“Any career change after 50 can be a true wake-up call. 

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Oh, No!  I have to make a career change now.  Or ...Oh, Joy!  I can make a career change now.   Which one is it for you?

Have you reached age 50 and some event has placed you in the role of a job seeker?  Then you have quite a set of issues to deal with. Not something that can’t be overcome, but challenging even so.

It can be quite different if you have been looking for a chance to start a new life.  You want to embrace the opportunity to uncover your passion.  You want to find a way to use your passion everyday in your new vocation. Matter of fact, you may end up with one of the best retirement jobs.

Let’s talk about both situations.

Counselors and mentors can help with your choicesMany Things To Consider

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We all know that the economy has a great deal to do with getting a job.  It is hard to move in quickly like the one you had before the change event occurred. Even it the economy is strong and demand for your skill set is high, you must be prepared for your job search.  

In fact, it may have been quite a while since you last searched for a new job or a new career.  So, it is time to get ready by doing research.  This is especially true for a career change after 50.

What research am I talking about?

  • Motivation - Are you looking for a job?  That is, some to bring in income and stabilize your life.  I know and understand.  Sometimes that is just the right target ... Nothing more.
  • What drives you - It is the paycheck?  Is it the industry?  Is it the customers and clients you work with?  It is the joy you feel everyday at work.
  • Move forward - Take a step.  Act.  Do something to get started and develop a plan.  Start to identify what it is that you want and how can you go about getting it.
  • Contact and network - Use your contacts and network. Yes, networking is still there are is one of the best ways to find a job.  Social media, especially LinkedIn, give you a great opportunity to connect with others. If you haven’t done so already, develop your own LinkedIn profile.
  • Trouble - Get career counseling advice.  If it has been a while since you have been searching for employment, then you may want to consider a counselor.  The coach can assist and guide you in your search.  It could pay off great dividends.
What drives you for a career change after 50?Are You Ready For Your Adventure?

career change after 50 - is it for me?

Even during periods of economic hard times, you could take the steps to understand who you really are.  Crystallize your passion.

Change as the seasons changeCrystallize (Harden) yourself for a Career Change After 50

You can go through similar steps.  But pay close attention to those items you identified as ones that do the following:

  • Fills your inner need.
  • Helps you discover who you really are
  • Moves you toward meaningful things in life rather than just material things.
  • Feels like you are living an experience in your dreams.
  • Paints a picture of your passion

But a career change after 50?

No Problem!  Others have done it and so can you. 

Let’s take the famous example of Ray Kroc, who build McDonalds into what the success it has become.  You know the story.  Ray didn’t start McDonalds or the formula for the success of a limited menu of burgers, fries and beverages.

McDonalds store

However, at the age of 52, Ray Kroc created a restaurant empire for his career change after 50.  He was a multi-mixer salesman with a McDonalds restaurant as one of his customers.  The huge order of multi-mixers from this small restaurant run by brothers Dick and Mac McDonald stunned him.  As he investigated, he saw that they ran an extremely efficient operation.

Kroc convinced the brothers to begin expanding the concept at age 52.  He eventually acquired exclusive rights to the McDonalds name.  You know the rest of the story.

This tells us that your passion can expand at any age!

McDonalds has placed an article on Ray Kroc on their website here.


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