Review career change resume samples and figure out what you should do to improve your resume.  Don’t make mistakes trying to capture your dream job. Following these guidelines.

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Appearance are not always reality.What Do You See?

You have seen a car’s safety feature that is in place on most all cars.  It is a simple message that is etched onto the side view mirror.  It states:


Appearances are not always reality.  Your challenge is to convince the resume reader / hiring manager for your career change that what appears on your resume is “real” to her.

You want her to feel that she sees what is really there.  She recognizes that you have the skill sets to drive your personal work and the work of your team or department to reach their goals.


First off we will begin by identifying what we will present to you today.

We will identify the goals of your career change resume. Then we will expand on those goals to provide more detail. This will include the resume format, the required items and typical transferable skills.

We will focus on the appropriate wording and presentation to ensure the hiring manager realizes that your skills match her needs.   Career change resume samples are shown to provide a visual understanding on the approaches you can take.


Let’s go over your goals when developing a resume for a career change.  You want to seem like a natural fit for the new role.  The hiring manager reads through your resume and realizes that you are just what they are looking for.

First, you have skills that you have developed in your previous career.  Now you want to express them in a manner that demonstrates they are just what she desires for the open position.  

Second, describe your accomplishments and strengths in a manner that satisfies the needs of the desired position. 

Third, identify how your educational background and volunteer experiences can help you in the new career.


We can expand on those goals to reinforce ways to improve your resume.


  • Focus on transferable skills that can be used in the new career. 
  • Reword them as needed.
  • You should identify all of your skills and experiences in the jargon for that new role.  In other words, use keywords that are shown in the job description. 
  • Match your skills to those keywords and spread them throughout your career change resume.
  • Place the skills that are crucial for the new role at the top of your resume. 
  • Rearrange the order of your skills so those are critical for the new role are at the top of your resume
  • Talk about how gained more experience outside of your regular job.  Include volunteer work or other.


  • Reflect your accomplishments and strengths favorably to show how they support your new role.


  • Highlight your educational background in your resume as appropriate,

Your career change resume samples need goals.  Do you have them?Set Your Goals For Your Resume Too!




  • Eye catching
  • Uncluttered
  • Easy to read font
  • Font size that easily readable, but reasonable
  • Could include a headshot photo
  • Hybrid format with functional and work chronology


  • Clear goals at the top of resume
  • Use relevant keywords
  • State achievements and quantify them
  • Describe your selling points to the reader
  • Be consistent in your format
  • Place education at the end


  • Computer and internet skills
  • Time management
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Detail-oriented
  • Flexible
  • Relationship building
  • Analytical
  • Adaptable
  • Organizational skills


  • Focus on leadership and teamwork
  • Identify recognition and praise you received
  • Tell how you overcame challenges
  • Lower recent job functions that are not relevant to the desired role
  • State early career experiences that demonstrate keyword skills


Use the right keywords in your resumeConvert your skills to match the keywords in the job description.

You should word your resume to reflect those skills that match the job requirements.  Use keywords that were shown in the job requirement in the posting for the position.  This is important!

You may want to apply for a job title that was different from your previous position.  In that case, you should reword your resume to reflect the skills and experience that demonstrates the skills and needs that are require in the desired position.

Essentially, you want to brand yourself in the new role, as described in this Forbes article.

You may be a Marketing Manager with demonstrated success in that role.  But you may also have the skill set and even experience to apply for and obtain the position of a Contracts Manager.  You could even change the resume to show off your skills as a Process Improvement Manager. Let's go over a few career change resume samples.



Marketing Manager

This is the easiest one.  Since this is your current role, you can list your skills and accomplishments with ease.  Quantify your achievements and follow the rest of the guidelines.  You are well on your way.

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Marketing manager resume
Contracts manager resume


Contracts Manager

Evaluate how you have achieved success in your marketing manager role.  In all cases, you have had to develop a contract to present to your client.  Of course, legal was involved to ensure certain elements were included.  But, you made sure to include the details of your product, any qualifying technical requirements or minimum purchases.

You have worked with legal on contracts for several years.  You know what elements must be tracked to ensure that your client performs as required under the contact.  In fact, you have had to enforce them in many occasions.

So, you know you have the skills and background to take on the role of Contracts Manager who supports the marketing organization.

Click Here for a FREE download of the  Contracts Manager resume in PDF.


Process Improvement Manager

As a salesman you have enforced contracts and improved the process to ensure contract compliance.  You know what weak elements exist in the process.  You have had to work with the IT group, legal, contracts, and marketing to make changes previously.  You know what weak elements exist in the process.  You have had to work with the IT group, legal, contracts, and marketing to make changes previously.

Throughly evaluate the steps you have taken in the past to accomplish this.  Now, carefully identify the skill sets that you used to make this happen.  Reword those skills to reflect the keywords that appear in the job requirements list for the Process Improvement Manager position.  You can make it yours.  See the Process Improvement Manager resume sample.

Click Here for a FREE download of the Process Improvement Manager resume in PDF.

Process Improvement manager resume


To present your resumes in the best light and to make it easy for the hiring manager to pick you, adjust your resume to match the needs of the hiring firm.

Identify and describe your transferable skills in the keywords used in the job description.

Quantify your accomplishments.

Place critical skills at the top of your resume.

Use the appropriate format to emphasize your skills.

Convince the hiring manager that your skills are a great match of the company’s needs.

Follow these thoughts and you may well be on your way to your new career! We hope you enjoyed seeing these career change resume samples. 

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