The best career change ideas involve an insightful assessment that helps you decide now to act and capture your dream job.  We can help you see how to change your career.

We have quite a list of career fields listed on this page to help give you a few areas to consider. There are many more available. 

Take these 4 steps listed below to get off to a great start.

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Make your career change the right wayTake Steps To Find Your Mentor

Are you looking for a way to earn income and really enjoy your work?  Finding the ideal blend of income and enjoyment could be a challenge.  If your job search has you yearning for career ideas that involve your passion, then you have come to the right place.  Career Redo could be the perfect answer!

I’ll jump right to it!   Decide on what is your passion.  Then, find a mentor to help you determine if it is right for you to change careers.

The mentor I am talking about is someone who has been there ... done that.  And get the scoop from him/her.


Ok, let’s start with the decision on your passion.  You have started off in a field that you liked, or maybe not, but now you want something more.  You want something that fills that empty space inside you with a warm, glowing sense of satisfaction.  That means that you want some career change ideas.  You should make a career change assessment to find one of the jobs that you really enjoy.

Get career change inspiration to understand the process and find your mentor.Talk With Your Mentor To Clarify The Process

That means really thinking about what drives you.  Here are several steps you can take:

1.  Self-Assessment

It is best to start off with a self-assessment where you step out of your every day life and consider what is truly important to you.  One approach is to sit down at a desk or easy chair with a pad and pencil, sticky-notes, ipad, chalkboard or anything you are comfortable using.  Close the door and keep it quiet.

  • Now, start listing your strengths.  Don’t be bashful, really emphasize what you do well.
  • Do the same thing with your skills.

  • Then write down your interests.  These are the things that you want to promote or learn more about or feel that it is beneficial to man-kind.  Some of these may even make your heart glow. You may find some great career change ideas.

  • Consider how you react in certain situations.  What behavior do you have that may help you succeed.

  • Try to identify some themes or patterns.

  • Identify “What makes you who you are.”

2. Written Tests

Consider a career finder or assessment test.  You could use personality test to help identify what kind of person you are.  Some of these are Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Birkman Method or the Five Factor Model.

3. Professional Career Counselor or Career Coach

To get to the core of yourself, go through an assessment by a trained, qualified individual. The counselor could help interpret the results of these questionnaires and assessments. Other exercises could help also.  They provide insight to the counselor to help provide valuable feedback.  You can determine what is really important to you.

There is no rule that you have to do all three steps. However, you make better decisions with more information about yourself.

Once you have gone through the assessment process, you should be able to write down specific things you want in your next vocation.  Then you should really have a good idea of your dream career occupation description! This may be one of the career change ideas for you.

You are almost ready to find our how to change careers.

That covers three (3) steps…now there is one more that I feel is the most important one.

A career change ideas inspiration is to find a mentor for youA Mentor Knows The Career Field



Now you should talk with someone experienced in the career field in which you want to enter.  Ask questions and find out how people succeed.  Learn about the details so you know what to expect.  Great, but how do you find a mentor? 

   What is a Mentor?

mentor:  a trusted friend, counselor or teacher, usually a more experienced person


You have taken steps to identify what truly interests you and what you are passionate about.  You feel that it is the field that you want to be in day-in and day-out.

Before you move forward, use a mentor to give you the true picture of what you feel is your passion.

Your goal is to find a mentor that is presently working or previously worked in the field in which have an interest.   She/he has the knowledge to give you insight into all of the aspects of your dream job.  That is your Career Redo Mentor.

Let’s take an example as one of the career change ideas.

In this case, you want to run a Bed & Breakfast in a small town. This allows you to match your cooking skills and your desire for a slower paced life.   You certainly love to cook and the slower life sounds good.  But what are the day-to-day things that you have to deal with to make it a financial success?  Can you handle the marketing, accounting, after hours calls and special requests too?

Career change ideas include goal settingChoose Your Mentor
Career change ideas can lead to a bed & breakfastBed & Breakfast

It would sure help you if you could spend time with a current owner/manager of a successful Bed & Breakfast.  You could learn the big and small things that you must do be be happy and profitable.  Search out a B&B mentor in your own area and ask if you can spend some time with them while you rent your room for a day or two.  Most will be glad to give you a good feel for what it takes, perhaps with some the details.

With these career change ideas you are ready to describe your new career.

In my view, if you take some of these steps, you could be positioning yourself for the best job ever - your dream job.  Take a look at the list of Career Redo Mentors.

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