Learn how to become a business consultant during your conversation with Aman. You can tap into his extensive experience in business, management, market expansion, forecasting strategies, IT consulting, and lead generation.

Being a certified executive coach, he can help you in gaining self-awareness, achieving development objectives, and unlocking your hidden potential. Furthermore, he can guide you toward your goal through the power of mentorship and his experience. Find answers to your questions here!

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Greater Bengaluru Area and Bangalore, India



  • Hourly:  Phone / Skype /Zoom
  • $95/ HOUR
  • On-Site: Half, Full or Multiple Days
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Aman Khajanchi - mentor
Aman Khajanchi - mentor
Aman Khajanchi - mentor

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Aman Khajanchi is an employee-turned-entrepreneur with 2+ decade experience.  He brings to the table strong solution & consultative selling expertise.

He completed his undergraduate degree in Electronics Engineering from Shivaji University and subsequently became passionate about sales in the Information Technology industry. In his current role, he works as an external consultant for a Singapore based organisation that offers consulting services, solutions, and training on Privacy and Personal Data Protection.


Aman’s experience ranges from PC and Wintel servers to HP9000 PA-RISC systems, databases, enterprise software, and IT consulting & services. His background as a Certified Executive Coach further bolsters his passion for Coaching, Mentoring, and Training. He has received various corporate awards for sales performance.

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As we begin to work together, I wanted to provide you with a bit more information about me.


  • The ability to comprehensively understand business, management, and business forecasting strategies and techniques.
  • Planning and executing sales campaigns, including customer integration and identification of new commercial opportunities (Have executed such campaigns during my tenure with Oracle as a member of the Asia-Pacific Demand Generation & Customer Intelligence team)
  • Developing short, mid, and long-term strategies with the help of executives and managers 
  • Monitoring technology and development trends and the business climate
  • Analysing and applying the information to develop strategies for specific segments of the market; Monitoring and reviewing pricing and market trends.

Several areas we could address in our session are:

  • Prospecting skills
  • Lead generation
  • Campaign planning and execution
  • Lead qualification
  • Presentation skills
  • Rapport building
  • Objection handling
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Pipeline progression
  • Negotiation & closing techniques
  • Strategic account management
  • Large deal management


A strong relationship requires tenacity and zeal, traits for which I am known. The key to my customer-centric approach is to provide customers with a positive experience, both during the sales process and afterward. I believe that comfort is the most crucial factor in a customer's buying decision, despite branding, solution-fit, pricing, and support certainly playing a big role. I also believe that not knowing something is only natural. Not asking for help is a No-No.


As a strong team player with a hands-on approach, I lead by example. Using cross-functional collaboration, role-playing exercises (mock sessions), sales + life skills training, combined with the G-R-O-W model of coaching, participants become empowered to realize their hidden potential. Result? It increases their confidence, clarify goals, expand one’s thinking, and achieve their development objectives while preparing them to take on more challenging tasks.

I act as a sounding board, an advisor, manager, strategist, and guide. For each session, one can expect me to bring in my full attention & presence, and a non-judgmental approach to foster a safe and supportive environment. Additionally, one can also expect thoughtful and authentic feedback, each of which contribute to the development of trust.


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Three decades of experience in IT and consulting sales and my commitment to processes, good teams, and solid systems have given me the edge I have today. I’m interested in advising individuals on sales strategies, lead generation, market expansion, and profitability. Furthermore, I mentor individuals on sales and life skills.

  • Connect with me to discuss 360° in Sales
  • Ask me to assist with Enterprise Account Management, Fostering Strong Relationships, Effective Negotiations, and Win | Win situations
  • Schedule a discussion/presentation on life skills; sales skills…or even when you need that boost of motivation to pump adrenaline

One more element to throw out to you is the results of the Gallup StrengthsFinder Profile: (A personality assessment model = talents or strengths measured). Here they are:

  1. Achiever – one with a constant drive for accomplishing tasks
  2. Woo – one who is able to easily to influence and persuade
  3. Discipline – one who seeks to make sense of the world by imposition of order
  4. Communication – one who thrives on comparison and competition to be successful
  5. Developer – one who sees and seeks to develop the untapped potential in others

Hopefully, that conveys to you that I enjoy the world I am in. As a Certified Executive Coach, I would be happy to help you on your journey to become a business sales specialist, marketing strategist, lead generation specialist, or anything related to IT consulting.

I am looking forward to working with you.

All the best,



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You have read a great deal above about Aman and his qualifications. Part of your own analysis with him is to evaluate what is driving you. That would be a great element to include in your discussion.

Many business owners have encountered experiences that would make them feel that they have the understanding of business plans and operations to be able to consult for others. Business management is a sought after skill to help companies succeed. Talk with Aman about your skill level and how it translates to a successful transition.

To become a successful business consultant, a mentoring session with Aman is the place to start. Understand yourself through this discussion and then understand your potential clients and what they need.


Let’s take a step back of a moment to be sure we are on the same page on what is involved in business consulting. These consultants are involved in planning, implementing and teaching the team in businesses. They help develop a business plan, clarify what are the marketing needs and present a strategy for the long-term business goals.

One of the first thins that individuals examine is how much can I make in this field. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics identify the median pay in 2021 as $93,000 per year with an hourly rate of $44.71 per hour.

The most common types of consultants are usually:

  • Management consulting
  • Marketing consultant
  • Financial consultants
  • Qualified business consultants
  • IT consultants

What are the necessary skills to be a successful consultant? They can vary based upon the industry that is involved. Usually, the skill set would include

  • Communication skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Soft skills like teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Creative skills
  • Consulting
  • Industry knowledge which typically comes from years of experience>Understanding of the human resources elements in a successful business


  1. Evaluate what type of business consultant you desire to become. - A mentor such as Aman can be very valuable in providing information to help you in that evaluation and decision process. Clarify the career path that is best for you to determine if it includes a business analyst or management analyst on your way to consultancy firms.
  2. Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree - The beginning of your education process is the minimum step to take. The most likely fields would be, management, marketing, engineering, economics or similar fields.
  3. Earn a Master’s Degree - Increasing your education in your field of interest improves your ability to succeed as a professional consultant. A Master of Business Administration degree or emphasis on project management, supply chain management, or an advanced degree in other areas can be beneficial.
  4. Get Certified - Becoming a certified management consultant or certified business consultant improves your qualifications. Professional certifications go a long way to emphasize your area of expertise.
  5. Become proficient in tools of the trade - Understanding the technology tools are necessary to make an impact on the objectives of your clients. Specific industries have their own requirements. Small businesses may utilize different tools.
  6. Broaden your impact - To improve your success in the consulting business, join industry groups.


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