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Career change advice can come from many sources. Find the professional that provides the best information and meets your needs.  Embrace career change help.


Career Change Ideas - Shadow Your Mentor to learnThis Shadow Can Lead To Success

Are you wondering just how to go about making the decision on a career change?  You are not alone. Up to 55% of all people with jobs are considering career changes.  That holds up even during periods of economic downturn.

How should you go about it?  What should you look for?  Why do you want to change?

In my view, it is good to get professional insight and guidance as you evaluate changing careers.   There are may good career counselors that can assist you in that process.  Another approach is to spend time with a business person, who is already successful in your target occupation.

Both are good ways to better ways to understand in that next career is right for you.

My career change advice comes down to one simple thought... try out your career choice first before you jump in.

When you spend time with a mentor, you can:

  • Ask great questions.
  • Learn how to succeed from someone who has been there.
  • Avoid the mistakes of others.
  • Look for enjoyment as well as income. 
  • Learn quickly, the fun way.
  • Try it out with No Prior Experience.
  • Appreciate the benefits and the perks.
  • Attain a sense of achievement.
  • Leap-frog your understanding over other approaches.
  • Ensure you pick a career that you love.

Career Change HelpMany Career Choices

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Become Self Employed

You may feel that the best approach is to become self employed. And that very well may be the answer.  But it might not be.  You have to decide.

My point here is that you need all the information before you can make an intelligent decision. An emotional decision when it pertains to income can be disastrous.  So just like any important decision, get the facts.

A mentor, who has made that business a success, can be the one to give you most of the information you are looking for.  The best new career training that you can get is from an expert.  It comes from someone who has been through the battles and has prospered.

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Career change advice - find your mentorLook Closely to Find Your Mentor

Take a look around and you may find your new mentor nearby.  Do your research and ask your friends and neighbors to help locate the right one for you.  Search online for those who are successful in the field that you want to enter.  Give them a call or even arrange a visit.  You would be surprised how pleased people are to share their story.  They are willing to share especially if they have succeeded.

Take our career change advice and keep looking here at Career Redo for more guidance and access to mentors. You too can find any of your dream jobs.

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