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Want A Social Media Marketing Job? - Talk with Fateh Mohammad
July 15, 2020

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, Want A Social Media Marketing Job? - Talk with Fateh Mohammad

July 15, 2020 - Issue #019

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  • Quotes/Jokes: Social Media Jokes and Fun Quotes
  • Videos: The Tribes We Lead
  • News & Advice: Why This Is A Perfect Time To Make A Career Switch
  • Blog Updates: Fateh Mohammad - Social Media Marketer
  • Career Change News: Is A Law School Meltdown Coming and Remote Jobs For Nurses Spike As Telehealth Becomes More Normal
  • Ask the Editor: I want your questions!
  • Feedback: Love to hear from you on any subject.



1. Have you heard about the social media stars who are coughing and sick?
They're Instagram Influenzas

2. What did the French army general do on social media?

3. I’m thinking of starting a social media network for chickens.
Not as a full time job just a way to make hens meet.


“People want to do business with you because you help them get what they want. They don’t do business with you to help you get what you want.”

~ Don Crowther

“If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.”

~ Jeff Bezos

“Social media is about sociology and psychology more than technology.” – Brian Solis

~ Brian Solis




The Tribes We Lead

This video is a little old but it is still very pertinent. Seth Godin talks about the impact of the internet, especially social media, on mass marketing.

He argues that we are now in an environment where we want to change the status quo. In doing so, we have stopped the mass marketing and focused on tribes. It was founded on the ideas of shared ideas and values. As tribes, we give ordinary people the power to make a big change and lead.

You can be in the forefront of doing just that.

This is a real interesting video and I feel you will enjoy it.

The video is 17:11 minutes long.

Click here to see the video by Seth Godin


Why This Is A Perfect Time To Make A Career Switch

Dawn Graham was the Contributor in this article for those considering switching careers.

One of her key points is the “Job Security Is A Myth”. It never did really exist and that is much more evident now.

Secondly, the world and the markets are changing dramatically and quickly. The needs and requirements also change with them. So your skills must change also.

Her third point is that even outstanding performers can still be impacted by events and the changing world. The virus and world economies have impacted the demand for oil. As a result many energy companies have had to significantly reduce its workforce, even for extremely valuable employees.

Learn more about her thoughts and ideas in her article.

Why This Is A Perfect Time To Make A Career Switch

Of course, you can always contact us to learn more about opportunities to become an entrepreneur and work wherever you wish.



Have you ever considered being a social media marketer?

If you ever did, this sure is the right place for you. Fateh can help you learn all you wanted to know about it.

Fateh Mohammad holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. He has also received certification as follows: Content Marketing Certified by Hubspot Academy Social Media Manager and Administrative Assistant Certificate of Completion by American Business and Technology University.

He has experience as a Social Media Manager and Digital Marketing Manager through Upwork, as well as a Marketing Associate.

His drive and grit will be evident in your mentoring session.

Learn more about Fateh at the link below:

Our Fateh Mohammad article.


Is A Law School Meltdown Coming

Richard Vedder is a Distinguished Professor of Economics Emeritus at Ohio University. He give his thoughts on the impact of the coronavirus on the ability to attract and teach new lawyers in this article

Here are a couple of his points:

The high cost of tuition for law school impacts how people would consider moving to another career.

Chances are that remote learning would become more common place and standardized without the human contact that is so beneficial in this profession.

Most students would consider that remote learning would be less effective and not worth the cost.

However, some students would welcome the reduced number of competition awaiting them when they graduate. They would be glad to have some people drop out of law.

See what you think of his article.

Article on Is A Law School Meltdown Coming

Remote Jobs For Nurses Spike As Telehealth Becomes More Normal

You would expect that jobs for nurses would increase during these strange times. Telehealth got a big jump start.

This article by Chaunie Brusie talks about the impact and how to prepare for that role.

Telehealth Nursing is the use of "technology to deliver nursing care and conduct nursing practice" through computers and mobile devices, to manage health care remotely. 

The most common such positions for nurses include advise nurse, triage nurse, and medical office nurse. You could do many things like electronic prescription renewal, transferring patients to the appropriate level of care, providing advice through clinical algorithm, taking after-hours calls, and returning physician emails.

The nurse could be using any of the following:

  • Mobile apps
  • Phone calls
  • Online patient portals
  • Video conferencing
  • Follow-up emails to remind patients of upcoming appointments
  • Medical advice lines
You can fine more in the article here.

Remote Jobs For Nurses Spike As Telehealth Becomes More Normal


Here we are again. I would love to help you get the answers you need in your career change process. Please feel free to contact me with your questions or comments. Mention that you question comes from our newsletter section and I will place the response in this section for all of our readers.


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May the wind be at your back! If not, then persevere! Show Grit!

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