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Karen M. Black is a freelance B2B copywriter, plain language consultant and the author of two self-published books. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, and a Master of Business Administration from Rotman School of Management in Toronto and has worked at home since 2006. She’s also created a SEO optimized website that creates a steady flow of targeted traffic.

Before she went freelance, Karen experienced downsizing, and even lived through the bankruptcy of her employer (an insurance company). She shares this only to say that she’s been there herself and empathizes with people in career transition. R
ead Karen’s own words of welcome below.

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Hello –

Dream of becoming a freelance writer? Karen can helpKaren Will Be Happy To Help

Thinking of becoming a freelance writer? Work-at-home consultant? Writing and self-publishing a book?

If so, I’d be happy to share my experiences with you.

I’m Karen M. Black. For twenty years, I was writer in the marketing departments of Canadian insurance companies. Most recently, I was a plain language specialist and senior communication consultant for group benefit and pension plans.

Along the way in life, I discovered that I also had a passion for personal development. Much later, I would learn how to self-publish. But that’s another story…

I started out in corporate – and went freelance. You?

Position yourself for success with the right atmosphereNow Is The Time To Start

Becoming a freelance writer and consultant in 2006 was a leap – but something that I’ve never regretted. Today, I spend part of my time working with corporate clients and other consultants, and part of my time writing creatively.

In 2020, I’ve set a bit of time aside each week to work with people like yourself, in a career transition and considering becoming a freelance writer or consultant.

Writing-wise, I’m a bit of a mix:

  • I unravel complex financial topics and write them in plain English
  • I’m a conversational copywriter for corporate and direct marketers, and
  • I’ve learned how to write and self-publish fiction and non-fiction on topics that are close to my heart.

As my interests are so diverse, I love the freedom of being an at home freelance writer.

There was definitely a learning curve!

You should enjoy being a writer. Karen can help you learn how.I Want To Help You Learn

Becoming a freelance writer was quite the change from working full-time. And there wasn’t really anything available to show me how to become a freelance writer.

As a “solopreneur”, I quickly learned that I needed to be able to wear many hats.

Over the years, I’ve learned how to create a web site that provides a steady flow of targeted traffic, sales and leads. I’ve also learned a bit about business development, marketing, pricing my services, writing proposals and how to manage freelance clients professionally and fairly.

In time, I learned what it really takes to go from corporate work to the freelance life. The financial and personal realities and rewards. The freedom, while navigating the uncertainties.

For sure, it’s not for everyone. But for me, becoming a freelance writer has been one of the most gratifying thing I’ve ever done.

Thinking of making the leap?

Being a freelance writer can be so rewarding. Change now.Time To Change And Succeed

If you’re thinking about “making the leap” to home-based freelance work, I’m delighted to share my experiences and lessons learned.

I can help you especially if you’re transitioning from corporate, and interested in becoming a:

  • Freelance writer and / or independent contractor or consultant
  • Freelance plain language or technical or financial writer
  • In-house writer in a marketing department
  • Communication consultant with a consulting firm
  • Copywriter with an agency
  • Online writer, and website owner (creating web sites that magnetically attract free traffic)
  • Self-published author

Are you pondering your options? Making a move? Seeking to stay busy in retirement?

Are you looking for ideas on how to become a freelance writer, have specific questions you want answered, or just want to know what it's like day-to-day?

Would it be helpful to work with a freelance writer who’s “been there” – and knows the pros and cons?

If so, I’d be delighted to answer your questions about “the truth” of becoming a freelance writer… honestly and to the best of my ability.

To reserve your session with me, click Reserve A Mentor below.

Whatever you decide, I wish you the best in your career transition.


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