed to grow.
  • The health environment could shift quickly as occurred in the coronavirus pandemic. Most everyones’ lives changed in some manner due to COVID. In many cases, new job seekers appeared when their employers adjusted the work schedule and assignments. In some situations, the company cultured transformed which caused career changers to appear.
  • From a political standpoint, changes in laws or political actions could adversely impact certain career fields which could cause individuals to seek a career transition.
  • You may have just grown tired of the same issues and elements at work and desire a change to a new position.
  • The interest that you had when you were starting out your career have shifted. Due to time and your own growth, you are willing and want to look at different industries as potential employers.


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As our world changes, so does the environment in which people are considered for positions within a company. It is not usually a human reading your resume first. Machine learning and artificial intelligence has taken it to computer-screened resumes. Yes, a human will eventually get to read them, but they need to pass the AI test first.

Do your research to determine the results that the resume writing services have achieved as one measure of their capabilities in this regard.

Do you feel you need a free resume review first? A few of the career change resume writing services do provide this service. Others may include it at a cost. This could be critical for some companies, so it is a good idea to ensure your resume is ready for the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). That system electronically examines the resume to determine if it meets certain criteria.

Such criteria could include:

  • Does it contain charts and graphics which can be misread. - Don’t try to over impress with graphs and charts. They are not usually wanted and can mess up the process.
  • Is it saved in the correct format set forth by the company. - The company may designate a specific format in which to submit the resume. If they did not, the best way is for PDF and docx.
  • Is the contact information placed correctly for easy reading. - Clear positioning of your contact information use essential.
  • Are keywords set out in the experience area that reflect the open position. - Include keywords that are identified in the job description to show how much you match their need.


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The top resume writing services can provide many number of products and activities for you.


Obviously, you will need a new resume! That well-written resume should include those required items such as, your job history, years of experience, volunteer work, and transferable skills (especially if you are looking for a new career in a new field). Most companies provide some kind of revisions to their produced resume. It could range from 30 days or longer.

Other companies provide a 60-day interview guarantee. If you don’t receive twice the number of interviews that you were receiving after the service wrote your resume and you applied to a specific number of jobs, then they will do it again for you at no cost.

If you are like many that want to change careers, you can find a career change resume service available specifically to meet that need. Of course, career change is our focus here at Career Redo. Should you want to learn more about what to expect in a specific career field, the look through our list of career categories [#home] to find a mentor that is right for you.

Similarly, packages are available and priced differently for entry-level, professional, and executive resumes.

Do you feel confident that your resume is prepared for ATS examination? An examination by an experienced resume writer that provides a thorough review could help significantly. Evaluate if that should be included in your resume development.


A diagram of a resume with the words "Find a Great Resume Writing Service” on it.Transferable Skills Light Up Your Resume


Some companies include a cover letter in the package you selected for your job search. Others would provide it as a separate item at an additional cost. Review and understand the pricing scenario before you sign up.

The cover letter should be customized to reflect the position for which you are applying as well as be well-formatted and ATS-friendly.


If you are applying for an international, scientific, or academic position, a CV would be preferred. A CV provides more information on grants, awards, professional licenses, research information, and publications.

Since there is more information and data within the CV, it is usually more expensive that a standard resume. If you have not had one developed for your previously, then it is a good idea to utilize an experience CV writer to develop it for you.


As part of our changing world, the standard resume may not be enough to get you the attention you desire to reach your goal. So, the professional bio has evolved. According to a professional biography is defined as:

a summary of who you are as an employer, business person, or professional. It is the art of presenting yourself in the best possible and most interesting light.”

It allows others to know who you are. It is meant to informative, but engaging and even amusing to draw the reader into knowing more about you. The best way to do that is through a professional biography.


As social media has taken hold of our lives, this includes our work environment. Linkedin has become one of the primary sites for exposing your skills and accomplishments to others, including potential employers.

Your writer would work to have your profile be up to date, dotted with the appropriate keywords and complete. This is help display your attributes to other professionals and perhaps offer you the chance to finding job opportunities.

Such a service could help in several ways.

  1. If your writing capabilities are not as strong as you would like.
  2. They would be familiar with the up to date best practices for Linkedin.
  3. They would know elements should be included in each section of your profile.
  4. They could spice up a boring presentation and ensure all elements were included.


Three candidates sitting on chairs waiting for their interview.

