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Discover How To Be A Writer And Succeed - Talk with April Pettit
March 15, 2020

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, Discover How To Be A Writer And Succeed - Talk with April Pettit

March 15, 2020 - Issue #015

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  • Quotes/Jokes: Writer Jokes and Good Quotes
  • Videos: Don’t Find A Job, Find A Mission
  • News & Advice: The New Roaring Twenties Could Be The Time Your Career Transforms
  • Blog Updates: A Writer Mentor - April Pettit
  • Career Change News: 3 Signs It’s Time To Look For A New Job and 5 Steps To Brand Yourself In 2020
  • Ask the Editor: I want your questions!
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1. A writer comes home to a burned down house. His sobbing and slightly-singed wife is standing outside. “What happened, honey?” the man asks. “Oh, John, it was terrible,” she weeps. “I was cooking, the phone rang. It was your agent. Because I was on the phone, I didn’t notice the stove was on fire. It went up in second. Everything is gone. I nearly didn’t make it out of the house. Poor Fluffy is–” “Wait, wait. Back up a minute,” The man says. “My agent called?”

2. Did you hear about the writer who jumped out the window on the 15th floor? He could have gone to the 16th, but that's another story.

“It took me fifteen years to discover I had no talent for writing, but I couldn't give it up because by that time I was too famous.”
~ Robert Benchley

“The art of writing is the art of applying the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair.”

~ Mary Heaton Vorse




Don’t find a job, find a mission.

Celeste Headlee does a great job in this TedTalks video getting you to think about where you want to be in your career in the future.

Her point in the video is to forget about the job title and to consider your mission. You find happiness and challenge in working with those things that drive you.

Amazingly, she says that nine of ten people do not like what they do for a living. Is that you?

She gives you some amazing things to think about and to act on. Take a look.

This video is 16:37 minutes long.

Don't find a job, find a mission

Click here to see the video by Celeste Headlee


The New Roaring Twenties Could Be The Time Your Career Transforms

A Business2Community article has some interesting point to consider as we move into the 2020’s.

We should all take a look at ourselves and should start doing what you feel you were born to do, rather than something that gets you by.

The author, Beata Stanszkow, gives five tips to take to make it happen. As you would expect, it is not easy. It takes work, but the rewards are great.

See if you agree with her at the link below.

Roaring Twenties article

Of course, you can always contact us to learn more about opportunities to become an entrepreneur and work wherever you wish.



Do you want to become a writer?

Talking with an experienced writer could be very helpful as you make your career change.

April Pettit has been freelancing for over 10 years. Her writing experience includes ghostwriting ebooks, editing fiction and non-fiction works, copy editing, graphic design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content writing, marketing strategy for ebook authors, creating video content to supplement blog content, managing social media campaigns and website design.

If you have ever even thought about taking up writing, part or full time, I suggest you talk with April and get feedback and insight on your next steps.

Find more about April at the link below:

Our April Pettit article.


3 Signs It’s Time To Look For A New Job

You’ve probably got your own feelings about the need to look for a new job or career. This article by Christy Bieber in the Bismarck Tribune gives her perspective. Take a look and see if you agree.

Of the three that she addresses, I believe the first one is the most important. I won’t give it away, but you will probably agree.

You can see them all by reading the story here.

Article on 3 Signs It’s Time To Look For A New Job

5 Steps To Brand Yourself In 2020

Tareq Samara, guest writer for provides great information about branding yourself as we start 2020.

To start off let’s identify what he says personal branding is. He says “personal branding is the process of creating a public identity for the target audience. It includes conveying your beliefs, purpose, values, and goals.”

The creation of connections with people from different industries is the result of personal branding.

One of the steps he identifies is to “Define your expertise”. By using the digital world, you can find our what your core abilities are. By sharing your progress with the world, you are brooding your influence.

Read more in the article below.

5 Steps To Brand Yourself In 2020


Here we are again. I would love to help you get the answers you need in your career change process. Please feel free to contact me with your questions or comments. Mention that you question comes from our newsletter section and I will place the response in this section for all of our readers.


Comments? Ideas? Feedback? I’d love to hear back from you. Just reply to this newsletter and tell me what you think!

May the wind be at your back! If not, then persevere! Show Grit!

See you in the next issue,

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