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... I'm Don D'Armond

Most of us have encountered a career change, either voluntary or not, somewhere along the way.  I have had three and 1/2 (yes, 3 1/2).  Let me list them for you.

  • U.S. Army Officer - Vietnam:  I decided not to continue in the service so I started my career in electrical engineering.  I expected to do this so I will not count it as a career change.
  • Equipment Engineer - Communications:  My first real shift brought me from a communications career to the electronic component manufacturing industry.  [Change #1]
  • Reliability Engineer - Electronic Components Manufacturing: The world changed instantly when the electronics manufacturing company laid off 1,000 engineers including myself.  I changed to a career in natural gas. [Change #2]
  • Pipeline Design Engineer and management in regulatory, purchasing, marketing, and contracts management - Natural Gas:  I spent most of my career in the natural gas industry even when I had a significant change in the same industry due to a merger.  Most people would not count this as a career change, but it was impactful. So I count it as a half change. [Change 2 1/2]  Several years after the merger, I decided it was time for a complete change.  Onward to be an online entrepreneur.  [Change 3 1/2]
  • Online Entrepreneur: This role is open to all who want to take it.


Sunrise About Career RedoTimes Change

Of the three and one half career changes for me, I consider two and a half to be the most significant.  My first change from the Communications Equipment Engineer to the Electronic Components Manufacturing was fairly easy and used similar skill sets.  So I am designating it less significant. 

The first significant was most unexpected and untimely. I was a reliability engineer with a large electronic components manufacturer.  Due to economic conditions in the country at that time, the company decided to cut back its workforce significantly.  As a result, I was laid off as a reliability engineer.

The second significant was my movement to the natural gas industry was time consuming and a bit stressful at that point in my career. There was no internet or easily found job boards. But it worked out to be the best thing for me.

My half significant career change occurred within the natural gas industry.  Although I did not change industries, it was a new environment of change after 20 years with the same company.

The third significant change moved me out of the 9 - 5 workforce to work your own hours in something you enjoy.  As an online entrepreneur, that is exactly what happened.


It is not easy to change careers or find a new vocation.

Most of us have to got through the process at some time in our lives and it seems that people or changing careers more frequently.  But what if you don’t know what a new career really entails.

I have learned things through that experience and in the years since that I want to share with you.  I hope that you will gain insight to allow you to find a vocation for which you have a passion and will enjoy.

I have always been a builder and fixer.  I enjoy making things work and flow well. 

Networking to find someone who knows someone who has a job opening is a valuable experience.  Networking to find someone who can give advice on what is involved in a new career in essential.  That someone can provide insight about a certain job/career.  That would enable you to match your skills to those that are needed for the new job/career.  I have networked in both methods to find my careers.

The foremost idea that I want to convey is that if you have a chance to try out a new career or gain insight from someone who has done what you are striving to do, then take it!
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Around 2007, I became interested in the web and all of the opportunities that it presented.  This site is a direct result of the changing environment and the favorable set of circumstances that are now present for any individual to find a career redo.

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All of the opportunities and success that I have encountered have been the result of the contribution and support of my family, especially my wife, Jency.

Jen and Don of Career Redo

So I wish you success in your journey from this Vietnam veteran, classic car restorer, natural gas contracts manager, horse and dog lover, entrepreneur and web business owner.

May your career redo be inspiring and enjoyable!

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Don D'Armond is the creator of Career Redo.

His goal is to connect his visitors who want to learn more  about their desired new career fields with experienced individuals (Mentors) to transfer their insight and knowledge.