Some services take things a step further to provide opportunities for you to go through a practice job interview before the real thing. Is that something that you feel could help you? If so, then investigate all elements involved with the service


More people are looking to change careers and desire assistance in helping to determine what role best fits their skills and objectives. A career coach can facilitate that process. A few that you may want to consider are: CoachFitter, JobStars USA, and LifeCoachHub.


As you look toward a new industry, a great way to learn more about the industry or function is to talk with someone experienced in that career field. I am talking about a Mentor. Your mentor can give you the inside scoop on what it is truly like to work in that industry in that role. They can provide you with insight on why some people succeed while others fail.

One of the most important results from a session with a mentor is that you can get your questions answered. And this can all be done over the phone or a Zoom session. So the opportunities are almost endless.

So whether you are considering to become a content writer, a project manager, a software engineer, dentist, neuroscientist, or start your own business, there are mentors just waiting to help you. Find a list of of the career categories and the mentors here.


Now that you have your new resume, what is your plan to distribute it? Some online services have a process as part of their package to send out your resume to recruiters that match your new resume with dream jobs in your area of interest.


Now that we have gone through many of the elements that you should evaluate in determining who you may choose, let me give you what I consider to be a list of the best resume writing services.


Their resume writing services provide opportunities for entry to executive-level professionals. They arrange their services into three packages designated as Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each of these provide:

  • a professionally written resume
  • an intake conversation that covers significant areas
  • 30 days of unlimited revisions
  • ATS-friendly documents
  • the option to add a cover letter at additional cost

A brief summary of each shows:
Bronze Package - The elements listed above are the total of those for this package. The cost is the lowest of the three available but is still not cheap.

Silver Package - This package adds a Linkedin Profile Optimization to the offers in the Bronze package. This could include the development or overhauling the profile which could prove valuable as more hiring manager are including them in their analysis. This is the second highest cost package.

Gold Package - The next addition would be a resume distribution process included with all elements of the Silver package. This means that your resume and recruiting letter will be emailed to 500 to 2,000+ recipients at staffing and search firms. Due to the additional services, the cost here is the highest of the three.

A few other options available at JobStars include a Resume Refresh and Federal Resume.

The Resume Refresh is the most economical service. It repurposes the existing content to make it visually appealing and organizes it on a ATS-friendly format.

A Federal Resume is prepared from scratch on a USAjobs-compliant layout.

Coaching Services are available also. JobStars USA delivers 1-on-1 Career Coaching providing job seekers with valuable knowledge and support for making a career change, preparing for interviews, and much more. These include the following:

Two sample resumes are shown with the word “Creative”.


Jessica Hernandez started the company in 2008 after over a decade of directing hiring practices at Fortune 500 companies. She has been cited by such companies as Forbes, Fortune, and Fast Company.

As experience HR representative this group is not just writers. They understand the process. They do offer executive resume writers whether you are entry, professional or executive.

One great aspect is the opportunity to view samples of resumes that they have develop for individuals. They present may examples in healthcare, data services, credit, cybersecurity and many others. Take a look at these samples.

They offer many several courses like Linkedin Unlocked and Cover Letters Made Simple. There are several products available like The Complete Guide To Connecting With Hiring Managers.

Last, but not least, is the fact that they provide FREE resources such as resume templates, cover letter secrets, and many others. Wait! Here are two other items that are free and you can download directly here.

  1. 178 Action verbs and high-impact phrases to update your resume
  2. Guide for accessing the hidden job market 

So you see there is more here than just a resume service.

Please identify Career Redo as your referrer should you want to work with Great Resumes Fast on developing your resume or any of its other products. I would certainly appreciate it.

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They provide services for professionals, mid-level executives and executives with different packages for each.

Let’s examine what is available for the Professional Package. It consists of:

  1. One-on-one consult
  2. Branding and strategy brainstorming session
  3. Professional resume
  4. Professional cover letter
  5. Customizable eNote
  6. Thank you letter template
  7. Unlimited email support
  8. Reference dossier (Bonus #1)
  9. Accomplishments Journal (Bonus #2)
  10. Job search ebook (Bonus #3)

PRS provides specific Federal and Military transition resumes.

There are ways to improve or develop your Linkedin profile by coaching or working with a writer.

Numerous resume samples are also provided to display approached Professional Resume Services has taken previously. To top it all off, career coaching is available from interview preparation to transition coaching to career assessment.

This concludes our review of the career change resume writing services we suggest you review.


Career Redo has been pleased to present thoughts for your consideration in your review of career change resume writing services. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the resume services.

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