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It doesn’t matter if you are at the beginning, middle or later in your medical education, this is the opportunity to assist you to firm your decisions. A qualified medical doctor who desires to guide and help others is waiting for you.

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Heraklion, Greece



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Dr. Marianna Kapsetaki - Medical Doctor
Dr. Marianna Kapsetaki - Medical Doctor
Dr. Marianna Kapsetaki - Medical Doctor

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At 18 years old, Marianna Kapsetaki placed in the nation’s top 0.5% at the national university entrance examinations in Greece and entered the Medical School of the University of Crete.

During her medical training she completed 96 courses, undertook 29 projects, and had daily clinical experience at the University of Crete teaching hospital and affiliated departments in Crete. These clerkships (1-3 months each) included Neurology, Psychiatry, Cardiology, Anaesthesiology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Pulmonary-Respiratory Medicine, Otorhinolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Primary Health Care Fieldwork Training. She was also offered an Erasmus scholarship to attend clerkships at hospitals in London.

Marianna obtained a Medical Degree (1st Hons), ranked 2nd among the 85 medical students graduating in 2015 and was presented with the Parisianou S.A. Award and Greek State Foundation scholarships (4 consistent years) for achieving top grades.

She then obtained a MSc degree (Distinction) in Performing Arts Medicine from University College London, obtaining clinical experience at the Royal National Throat Ear Nose Hospital in London, and was subsequently presented with the British Association of Performing Arts Medicine Award for Best MSc dissertation. In 2021, she was included in the Forbes '30 Under 30' Europe list in Science & Healthcare.

She is a member of the Medical Association of Heraklion and is currently working as a doctor in Greece. She continues to attend multiple educational workshops, courses, and conferences in medicine.

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Greetings from Marianna! HI! My goal is to help you as you evaluate all aspects of a profession as a medical doctor.

  • I am delighted that our phone or Zoom session will allow us to explore your interest in the medical field.
  • I look forward to transmitting my knowledge about a medical career.
  • We could talk about where you are in the process. I could provide insight as to the normal expectation going forward.
  • We could evaluate the various possibilities for your career path based on your interests.
  • I have a strong interest in guiding individuals in their quest to help gain a full understanding of the opportunities ahead of them.
  • A key area for us to cover would be to answer all of your questions. There are unknowns and uncertainties ahead and I can provide counseling and guidance to allow you to fully judge all aspects.

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You may be at the beginning of your interest in the medical field, or you may have already decided on a direction and a med school you want to attend, or you are in a residency program and desire some expert advice.

It does not matter where you are in the process. I have had experience and exposure to many different departments that allows me to provide assistance and direction.

If you are at the beginning of the process, we can discuss your skills that are transferrable as medical professionals.

Some of the areas we could discuss are:

  • How does the application process work.
  • What to expect from admissions committees.
  • How difficult are clinical rotations.
  • Should you consider private practice.
  • Is family medicine in your future.
  • Do you desire surgical work
  • What is the best way to evaluate the various branches of medicine.
  • Is there a field of medicine you are already interested in.

I would really enjoy talking with you to provide you with the information and guidance that you desire. I believe that one conversation would go a long way to help place some boundaries on your thoughts or expand your view to areas that you may not have considered.

A great way to begin the process is to talk about your dreams. Where do you want to be? Have you formulated a goal? A short discussion between us could be the impetus to move forward.

I would be excited to be part of the process. I could help you as you aim to become a doctor.

Let’s do it!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Marianna Kapsetaki


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Dr. Mairanna Kapsetaki is avaiiable to also mentor as a:




There are many different reasons why people desire to enter medicine as a physician. As you work through the process to reach this goal, you may have to identify your reasons in a personal statement.

Here are some of the top reasons why people aim to become a doctor. Are any of yours in this list?

  1. Medicine is captivating to me. - The human body and its functions are just amazing and I just can’t keep from understanding it better. As our technology improves, we can learn more and more about it and develop better treatment. I would love to be a part of it.
  2. Providing medical treatment to those that have health problems is a tantalizing and significant way to provide comfort to others. - During the life of a doctor, he/she may be able to impact the public health of many classes like poor people, the average individual, family members. They could restore an element of normalcy back in the lives of so many.
  3. There is an element of respect and clout. - Due to the knowledge one has gained, a good doctor will develop a position of power. People will usually listen when a doctor speaks. This occurs even when not in the work environment, comments from a doctor can have quite an impact on the conversation.
  4. A doctor is felt to have confidence and integrity. - Most doctors, especially great doctors, are considered to be very trustworthy.
  5. Can explore outside activities. - Not everyday is direct contact with patients. They can impact people’s lives in other ways. Some of them are basic science research, clinical research into ares such as neuroscience, consulting, public health, journalism, and even through music like a classical pianist.
  6. New items appear every day. - A new experience comes in each day. Even in specialized areas, something new appears in clinical settings and elsewhere.
  7. Consistent employment is the norm. - Although the economy goes up and down, the need for all types of doctors is normally consistent. The medical knowledge can be utilized at the end of the day no matter the economy.
  8. Relationships can be developed over time. - Family physicians especially can develop quite an understanding and association with their patients.
  9. Ability to resolve issues and understanding the cause is critical. - The acumen and understanding to diagnose different people is very evident.
  10. Generous remuneration is usually earned. - The amount of compensation is above average but in not stratospheric. You may want to be in the above average world.


It is not an easy path to establish yourself as one of the best doctors. You should start off early and focus. Here is a track you should take.

  1. Excel in high school. - I said start early and here is where it begins. Math and science are critical elements in college, so laying the groundwork in high school is a very important factor. It is easy for high school students to lose focus. It is necessary to maintain your sense of direction and stay on the right path. You can use this time to evaluate medicine as your career choice. Strive to earn fantastic scores on the ACT/SAT.
  2. Achieve access to the best college for you. - Focus on the requirements and keep your grades up. Interact with your professors and build a connection with them. Identify some way to assist in community service and assist with research tasks.
  3. Apply to the medical schools that match your interest. - Research the potential schools as if your life depended on it.
  4. Complete medical school and accomplish your task by passing your boards. - You are now ready to practice.
  5. Career change to a medical doctor can occur if you have started another career. - Evaluate your skills and capabilities in a discussion with a knowledgeable mentor like Marianna to determine your next steps.

You can do it, especially with Marianna as your mentor.

Reserve a time with Marianna to assist you in your evaluation as you aim to become a doctor. Start the process easily and click on the green button below. We will be right with you.


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