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Find Retirement Income Ideas
June 15, 2022

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June 15, 2022 - Issue #0042

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  • Recognize Great Retirement Income Ideas

  • Make Money While You Travel

  • More Great Tips For Retirement Income


You may be young enough that retirement is no where near in your thoughts or you still have a few years before retirement, or you have retired. No matter what the case is in your situation. it is good to indeed think about retirement. Think about how you will live and what will take up your time and how will you pay for it.


We have determined that it is good to think ahead and plan for your retirement in many ways, including how will you spend your time.

Let’s talk about several ways in which you could bring in extra income during retirement.

  1. Consulting, coaching or mentoring -
    1a. Consulting - During your work career, you have become very familiar with many aspects of your job. Many organizations and companies like to have qualified people handling their tasks. So they are open to hiring individuals, as consultants, to work through their current issues. They may prefer to hire a person as a contractor who provides the essential work they require.

    1b. Coaching - You may expert advice that you could use to help train others to perform those tasks you know so well.

    1c. Mentoring - So many people are currently reevaluating their careers. Many decide to transition to an entirely different field. With you knowledge and experience, you could transfer your insight and knowledge as a mentor to them. Matter of fact, that is why Career Redo was founded. You can become a mentor [LINK become a mentor ] right here to help others reach their goals and earn extra income yourself.

  2. Tutoring - This is somewhat similar to mentoring but it is probably more long term. It could also come many non-business areas such as welding and art work.
  3. Service based business - Look around and identify something that other people will pay you to do. Some examples are landscape service, bookkeeping, or virtual assistant.
  4. Writing or Blogging - Everyone is online, so they can find you there. Identify a subject that really interests you and dig into it. Help others learn why you love it and how they can learn all of the elements involved. Are you a great cook? Then that might be the field that keeps you busy and makes money for you in retirement.
  5. Sell your products in an online store - Amazon, Dazzle, Etsy, and Evan are just a few examples of sites already set up to accept you goods for sale to others. Take that portrait painting or furniture building online with an existing store setup.
  6. Turn your hobby into a business - Share something you love with others and control how it is portrayed by means of your own website. You don’t have to know how to code as several companies have done that work for you. There is even a step-by-step process [ LINK- ] to walk you through the develop of your business.
Pick out what works best for you.


You may ask what can you do to add to your income stream during retirement if you want to travel? The answer is to build a business telling others how you did it.

Trudi and Gavin Roberts built and did just that! They loved traveling in their RV. They found a way to do that and build an income stream as well.

You can learn more about them and their development of their site on YouTube at this link.

MotorHomeHobos on YouTube


Don’t go yet!

Here is my surprise for you. This is an article with 37 great business ideas to make money online in 2022.

Take care and enjoy life!

Here we are again. I would love to help you get the answers you need in your career change process. Please feel free to contact me with your questions or comments. Mention that you question comes from our newsletter section and I will place the response in this section for all of our readers.

All the best,

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