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Are you disappointed by the direction of your current job?  Do you want to truly understand what it is like to work in your next career?  The best way to find out what it is like is to talk with someone successful in your desired field.

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If you answered “yes” to these questions above, then consider the following.

Talking with a Mentor may give you answers.  They may help you succeed as you change careers.  Optimally, you will find out if your passion for work matches the requirements for that job.

  1. Does your love of animals point you to a Veterinary career?   But do you want to learn more about the amount of time it requires?
  2.  Is it time to open a Bed & Breakfast?  Find out what it takes.
  3.  Love wine and want to open a Vineyard?  How do I start?
  4.  What in the world does a Meteorologist do, other than work on TV?

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How to connect

Career change can succeed with the help of a MentorA Mentor can help with career change

Career Change Insight

Career Redo can help you find the right Mentor for you.  Our goal is to provide you with an enlightening and satisfying experience to find the best careers for you.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out, already have many years under your belt or in-between.  Our Mentors want to help give you an understanding of their careers.  Connect through one or more of the following ways:

  •  Telephone / Skype session on an hourly basis.
  •  On-Site session for half, full or multiple day basis.              

                (Session type may vary by Mentor)

Are mentors beneficial for your transition?  Absolutely!  Look at what these 19 specialists have to say about using a mentor.

What You Get

Here is what YOU will get with no prior experience required:

  • YOU get free access to our list of Mentors.
  • YOU get a fun way to quickly learn about your dream career with successful Mentors.
  • YOU get an approach to save money through this concentrated learning process.
  • YOU get guidance on the methods used by successful mentors.  Learn how to succeed in your chosen vocation.
  • YOU get to leap-frog your understanding of your new vocation over other methods.
  • YOU get to avoid the mistakes made by others, and
  • YOU get a sense of achievement to earn income and achieve success in a field that you love.

Your career change can happen!

Find the right mentor for you
- the right way

Imagine what you can do
after your career change

Talk about exciting! You received some high-level overviews of your potential career. Then you obtained more detail with your Mentor.  You understood the mistakes that some people make and you are determined not to make them.  You know the time requirement it takes to gain the background needed. 

Now you are ready to lay out a plan to make it happen.

Go For It!

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