"Find the best career options for the future that bring you joy and income. Look for more than careers in demand. Look for your passion. Investigate your career change motivation.”

The best career options are the ones that are right for YOU.  You are a special person with special talents, gifts and drives. We want to help you find the vocation that contains that passion within you. Passion upon which you rely on for joy, enlightenment and even income.

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Creative or LinearWhich Side Are You?

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Everyone has something special from which they find happiness and satisfaction. 

  • It could be that you are artistic and enjoy the sight of bold colors.
  • It could be that you are an exceptional organizer.  You know exactly how to structure items within a room, a book, or a meeting.
  • It could be that you are a musician that can bring joy and entertainment to many at the drop of a hat.
  • It could be that you have talent with numbers.  You can account for complicated business transactions.
  • It could be that you thrive on engaging with other people, meeting their needs.
  • It could be that you...

You fill in the rest of this one.

It all comes down to who you are and the passion that drives you.  Perhaps, you need to figure out your passion.  Or you already know just what it is.

Finding a way to incorporate your passion into your work is key to finding the best career options.  Earn income and enjoy life!


A creative approach may be your best career optionsCreative Color

My wife is the creative one in my family.  You know what I am talking about...creative, free spirit,  colors, imagination, sense, feel and movement.  She has the most colorful and flowing right brain of all.

You may feel that you are a creative right brainer as well.  Sometimes, right brainers may have difficulty succeeding, possible having difficulty determining how to find a way to pursue their art and still make a sufficient and rewarding living.

This may be revealed in one of two ways:

  1. Financial security may be their goal.  Creative gifts may then wither away, or

  2. They are very focused on their creative commitment. It could endanger the practical aspects of life.  They may not get enough food, shelter, health insurance and savings for retirement.

If you have looked into a creative career, you already know that it can involve several elements.  Some are: low compensation, aggressive competition, subjective evaluation of skills.  It could be difficult to sustain.  So how do you enjoy your passion and earn an income?

The answer could lie in finding the balance.  It could involve linking both a career and creative engagement.

You might consider the linking work to be something like this:

  • An instructional or teaching role that is somehow related to your creative element.
  • A salaried position that has nothing to do with your creative side. But, it allows time and vigor to spend on your creative needs.
  • Self employment jobs that involve your creative elements.
  • Self employment jobs that don’t involve your creative elements, but allow enough flexibility to pursue them.

You can find the right balance with a linking career.  A mentor is the perfect one to assist you in your quest for the best career options.


Want an analytical and practical career?We Like Lines!

Now you are in my territory. On the left side, we are linear, analytical, practical, realistic, and logical.  We love the familiar, play with numbers, and I know who I am.

And yet, some jobs need the engineer to be able to sell his product to executives who are looking at the big picture. You may have to be persuasive and imaginative.

It is not all black and white.

The challenge for most left brainers is to learn to enjoy life.  We need to find the color and free spirit that exists inside. That applies to the career of the left brainer. Fill your needs with the structure and numbers, but keep your eyes open for the opportunity and spontaneity.

You may feel it is easier for the left brainers to find a career that provides enough necessary income.  It would meet basic needs and provide for retirement.  They should take advantage of the opportunity to smell the roses along the way.  Appreciate the wonderful world we have.  A career that allows one to do that is a premium one.

A mentor can provide guidance and insight into your desired career. That will allow you to see how you can achieve balance and joy in your passion.


Job satisfaction may mean balance.Flow and Balance

You may be looking for a salaried role or searching for start your own business ideas.  Both can be valid approaches to meeting YOUR needs for the best new careers. 

Our advice is to include your passion in some manner in your career.

Discuss your needs with one of our Mentors to gain more knowledge about that desired career.

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